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Ji family, more commonly known as the Bucket List Family by their more than 2.4 million Instagram followers, are five self-proclaimed nomads who travel the world in search of content. The lifestyle was made possible after father Garrett Gee reportedly sold his app to Snapchat for $54 million in 2015.

Is Garrettjee Rich?

That’s how 28-year-old Garrett Gee lives.

In 2011, he launched his own QR code startup, Scan, in a college dorm at BYU. He gained national attention in 2013 after he advertised his company on Shark Tank wearing flip-flops. A year later, Gee sold Scan to Snapchat for $54 million, instant millionaire.

Bucket List What do families do for a living?

We are the Gee family, just your « regular » family working around the world family travel reporter! Our story begins on August 15, 2015, when we decided to sell everything and leave our hometown to travel the world together.

How did the bucket list family get rich?

Bucket list family became a social media sensation after young husband and father of two Garrett Gee in Utah, Sold his mobile scanning app (Scan) to Snapchat for $54 million.

How much does a bucket list family start with?

He sold an app to Snapchat for $54 million, and now he makes money traveling the world. It’s been two years since Garrett Gee and his wife Jessica (pseudonym « Settie ») decided to sell all their stuff, $45,000 And started traveling the world with two young children.

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How old are Jessica and Garrettji?

Garrett, 30, a former high-tech entrepreneur, sold his mobile scanning app to Snapchat for $54 million in 2015 as a college student. After that, the software expert and his wife, Jessica, 32 years oldsell everything they own to travel the world.

When was Garrettjee married?

Garrettjee married Jessica 2009. They live in Provo, Utah. The family decided to travel the world, sold almost everything they owned, and later sold the Scan App to Snapchat for $54 million.

Is Garrett Gee on Shark Tank?

Gee is the founder of the QR code scanning mobile app Scan He launched « Shark Tank » in 2013. He appeared on the show wearing nothing but a hoodie and flip-flops, the suit he wore when pitching investors.

Did Garrett Gee Invent Snapchat?

Entrepreneur Garrett Gee decided to ditch his regular lifestyle and travel the world after selling the mobile scanning app Scan he co-founded, 2014 to SnapchatAt the time, the deal between Gee and his co-founders was valued at $54 million — $30 million in cash, with the rest being Snapchat equity.

What is a Garrett Gee scan?

Overview.scanning Build products and services related to « scannable » items such as QR codes. … As of December 2012, Scan reported 25 million downloads on iOS and Android platforms. In 2014, Snapchat acquired Scan for $54 million, and the Scan app grew into Snapcode.

Bucket List Family Buying a Home?

After visiting more than 60 countries in less than three years, the millionaire bucket list family has finally put down roots and bought their first home—an 80-year-old homemaker on the Big Island. hawaii.

Bucket List What town does the family live in?

hawaii — They are known around the world for their « bucket list family », with millions of people following their weekly adventures on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. After three years and 63 countries, a full-time traveling family from Utah is now settled in Hawaii.

Why is Dorothy’s middle name seven?

Dorothy is named after Garrett’s grandmother, Dorothy. …her middle name is Seven Because that’s always Garrett’s football number, we each have 7 letters in our name G is the 7th letter in the alphabet. Manila is named after Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

What happened to Jesse Gee?

Jessica Gee Ski accident in Utah.

What really annoyed fans, however, was the end of the video. After 15 minutes of what seemed like a standard bucket list home video, the video ended abruptly with Jessica injured.

How old was Garrett Gee when it sold scanners?

this is the story 28 years old Garrett Gee, the former co-founder of Scan, was acquired by Snapchat in 2014 for $54 million. The company was founded in 2011 by three friends Kirk Ouimet, Ben Turley and Garrett, who created « Snapcode », a technology that Snapchat would later use.

Bucket List Homeschooling?

Dorothy and Manila attend their first day at school orphanage In Bali, the second time they went to school was in South Korea, Garrett said.

Is Shark Tank on Snapchat?

Chris Sacca, an investor who has appeared on « Shark Tank, » made fun of himself on Thursday, the day Snap Inc. debuted on the stock market. He tweeted a screenshot of an email Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy sent him five years ago, noting that he ignored it. … Sarkar said he never responded.

What happened to the scan after Shark Tank?

Gee didn’t do a deal on Shark Tank, but he did sell his company to SnapChat in 2014 for $54 million. … At the time of the sale, Gee was a student at Brigham Young University, where he captained the school’s football team.

What episode is Garrett on Shark Tank?

« Shark Tank » Episode 5.4 (2013 TV episode) – IMDb.

Is 180 Cup still open?

180 cups are 2 in 1 plastic cups and shot glasses. Founder: Solomon Fallas. Shark Tank is asking for 15% of $300,000 on a $2 million valuation. Currently closed.

Bucket List Family Has Another Child?

The bucket list series is growing. Gees will add another baby to their offspring They made the announcement this weekend at Disney World.

What is a Manilaji middle name?

Morganji Manila : Birth story.

Who owns Snapchat?

Founder’s Destiny Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy each added more than $2 billion. Spiegel, who is CEO, owns a 13 percent stake in the social media company; his net worth rose by $2.8 billion as of early Friday afternoon. CTO Murphy owns a 15% stake, adding $3.1 billion to his net worth.

Was Snapchat originally made for texting?

« When we first started, a lot of people didn’t understand what Snapchat was, Say it’s just for textingeven though we know it’s being used for more, » the company wrote in the filing. Its journey from the million-dollar disappearing photo app to the camera company it is today certainly bears out.

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