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Most people who have read The Odyssey agree that Odysseus, the protagonist of the story, is the hero. … Odysseus could be considered a hero, but many of his actions were not. Due to the many infidelity and self-centered decisions he makes in the story, Odysseus is not a hero.

Why is Odysseus considered a hero?

Odysseus is considered an epic hero his role as king of Ithaca, he took part in the war, his journey home. …heroes have some kind of superhuman ability, such as intelligence, physical strength, or bravery: Odysseus is known for his ability to think about his own way out of trouble.

How does Odysseus compare to modern heroes?

Odysseus may be closer to a modern hero like Batman or Iron Man.he didn’t any supernatural ability – Unlike Achilles, who was the son of a goddess and possessed superhuman strength and speed.

Did Odysseus prove himself a hero?

Has Odysseus proved himself a hero in this episode? Yes, He does what a hero does and warns his men When they are lazy and drunk, instead of leaving the place immediately before they are attacked. …Odysseus claimed that the wind came from Circe.

Is Odysseus a hero or an antihero?

The protagonists of the epic Odysseus are often regarded as great heroes. However, Odysseus was not the honorable soldier that is often seen.Odysseus shows that he is an anti-hero Through his pride, infidelity and bloodlust.

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Why is Odysseus not a hero?

Odysseus is not a hero because, He is stupid, lacks loyalty and is consumed by his arrogance and selfishnessAlthough he may be considered a war hero, Odysseus is not a hero in other ways. This is so because he is self-centred, which is clear because he does not value the lives of others.

Is Odysseus a bad hero?

Odysseus is a bad leadership Because of the qualities he insists on in the books that brought him back to his hometown of Ithaca twenty years after the Trojan War. The three traits that make Odysseus a bad leader are dishonesty, pride, and carelessness. These traits lead to the death of his men and his suffering and trouble.

Is Odysseus Selfish?

Odysseus is a man who does not know how to appreciate, selfConcentrated, lazy and selfish people This does not deserve the title of hero. He does it all because of his hubris, and he maintains his pride throughout the story. Odysseus’ arrogance is the reason it takes him so long to get home.

Why doesn’t Odysseus like Penelope?

What did Odysseus mean when he said « It’s time to cook their lord’s lamb »? …Why is Odysseus unhappy with Penelope? Because she doesn’t believe it’s him. What is Penelope’s testHow did Odysseus pass?

What good decision did Odysseus make?

Overall, Odysseus’ fourth decision was a very smart one. together with his men, He made a plan so all of them could get out alive, and only Odysseus himself is in real danger. In this regard, it was a good decision because Odysseus admitted his fatal mistake by putting others before himself.

Who is Odysseus similar to?

In this regard, both Zeus And Odysseus is similar: Odysseus will eventually be at the mercy of forces beyond his reach, and even Zeus, the king of the gods, must contend with the decrees of fate beyond his command. In this respect, Zeus and Odysseus are no different.

Who can Odysseus be compared to?

Some aspects of Odysseus are related to legendary boxer muhammad aliAs a young man, Muhammad Ali was not afraid to brag about himself, calling himself « the greatest » and telling reporters that he could « float like a butterfly and sting like a bee ». Again, Odysseus is a bit…

What is a modern hero?

The modern hero is People who fight for good causes change the worldThere are many things that can be improved about our great world, and if you stand up as someone who can lead the way, or at least help lead the way, you will be considered a modern-day hero.

What are some examples of Odysseus being a hero?

Odysseus displayed heroic, godlike qualities in The Odyssey. In one case, He cleverly tricked the Cyclops Polyphemus and blinded him, saving his crew from death. Odysseus also bravely travels to Hades to learn about his fate.

What is Odysseus’ fatal flaw?

His last flaw, Stubborn, was the cause of many of his deaths. He refuses to learn from his mistakes and continues to put his men at risk. This was made clear when Odysseus and his men continued to explore uncharted lands after their harrowing experience with Cyclops.

Was Odysseus an admirable hero?

Odysseus is a classic greek hero Because he came from a famous family, was a strong warrior, and was also a clever liar. Odysseus was the king of Ithaca, meaning he was a member of the royal family, and he was known for his physical strength, which made him a good warrior.

Why did the suitor want to marry Penelope?

Due to Odysseus’ long absence, Odysseus’ wife Penelope has suitors.They think he’s dead and they want to marry Penelope inherit everything she has. Suitors believe Odysseus is dead. They wished to inherit his great wealth and kingdom.

Is Odysseus loyal to Penelope?

Penelope has shown her loyalty in a number of ways.she shows loyalty Twenty years waiting for Odysseus to come backShe didn’t choose a suitor until she was sure that Odysseus was dead. …he also showed his loyalty to Penelope by trying to protect her and keep suitors away from her.

How does Odysseus prove his identity to Penelope?

Odysseus was angry. He explained that he built their bedroom around an old olive tree and used the top of the tree for their bedpost. He was angry because he thought Penelope must have replaced the bed with a removable one. his angerand the fact that he knows the story of the bed proves his identity.

Will Odysseus cheat on Penelope?

When Odysseus left Ithaca to fight in the Trojan War, he married Penelope. After that, Odysseus went to Calypso Island.no Only he and Calypso cheat Except for Circe, he stayed on her island for seven years until Zeus ordered her to release him.

Will Odysseus sleep with Calypso?

Hermes told Calypso that Zeus ordered her to release Odysseus. In response, Calypso exclaimed angrily that the gods were jealous when goddesses slept with mortals, although they often slept with mortal women. … although Odysseus sleeping with Calypsohe cried for his wife and home.

What are the characteristics of Odysseus?

Odysseus has the characteristics of a Homeric leader: Strength, courage, nobility, desire for glory and confidence in his authority. However, his most notable feature is his keen intelligence.

Why do you hate Odysseus?

Of course the god Poseidon hated Odysseus, it was Because Odysseus blinded Poseidon’s son, the Cyclops Poseidon. Polyphemus then prayed to his father Poseidon to punish Odysseus. …

What did Odysseus do wrong?

Although Odysseus did good deeds on the trip and tried to get his men home safely, much of what he did was immoral, selfish, and illogical.The main crime he committed was Adultery, battery and murder.

How cruel was Odysseus?

Throughout the Odyssey, Odysseus behaves ruthlessly, unlike any true hero.For example, in Book XXII, Odysseus calls His maid was hangedbecause they had sex with a suitor and cheated on him: « You dogs! … To be a hero you have to be kind and be in your actions.

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