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Object Information The Anchor to the Other Side, referred to as Anchor, is a mysterious object supernatural The existence bound to the spell that created the other side. For centuries, Qetsiyah has tied the world’s first immortal woman, Amara, on the other side.

Is Amara a host?

It was later revealed that Amara is the anchor on the other sideso Amara exists both in the real world and beyond, allowing her to interact with ghosts of supernatural beings as well as living people.

Will Elena be a streamer?

Meanwhile, Elena finds Qetsiyah and asks her to complete the spell so that Bonnie becomes the anchor. She managed to finish the spell in time for Amara to die.

When did Bonnie become an anchor?

Talk about a tough go! The first time Bonnie died was in season 4, when she brought Jeremy back to life.she’s back home living in season 5 But only by being an anchor on the other side.

Who is stronger, Bonnie or Qetsiyah?

not honestly, qetsiyah is much stronger than bonnie. She is selfish because Silas hurt her and she is so powerful and great.

Stefan drinking and Qetsiyah telling him about the anchor​​​​​​​​


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Who is the oldest witch in The Vampire Diaries?

2 Esther. Esther Considered the original witch; she was the witch who created the first vampires. We learned this in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Despite her death, Esther brought herself back to life by becoming the witch of New Orleans in the original.

Is Bonnie always the anchor?

Bonnie, who knew that Amara had just committed suicide, rushed to Jeremy to say goodbye to him, but when Amara died and the other side should have disappeared, Qetsiyah finally completed the ceremony, Bonnie becomes the new anchor.

Is Bonnica on the other side?

Jeremy met her there and wanted to say goodbye before he returned to the other side, but when she put the veil back on, Jeremy realized bonnie on the other sidenot him; she sacrificed the resurrection so that he could live.

Is Damon a clone?

Stefan and his brother Damon Salvatore died in 1864.Like Mikaelson before them, they both fell in love with a Petrova doppelganger, this time known as Katherine Pierce. …and their roles changed as the years passed, with Damon becoming the sadistic brother and Stefan struggling to repent of his ways.

Who is Katherine’s baby daddy?

Catherine slept during graduation ceremony in finale episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Nicklaus McKelson and pregnant with her daughter Adyelya.

Does Amara Petrova have children?

Amara has no children, so Tatiya is connected to Amala through the child of one of Amala’s siblings. The series establishes that all Petrova doppelgangers are descendants of Amara, even though it doesn’t always clearly connect the dots, such as how bloodlines remain intact across multiple generations.

Who is the older Tatija or Amara?

Tatiya is a distant descendant of Amara And is the first clone of Amara. … Tatija’s child (name unknown): He/she was born at the turn of the 10th century. According to Elijah, Tatija had a child with another man, who was her husband, and was killed in battle. Eventually, his/her descendants moved to Europe.

Who is Tatya Petrova?

Tatiya is A doppelganger of Petrova Niklaus and Elijah Mikaelson fell in love in the late 10th/early 11th century. …after her death, her blood was used in a spell that binds Nicklaus’ werewolf lineage. Tatya is a member of the Petrova family.

Is Stefan a clone?

Doppelgangers, also known as shadow self or mortal shadow self, are supernatural phenomena created by nature. … Stefan Salvatore and Tom Avery are Silas’ doppelganger And Tatia, Katerina Petrova and Elena Gilbert are Amara’s. With Elena’s death in I Was Feeling Epic, the doppelgängers have gone extinct.

Is Silas stronger than Claus?

Klaus is much stronger than Silas Because his body is the second most powerful thing on earth (after the Beast of Prophecy). Silas is not even a vampire, not a human being.

Is Silas a vampire?

Technically, Silas is vampirehe needed blood to survive, and he dried up in his grave for 2000 years.

Has Silas ever shown his face?

The True Face of Silas: As Stefan prepares to bury Silas in the quarry, He realized the body was goneSilas appears as Elena and explains that the spell that turned him into stone was broken when the witch (Bonnie) who bound it died. Then came the big reveal: Silas created the immortal spell 2,000 years ago.

Is Bonnie no longer a hunter?

All the scars are gone, indicating that the huntress’ curse is over. Bonnie is not dead, so that means the Vampire Diaries season 8 doesn’t have Elena. Instead, vault monsters have taken over Damon and Enzo, who are now on a dark killing spree.

Are Bonnie and Enzo together?

In the seventh season, we saw the couple’s romantic relationship, but in the blink of an eye, Bonnie was in trouble at the Armory three years ago, Enzo Get up and keep them away from her. … Two years later, after their relationship heated up, the two started a relationship and fell in love.

How did Enzo come back?

Enzo tries to set Stefan on fire, but Stefan pushes his hand into Enzo and grabs his heart. Stefan refuses to kill Enzo, but Enzo takes a step back, his heart be extracted. . . At home, Marcos is sucked into hell, and Enzo manages to make his way through Bonnie to a new life.

Want to be stronger than Klaus?

Hope is stronger than Klaus, who should be the most powerful creature. Hey, I love hope, we all love it. But werewolf/vampire hybrids are always exaggerated as OP and so powerful that nature is considered an imbalance of power.

Is Bonnie stronger than hoped?

Bonnie ends TVD for most powerful witch (and the only mental) world. Than when Hope was so strong, Hollow would swap bodies with her. Than in Legacy Hope needs Gemini to do the spell all the time. Hope didn’t prove herself to be the most powerful witch in the world.

Who is stronger Davina or Bonnie?

In terms of their own magic (just their own power, no energy boosts such as harvesting, channeling, or expression), Davina is stronger than Bonnie. It turns out that the witches of New Orleans are more powerful than the TVD witches. …she is now a hunter with enhanced powers and skills, and no magic can harm her.

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