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The star is stable online.Starlight discovered for the first time Roam Greendale when the player reaches Harvest CountyAfter the player reaches the correct level, Starshine recounts how he and Lisa were separated: after Lisa returned from Jorvik’s musical tour, the two were hanging out in a forgotten wilderness.

What happened to Lisa SSO?

She was last seen on her band tour. After returning to Jorvik, she and Starshine hitchhiked away, but did not return.Druid thinks She was kidnapped by the dark core.

How to unlock Starshine Ranch in SSO?

To be able to go to Starlight Ranch with Josh, you Must be a Star Knight and have completed the quest to help Thomas Moorland collect the stolen Moorland Stables ownership documents. You can also visit the ranch without Josh! …to Starlight Ranch with him!

Where can I find Lisa Star Stables?

Drive to the Walk of Fame in Greendale Foresttalk to him and help him find Lisa.

Who Created Starlight’s Legacy?

Starshine Legacy, also known as SL or SSL, is a four-game series released in 2005 for the Penny Girl Book Club.These games are made by Hidden Entertainment AB and Pixel Tales.


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Where is Annie SSO?

In Star Stable Online, when the player sees Annie for the first time, she is trapped in Pandora.Then the dark knight transfers her to Prison Island.

How to unlock Wildwoods SSO?

This is a large forest biome on the east side of Jorvik and is characterized by huge redwood trees. To be able to visit Wildwood, The player must be a Star Knight and must already have access to Mistfall. When the Dundull election is over, you also have to complete the quest to talk to Rania.

How to unlock Harvest County in SSO?

– To reach Fengshou County, you need to have Complete the repair of the bridge between Silverglade and Harvest Counties. If you have not completed bridge repairs, you can speed up the process now by purchasing some of the materials you need from Billy Bulldozer at the GED site in Moorland.

Where can I buy American Quarter Horse SSO?

3rd Generation American Quarter Horse! where can i get it?You’ll find a horse in Pinta Fort Samsung Ranch!

How to become a Soul Rider of Star Stable?

Your starting point is the Druid Paddock – head there and chat with Rhiannon today!To be able to play Soul Riding, you must a star knight and completed the quest you brought to help the soul knight Anne came back from Pandora.

How do you sell horses on Star Stable?

How to sell horses?

  1. Put the horse you want to sell on your ranch and double click it.
  2. Remove all gear from the horse’s character sheet, including horseshoes.
  3. Click to sell this horse! You will receive 2500 Jorvik shillings to sell your horses.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the sale of the horse.

How many soul riders are there?

The trilogy is now available in English!

The story follows the Soul Knight, Four Heroes who have a magical bond with their horses and with each other.

What is the SSO fee for American Quarter Horse?

Full grown foals are available for purchase 950 SC.

How much does Star Stable cost for an American Quarter Horse?

We know you’ve been waiting, four more American Quarter Horses have just arrived at Starshine Ranch!New Quarters are available in fleabitten grey, anthracite deerskin, linen sorrel and grullo colours for 950 stars each.

Where can I buy SSO Clydesdale?

Mighty Clydesdale! where can i get them?You’ll find a horse in Pinta Fort Two at Dundull Stables in Mistfall.

How to Unlock Epona SSO 2020?

To enter Epona, you need to be a Star Rider and:

  1. Help Helga and her family build their summer house.
  2. Friendly reputation level with the GED Jarlaheim office and has provided Herman with Ms Drake’s report on GED’s future plans.

How to unlock Mistfall SSO?

In order to be able to perform the associated quest and open the passage to the mist, you will need Become a Star Knight and reach at least level 12. You also need to complete the task of Mrs Packard from Firgrove Village giving you her rent invoice.

What level do you need to reach to unlock the hidden dinosaur valley?

To enter the hidden valley of dinosaurs, you need to be a star knight and: at least level 16. Has a friendly reputation level with Valedale. Completed the quest to help Nic Stoneground fly away with his balloon.

What level do you need to reach to unlock Wild Forest in SSO?

In order to be able to join the Rangers on their Wild Forest journey, you must be a Star Knight, have Mistfall unlocked and have arrived At least level 16.

What level do you need to be to unlock Epona?

except that Level 16to enter Epona, you need to complete the following tasks: – Help Helga build the summer cottage.

Where are the redwood points in SSO?

Mahogany Point is Ranger Base wildwood north of the mist These include redwood stables, paddocks, hot air balloons and shops.

How do you get Annie back from the Pandora SSO?

you need to be with lisa and alex and linda Unlock the portal to Pandora and find Annie to take her home again.

How to get to Pandora SSO?

Portal appears in one of seven locations, somewhere Jorvik every day. The portal will appear as a bunch of pink flashes, and when the player approaches the flash, they will turn into a large pink portal. Once the portal is fully formed, players simply walk into it and they will be teleported to Pandora.

Is it a Palomino horse?

Palomino, a color type of horse distinguished by its cream, yellow or gold coat and white or silver mane and tail. Colors do not reproduce trueHorses of the appropriate color, the appropriate pommel type, and at least one registered parent from multiple light breeds may be registered as Palominos.

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