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Reagan is located in South of Serendia, Southwest of Mediah, East of Kamasylvia. Duvenclone is the capital city of Reagan. Duvencrune has an indoor and outdoor hot spring which will give you a special treat if you soak in it.

How to get to O Dyllita?

If you want to enter O’dyllita without going through the main quest, go to Aliluna, Node Manager at Thornwood Castle and Shiv Valley Road’s Node Manager Honti to receive sub-quests through which you can gain most of the NPC knowledge available in O’dyllita.

Where is BDO’s Valencia?

Valencia is the largest territory in the Black Desert Online world.it occupies a Much of the eastern half of the continent It is bordered by Midia to the west, the northern territory of an island to the north, the Republic of Calpheon to the northwest, and Snowy to the south.

How to get repository in BDO?

You can visit the central market warehouse Directly from Storage Keeper Just have a Marketing Director in the same town. This can be done at Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, Grana, Valencia, Port Ratt and Duvencune. When the storage is open, click the « Warehouse » button.

How do people survive in the BDO desert?

Make at least 100+ purified waters in real time for every hour you plan to spend in the desert and carry plenty of star anise flowers with you. Buy tents to protect yourself from sandstorms. If you run out of purified water, you can take a shovel with you to collect extra water.

Black Desert – Drieghan I Questline – Complete Walkthrough/Guide

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How many Black Elf quests are there?

Have seven Missions in Black Desert. These are quests related to leveling up your black elves.

What is Dyllita’s AP?

This grinding point is recommended for level 60 and above At least 250 AP (Kutum).

How do I get BDO orozca clothing?

You can get La Orzeca clothing Additional Quturan’s Lungs obtained by exchanging NPCs. After completing all La Orzeca Helmet and La Orzeca Armor missions, you will get the final mission through Black Spirit where you can earn the title « La Orzeca ».

What is Ebenruth BDO?

Ebenruth’s Nol is very rare treasure. You have to collect different items and then make Ebenruth’s Nol. You can also buy this item directly from the Raven Shop for 2,000,000 Raven Coins.

How to get the BDO Black Star armor?

How to Get Black Star Gear

  1. Your character level is 56+.
  2. The main questlines for Calpheon and Media must be completed.
  3. The three blacksmiths in the legend of Mediah…
  4. 3 Boss Gear pieces +0 sacrificed for quests. …
  5. Rift Ruins x1. …
  6. Ghost Energy x1 (only required for Blackstar armor/helmet)

Where can I get BDO’s Flame of Despair?

You can get Fire of Despair x1 by Heating Embers of Despair x100.

Where is the breath of Narcion in BDO?

You can also get Breath of Narcion by random [Bonus] Hunting missions are available from Narcion, there are many monsters around O’dyllita. Requires 30 missions to be completed.

How to get Gamos’s heartbreak?


  1. To make the Heart of Gamos, use heat:
  2. 1 Heart of Gamos 7,400,000,000. Heart of Gamos. 6.850B. 7.400B. 7.950B. …
  3. 1 Reverse energy N/A. Project general project piece inverter energy. Single item. Reverse energy. – Description: An ore containing energy that melts the Heart of Gamos and reverses the energy in it.

What is Black Elf BDO?

black elves are A mysterious entity that acts as your companion on your journeys. It doesn’t die, by default it can be invoked by pressing the ‘,’ key. The sprites are the main part of the storyline and also give you quests and hints on how to play the game.

How to get 30K tasks in BDO?

Added title « 30K » for completing 30000 quests.The title can be obtained after Complete all of Lulupi’s travel journals and complete the quest « A Surprising Secret Hidden Between the Travel Journal Pages » given by the Black Spirit.

Can you solo Kzarka?

Elvia Kzarka is a group leader that you can summon after completing the weekly Elvia quest. Highly equipped players with 320+ AP may be able to solo.

What does the Heart of Karanda do?

Karanda’s heart is An Awakened Weapon (exclusive) improvement that adds 1 crystal slot and 3% increased critical strike damage.

How to get the Match Master?

Match locks are easy to obtain Through the market and crafted in the tool workshop.

How do I get BDO Hunting Mastery?

Players gain when they gain Hunting Mastery rank hunt Life Skill Level and Hunt Mastery or Life Mastery gear.Hunting Mastery Advantage: + Chance from Slaughter Get more items from mobs and « sensitive » mobs.

How did the fire of despair come about?


  1. To make a flame of despair, use heat (primary 1) with:
  2. 100 Embers of DespairN/A. Items General crafting materials Embers of Despair. Materials. Embers of despair. – Description: Small, violently burning embers. – How to use: Heat the Embers of Despair x100 to obtain Flames of Despair x1. – Price: 5,000,000 credits.

How much capra does the fallen god armor cost?

– Description: Dorin Morgrim says PEN: Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor with level 10 Capras Crafting the Armor of the Fallen Angel requires Fortification and Fire of Despair.

Is Black Star a boy or a girl?

Black☆Star was transformed by the lust chapter of the Book of Eben, and appeared as a teenage young woman Slightly shorter and less harsh, for a more feminine look. His trousers were lighter in color to contrast with the darker trousers of men. He is also very talented.

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