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On this page you can find 35 synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and related words for management, such as: compliant, docile, supplecontrollable, governable, submissive, adaptable, obedient, teachable, tameable and willing.

What is another word for compliance?

compliance; Compliance; Consistency.

Which synonym is closest in meaning to compliant?

obedient, docile, manageable, malleable, pliable, compliant, flexible, submissive, dutiful, tame, docile, submissive, manageable, like putty in the hand, controllable Unresisting, unconfident, passive, controllable, persuasive, manipulative. Informal, outdated milky white. Rarely convincing.

What is another word for non-compliance?

In this page you can find 23 non-compliant synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words, such as: rejectdivergent, willing, irregular, stubborn, rebellious, disobedient, tendentious, impatient, ruthless and belligerent.

What is the antonym of obedience?

obey. antonym: resist, reject, Disobedience, Rejection, Disobedience. Synonyms: yield, yield, obey, acquiesce, assent, malleable, submissive.

What does the word MANAGEABLE mean?

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Does it make sense?

: in the desired way (rules, laws, etc.) The company has ceased operations by court order. Workers did not fully follow the rules.

What is the verb to obey?

verb (used without an object), abide by, to comply. To act or act on a wish, request, request, request, condition, etc.; consent (sometimes followed): they asked him to leave, he complied. She has complied with the request. outdated. Be polite or reconcile.

What exactly is compliance?

Compliance is Conformity to established guidelines or specifications, or become such a process. …the definition of compliance can also include efforts to ensure that an organization is in compliance with industry regulations and government legislation.

How do you use compliance in a sentence?

Example sentences for ‘in compliance with’ to comply with; to comply with

  1. The couple’s lawyers said they abide by the government’s code of ethics. …
  2. Brexit can only happen in line with our values. …
  3. We believe that our transactions are lawful and comply with applicable laws.

What is the noun for obedience?

obey. behavior to follow. (uncountable) The state of obedience. (uncountable) Tendency to conform to or agree with the wishes of others.

Simply put, what is compliance?

Definition of Compliance Means follow a rule or order. An example of compliance is when someone is told to go out and obey orders. An example of compliance is the preparation of financial reports in accordance with standard accounting principles. noun.

Is compliance good or bad?

Most organizations understand the importance of regulatory compliance in prevention unethical conduct and violations. … in other words, having an effective compliance program is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense. Build customer trust and brand loyalty. Reputation matters.

What is compliance in everyday life?

obey- It involves changing our behavior while we still disagree with the group internally. is shallow conformity. 2. Internalization – It involves changing our behavior, including our belief in group views. … Let’s look at relevant examples of conformity in everyday life.

What is compliant behavior?

In psychology, obedience means Changing one’s own behavior at the request or direction of others.1 Unlike obedience where others are in positions of authority, obedience does not depend on power or authority over others.

Why is compliance so important?

Compliance Helping you protect your business’ resources and reputation. It takes time to build trust with customers, prospects, and suppliers, and a large part of it focuses on your ethical behavior. Compliance sets the stage for your company’s reputation.

Which is the best definition of compliance?

1a: The act or process of complying with a desire, request, suggestion or protocol or forcing the patient to follow in completing a treatment protocol very good. —Georgia A. Chrousos. b : complies with the official requirement that his conduct complies with state law. 2: Tendency to succumb to

What does self-discipline mean?

significance, Individuals may comply with requests without truly believing that the action they are being asked to accomplish is acceptable.

What does compliance mean in banking?

Financial compliance is Supervision and enforcement of financial and capital market laws and regulations. It covers the entire financial sector, from investment banking to retail banking. `

What is the adverb for compliance?

obediently. in order to comply; compliantly; obediently.

How do you use the word abiding?

Follow the sentence?

  1. The man was arrested for refusing to comply with the airline’s no smoking policy.
  2. Students who repeatedly fail to comply with school rules could be suspended, the principal said.
  3. The restaurant will soon close if the owners don’t follow the health department’s regulations.

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