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Melinda felt it was unfairly relaxing compared to her mother’s job. Her father asked her to put the calendar in an envelope.Melinda licks the closed envelope cut lips on paper. Her father was angry when he saw how much blood she shed on the envelope.

What did Melinda physically do to herself to represent her pain?

First, Melinda’s scratched her wrist with a paperclip symbolizes her desperation. Like Melinda biting her nails and lip, scratching herself is another way she’s trying to physically express the pain she’s feeling emotionally.

How and why did Melinda end up speaking for herself?

With the encouragement of art teacher Mr. Freeman, Melinda began to search for her confidence and her voice again. When Andy Evans tried to rape her a second time, she realized she had to speak up to stop him from doing it to others.

What did Melinda think of herself in her speech?

Melinda, a freshman in high school, is the protagonist in Laurie Hals Anderson’s « Speech. » …Melinda’s introspection and Dedication to art allowed her to grow and ultimately see herself as a survivor rather than a victim. She learned that the only way to fight evil is to speak out against it.

What class did Melinda drop?

exist algebra classMelinda is startlingly aware that she no longer wants to hide in the janitor’s closet.

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Why is Melinda spying on Rachel?

Melinda spies on Rachel because Rachel and Andy Evans dating. Andy raped Melinda before, so Melinda worries about her ex-friend dating him. She worries that Rachel will be Andy’s next victim, so she looks at Rachel.

What’s one reason Heather isn’t friends with Melinda anymore?

When Heather decides to sever her friendship with Melinda, she is extremely numb, cruel and ignorant.The reason she ended the friendship shows Her arrogance towards others and her lack of careful consideration.

Is Melinda of Speak depressed?

The story begins when Melinda, a high school freshman, the protagonist of the novel Talking, is raped by a senior named Andy Evans.Her trauma and her inability to tell anyone what happened, turn Melinda falls into depression. She lost the ability to speak easily.

Who is Melinda’s talkative person?

David Petrakis There is a certain connection with Melinda. He even thawed Melinda’s boycott of the boy, making her want to shake off the mistrust that had plagued her since Andy raped her.

Is Melinda dumb?

Melinda is silent because She had nothing to say to those around her. Since being sexually assaulted, she has become increasingly isolated, separated from a world she no longer understands, nor any attempt to understand her. In this case, Melinda retreated into a world of silence.

What was it whispering in Melinda’s ear?

Melinda spent the next two weeks making and hanging posters for Heather and the Can. She was hanging one outside the metal shop when suddenly IT climbed behind her and whispered in her ear, « fresh meat.« IT was looking for her and she couldn’t ignore it.

What does Melinda Sodino look like?

Melinda’s appearance is rarely described, except for the clothes she wears and how her lips are chapped and crusted. It was also mentioned that she was only ten years old when she tried on jeans in the store where her mother worked.also mentioned that she has Black eyebrows and « cloudy » brown eyes.

Where did Melinda find her voice?

Melinda finds her voice Mr. help Freemanher art teacher.

What is Melinda struggling with?

physical struggle overcoming her sexual abuse It can be seen from her conflict. Melinda faces her own internal conflicts as well as external conflicts between her and other characters like Heather, Rachel and Andy Evans. ‘Melinda’s struggle with sexual abuse also included non-physical ones.

What was Melinda’s cry for help?

Melinda’s behavior is a cry for help because Everything she does shows she needs someone to talk to, someone to understand what she’s going through. How did Melinda’s behavior call for help?

What did Melinda write on the bathroom wall?

small letters on the wall

Freeman tells Melinda to go to the bathroom. Ivy walks in as Melinda tries to remove the marker from her shirt. … Melinda asks for one of Ivy’s markers.she wrote « The Far Away » (81.22) on the wall.

Why is Mr Freeman in trouble?

Freeman made the list because he came forward as a « man » — in this case, the school board. … Freeman’s troubles with the school board on page 31.We learned that they refused give him any money Buy new supplies for the student; instead, he needs to use whatever is left over from the previous year.

How does this make Melinda feel?

Melinda feeling lonely and isolated Because no one would sit with her, her friends would ignore her, and people would pick on her. What’s the new name for the Meriweather High School mascot?

Why does Rachel hate Melinda?

Although she and Melinda used to be best friends, Rachel hates Melinda now, Believing (like the rest of their high school) that Melinda called the police at the summer party to get people into troublewhen she actually tried to report her own rape.

How was Melinda bullied in Speak?

Melinda just started her freshman year of high school.Over the summer she went to a party with her friends, Melinda Raped by a boy named Andy Evans Eventually calling the police, she didn’t tell anyone why she called the police, causing her friends and everyone at the party to reject her.

How do we know Melinda is depressed?

Rather than connecting with her friends as she might have been due to a physical illness, Melinda isolated herself from the stigma she experienced and her perception of depression as a weakness. …other signs of Melinda depression include Changes in her diet and sleep patterns.

What keeps Melinda silent while speaking?

What keeps Melinda silent in her speech is Her trauma, her insecurities, and her dark and negative emotions. She stayed silent to deal with her feelings and believed that even if she decided to speak, no one really listened to her, believing that no one really saw her as someone deserving love and attention.

What letter would Melinda wear?

On the one hand, like Hester, she also publicly expressed her shame by biting her nails and her lips.Melinda even suggested she would wear An « S » for shame (among other things) if she was forced to wear a letter.

What did Heather advise Melinda not to eat?

What did Heather advise Melinda not to eat? The friendship necklace Melinda gave her for Christmas.

How did Melinda react when Heather ended their friendship?

How did Melinda react when Heather ended their friendship? … She realizes how important one of her friends is to her.

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