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A person who expects favorable results. a believer optimism.

Is optimistic an adjective or a noun?

optimistic(adjective) Definitions and Synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What kind of word is an optimist?

optimistic person. A person who holds an optimistic belief or doctrine.

Is optimistic a noun or a verb?

optimistic adjective – Definitions, pictures, pronunciation and instructions | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

Is poverty an abstract noun?

The abstract noun form of the adjective poor is poverty.

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Is wealth an abstract noun?

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The abstract noun form of the adjective « rich » is Rich, a word of quality. A related abstract noun form is riches, a word for wealth or resource; a word represents a concept.

What is the verb for optimistic?

optimization. (originally intransitive verb) to act optimistically or be an optimist. (transitive) to make (something) optimal.

What are content nouns?


content is uncountable as a singular noun. It refers to an idea contained in an article, film or speech: This film has adult content; it is not suitable for children.

What is the name of the patient?

Patience is an adjective and a noun, patience is an adverb, patience Is a noun: be patient with your baby. That doctor has many patients.

Is optimism a positive word?

Optimism is an adjective defined as « the tendency to take a favorable view of an event or condition and expect the most favorable outcome ».It can also refer to someone or something « reflecting favorable views of events and conditions and expectations about something positive result; show optimism. « 

How can I be optimistic?

11 Ways to Be an Optimist

  1. Create some positive spells. …
  2. Focus on your success. …
  3. Get a role model. …
  4. Focus on the positive. …
  5. Don’t try to predict the future. …
  6. Surround yourself with a positive attitude. …
  7. Keep a gratitude journal. …
  8. Challenge negative thoughts.

Is optimism positive or negative?

Optimists believe that positive events are more stable and frequent than negative. They think they can avoid problems in their daily lives and stop them from happening, so they deal with stressful situations more successfully than pessimists [3, 4].

Is the word optimistic an adjective?

reflect favorable views of events and conditions and positive The result; showing optimism: an optimistic plan. Optimistic or related to optimism.

Is optimistic an adverb?

He is optimistic about improving relations between the two countries.

What is the content verb?

Satisfy; Satisfaction; Content. Definition of content (items 3 of 4) transitive verbs. 1: He was betrayed into a position that would satisfy neither his heart nor his conscience in order to satisfy the desire of… –

Is content a noun or a verb?

The state or feeling of contentment; contentment; contentment: his content is threatened.

What are examples of content?

Quantity of material contained; content. Content is defined as what is inside or contained in a thing.An example of content is beans in a jar. An example of content is words in a book.

What is the noun for optimism?

: feelings or beliefs about good things will happen. optimism. noun. op ​ti ​mism | \ ˈäp-tə-ˌmiz-əm \

What is the word for optimism?

Optimism is expecting the best to happen.it’s coming From the Latin word Optimus Prime, meaning « the best ». Even if you don’t think the best things will always happen, if you’re generally optimistic, you think things will get better, not worse.

Is optimism an emotion?

optimism– positive and hopeful emotions This encourages you to look forward to a bright future, a future where you believe things will work out. Happiness – pleasure and satisfaction with how things are going; general enjoyment and enthusiasm for life.

What kind of noun is rich?

This abstract noun The form of the adjective « rich » is abundance, a word of quality. A related abstract noun form is riches, a word for wealth or resource; a word represents a concept.

What is the abstract noun for hatred?

The abstract noun for hatred is hatred.

Is peace an abstract noun?

This question is based on abstract nouns. The abstract noun for the word « peace » is « Peace.’…’Peace’ is an abstract noun that refers to a state of peace, i.e. freedom from violence and war of any kind.

What kind of noun is poor?

The word « poor » is a noun, plural, uncountable noun; A word that refers to the poor in general. Example of use: The government has many programs to help the poor. The noun form of the adjective ‘poor’ is ‘poorness’.

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