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Alcibiades knew the Spartan fleet was nearby, so he left nearly eighty ships to watch over them under the command of his personal helmsman, Antiochus, who was expressly ordered not to attack. … at last, Alcibiades condemns himself to exile.

What was Alcibiades accused of?

In the ensuing panic, Alcibiad was charged is the initiator of blasphemy, and the initiator of the blasphemy of the mysteries of EleusiaHe demanded an immediate investigation, but his enemies, led by Androcles (Hyperbolus’ successor), ensured he still faced charges while sailing.

Why did Alcibiades switch sides?

Switch sides.when Alcibiades received word that he would return to Athens to stand trial, and he returned to his homeland in his own ship, but disappeared in Turi, Gulf of Tarentine. Alcibiades chose not to return to Athens, but to the Peloponnese.

Why was Thucydides exiled?

The life of Thucydides

430 BC, a year after the war began. In 424 he was made admiral of the fleet, but was then exiled Failed to reach the city of Amphipolis in time to prevent it from being captured by the Spartans.

When did Alcibiades defect to Sparta?

defected to sparta

exist 412Thessaphnes and Alcibiades left the Spartans to assist Athens, who eagerly recalled the exiled Alcibiades.

Historical Summary: Alcibiades

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What is the Socratic argument in Alcibiades?

Socrates claimed that people should fight on the basis of justice, but he doubted that Alcibiades had any knowledge of justice. Under questioning from Socrates, Alcibiades admitted that he never learned the nature of justice from the Master, nor did he discover it himself.

Is Alcibiades a traitor?

He was praised both as a valiant general and defender of Athens, and because as a traitor, sold Athens to Sparta and Persia. This is a life stranger than fiction.

How did Sparta defeat Athens?

Sparta decided to take revenge. Drawing on the past experience of the Athenian Navy, they built a fleet of battleships. It would be another decade of war before the Spartan general Lysander defeated the Athenian fleet at Aegospotami.This loss resulted in Athens surrenders.

Who is the greatest historian of all time?


  1. —Henry Adams. (1838-1918) Portfolio: 12+…
  2. — 170. Edward Gibbon. (1737-1794)…
  3. — 213. Henry Buckle. (1821-1862)…
  4. — 249. Herodotus. (484-425 BC)…
  5. — 349. Oswald Spengler. (1880-1936)…
  6. — 527. Bader. (672-735)…
  7. — 569. Thucydides. (460-395 BC)…
  8. — 611. Levi. (59BC-17AD)

What was Thucydides best known for?

Thucydides (born 460 BC or earlier? – died 404 BC?), the greatest historian of ancient Greece and author of the history of the peloponnesian war, tells of the struggle between Athens and Sparta in the 5th century BC. His book is the first documented political and moral analysis of a nation’s war policy.

What happened to Nicaea?

However, they were cut off, and he and his Athenian army were overwhelmed and defeated. His army was nearly annihilated, though Nicias was respected by Gileps who wanted to bring him back to Sparta, Still, Nicias was assassinated by Syracuse’s allies.

When did Alcibiades switch sides?

Alcibiades (or Alcibiades) was a brilliant Athenian statesman and general whose stance shifted During the Peloponnesian War in the 5th century BC earned him a reputation for cunning and betrayal. He was handsome and wealthy, and was also notorious for his extravagant lifestyle and moral turpitude.

Who killed Alcibiades?

Alcibiades was exiled again. After the Battle of Aigospotamoi, Athens was forced to surrender (404); Alcibiades was killed almost immediately. Years later, the Athenian avenged his teacher, Socrateswho was forced to drink hemlock.

What are the Similarities and Differences Between Pericles and Alcibiades?

Although Pericles and Alcibiades They are completely different blood relatives. Pericles is a diplomat who handles things with a cool head and tries to find a solution that doesn’t end in bloodshed. Alcibiades is less stable, he either fights, manipulates, or runs away when he encounters a problem.

What does the name Alcibiades mean?

meaning and history

Latinized form of the Greek name Ἀλκιβιάδης (Alkibiades), derived from ἀλκή (alke), meaning « strength » and βία (bia) meaning « force », with the paternal suffix ἴδης (ides).

Who is called the father of history?

Herodotus Undoubtedly the « father of history ». He was born in Halicarnassus, Ionia in the 5th century BC, and is the author of History. His « investigation » can be found in this text, which later means « historical facts » to modern scholars. He is best known for his very objective account of the Greco-Persian war…

Is history major useless?

Is history a useless profession? A history degree emphasizes analysis, research, critical thinking and writing skills. History majors also strengthen their persuasive reasoning and creative thinking skills. These skills can be transferred to different occupations.

Who is the father of modern history?

Bishop William Stubbs was the last amateur historian and arguably the first professional in the discipline. Historian and Bishop William Stubbs is known as the « father of modern history. »

Did Athens beat Sparta?

Athens’ dominance in the region was replaced by Sparta until Less than a century later, both were conquered and became part of the Kingdom of Macedonia.

Did Sparta ever lose a war?

The cavalry then engaged, and the Spartan cavalry was quickly defeated. … the decisive defeat of the Spartan hoplites Armed forces of Thebes at the Battle of Leuctra, 371 BC Ended an era in Greek military history and changed the balance of power in Greece forever.

Why didn’t Sparta destroy Athens?

Like the Athenians before the war, the Spartans believed in rule by force rather than cooperation. … However, Sparta had another motive to spare Athens: they Fear that a destroyed Athens would increase Thebes’ influencejust north of Athens.

Who won the Peloponnesian War?

Athens was forced to surrender, Sparta Won the Peloponnesian War in 404 BC. Conditions for the Spartans were loose. First, democracy was replaced by an oligarchy of 30 Athenians friendly to Sparta. The German League was closed and Athens was limited to ten trios.

Who is Socrates’ Alcibiades?

Alcibiades is A handsome rock star Athens politician, Money and Smart Minds. He was an excellent orator and a formidable general. Question: How do we know about Alcibiades and Socrates? Alcibiades, one of Socrates’ more beloved and industrious students, appears in four dialogues.

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