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Ricardo is currently Act 29 Executive Director.

What parish is Father John Ricardo in?

This is a new chapter for the priest. Riccardo — former pastor Diocese of Our Lady of Goodwill, Plymouth – and his team of clergy and laity, who are tasked with solving some of the most complex challenges facing parishes and dioceses in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who is Father John Ricardo?

priest.John Ricardo is the host of ‘You’re Born’ for this With Father John Riccardo », Executive Director of ACTS XXIX, priest of the Archdiocese of Detroit, ordained in 1996. He has served as pastor of St. Anastasia Catholic Church in Troy, Michigan, and attorney of Our Lady of Goodwill (OLGC) ) in Plymouth, Michigan.

How old is John Ricardo?

John Riccardo, Chrysler’s chairman when it went bankrupt in 1979 and the man who lured Lee Iacocca away from Ford, died Saturday in Ann Arbor. The Birmingham resident was 91 years old. He died after attending a basketball game at the University of Michigan.

Who is the priest of Our Lady of Goodwill?

Michael Suethe pastor of our Good Lawyers Parish, was told last week that he would be removed from the church he leads.

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