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The coil is mounted in the gap between the two magnets. The split ring is in electrical contact with the coil, reversing the current every half-turn. When current flows through the coil, A force is applied to the coil, causing it to rotate. …this creates a magnetic field around the wire.

What causes the coil to start spinning in the motor?

When there is current in the coil, it produces magnetic field. One side of the coil becomes the North Pole and the other side becomes the South Pole. A ceramic magnet on the coil attracts its opposite pole and repels its same pole, causing the coil to spin.

What happens when there is current in the coil?

When we induce a current in the coil, it becomes an electromagnet. One end of the coil is the north pole and the other end is the south pole. …this north pole tries to repel the north pole of the magnet. Therefore, the induced current is the opposite of the motion that caused it (according to Lenz’s law).

Does the coil continue to spin when the current is off?

When you let the coil spin, you briefly break the circuit because one side of the wire is insulated, so The coil continues to rotate using its momentum. When the circuit is completed again, the magnetic field repels the coil again, so it continues to spin. The motor can continue to spin until the battery is dead!

How do the motor coils spin?

When current flows through the armature coil, the force acts on the coil and causes rotation. Brushes and commutators are used to reverse the current through the coil every half-turn, keeping the coil spinning. The rotation speed can be changed by changing the current magnitude of the armature coil.

Steering Effect Electromagnetics of Current-carrying Coils in Magnetic Fields

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What happens if we increase the number of turns in the motor coil?

Increase the number of turns of wire in the coil – by increasing the number of individual conductors passing through the magnetic field, The amount of induced EMF generated will be the sum of all the individual loops of the coilso if there are 20 turns in the coil, the induced EMF will be 20 times that of a coil…

How to increase the rotation speed of the coil?

The speed of rotation of the coil can be increased by:

  1. increase the magnitude of the current;
  2. use stronger magnets;
  3. increase the number of turns in the coil;
  4. Reduce friction between the coil and the shaft on which it rotates.

What causes the coil to keep spinning when no current is flowing?

When the switch is closed, current starts to flow and the coil becomes an electromagnet. …if the current in the coil is constant, the coil will stop at that position. However, in order to keep the rotation, The commutator breaks contact this location. So the current will stop instantaneously.

Can you make the coil rotate in both directions?

simply put, DC motors can turn in either direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) and can be easily controlled by reversing the polarity of the applied voltage. Strictly speaking, a motor can actually generate force in either direction.

What happens to the rotation of the motor coils?

this means The current in the left part of the coil still creates a downward force, and the current in the right part of the coil still produces an upward force. This means that the motor effect force continues to cause the coil to rotate counterclockwise.

What happens if the current through the coil is reversed?

When the current is reversed, The direction of the magnetic field through the center of the coil and around the wire is opposite. The magnetic field inside the coil is the strongest. This is because the effects of both sides of the vertical portion of the wire add up in the center.

What is the direction of the induced current in the coil?

As the current increases, the magnetic field also increases, causing a current to be induced in the coil.Applying Lenz’s law, the direction of the induced current through the coil is counterclockwise.

What happens if the magnet is taken out of the coil?

This electromotive force then pushes the current through the loop. …if you pull the north end away from the coil, Current flows in the opposite directionso the south pole of the associated magnetic field points towards the magnet.

What device is used to keep the coils in the motor turning continuously How does it work?


The answer is to use a commutator. This device prevents the wires from twisting. What’s more, it actually allows the coil to rotate in one direction! Shown is a split ring commutator.

How does the motor spin so fast?

A simple way to make the motor run faster is to Add another magnet. Place the magnet on top of the motor while the motor is running. When you move the magnet closer to the spinning coil, one of two things happens. The motor either stops or runs faster.

What factors will affect the rotation of a simple motor?

The speed of the motor depends on two factors: Its physical structure and the frequency of the power supply (Hz). Electrical engineers choose the speed of the motor based on the needs of each application, similar to how a mechanical load determines the required horsepower.

Which change would make the coil turn in the opposite direction?

if we change the direction of the current So the wire on the right is negative and the wire on the left is positive) The motor will turn in the opposite direction (clockwise in this case).

How can I reverse the direction of the force on the motor coil?

The direction of the current must be reversed every half turn, otherwise the coil stops again. This is achieved using a conductive ring that is split in two, called a split ring or commutator. Use a coil with a large number of turns to increase the effect of the magnetic field.

Which parts of the DC motor connect power to the split ring coil?

The armature and coil together are called the rotor. armature shaft Extends from the motor housing and connects to the split ring commutator.

What is the part of a simple DC motor that reverses the direction of the current through the coil every half cycle?

Answer: So commutator The current is reversed every half-turn, producing a steady torque, and the armature coil rotates in a single direction.

How to increase the speed of the coil in the DC motor?

The rotational speed of the coils in a DC motor can be increased by: (i) increase the amperage(ii) more turns in the coil, (iii) increasing the area of ​​the coil, (iv) by increasing the magnetic field strength.

What factors increase the speed of a DC motor?

Factors Affecting DC Motor Speed

  • FluxΦ
  • voltage across the armature.
  • applied voltage V.

How do the coils in an alternator spin?

Coil rotation in alternator together with the armature. The coils are wound around the armature, insulated from each other, and also along the grooves in the armature along with the armature. The armature can rotate around its axis with the help of ball bearings on the armature rod.

When the number of turns of the coil increases?

4 answers.increase the number of turns If the current remains constant, increase the magnetic field. In your case you are (implicitly) assuming that the applied voltage is constant and the current decreases.

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