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Buck Lanford, 39, sports reporter for FOX 5/WAGA-TV Atlanta Lives in Atlanta with his wife Traci and their two children (a third is on the way).

Is Buck Lanford still in Fox 5?

He continues to be active on FOX 5’s High 5 Sports coverage. Reporting a story is just the beginning for Buck. He has done live coverage while driving a race car and worked as a « runnercam » reporter for the Peachtree Road Race.

What is Joanne Feldman’s salary?

Feldman is a co-host and meteorologist at FOX 5 News in Atlanta, with an annual salary of $85,000 to $100,000.

What happened to Caitlin Pratt?

FOX 5 Atlanta welcomes Caitlin Platt as a general assignment reporter in 2008. She now gets up before the sun, hosts Good Day Atlanta on weekends, and reports during the week. Her career also included stops in Savannah and Macon. Caitlin began her journalism journey in Boston as a news writer and field producer.

What is Courtney Bryant’s nationality?

Courtney Bryant Nationality | Race

Kobe holds American citizenship and birth citizens. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. She is of African American ethnicity/inheritance.

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Where is Courtney Bryant now?

Courtney Bryant joins Fox 5 Atlanta In January 2020, co-anchor on FOX 5 News on weekdays at 5, 6 and 10 pm.

Who is Joanne Feldman?

Joanne is a FOX 5 Storm Team Emmy-Awarded and AMS-Certified Broadcast MeteorologistShe grew up in Marietta (a proud graduate of Lassiter High School) and returned to her hometown in 2007 to join FOX 5 Atlanta.

Does Caitlin Pratt have children?

Fox 5 reporter and anchor Caitlin Pratt and WSB radio host Tim Andrews celebrated their first child, Gilbert, on Wednesday.

Does Caitlin Pratt have her kids?

FOX 5 anchor and reporter Caitlin Pratt and her husband Tim welcome A baby boy comes into this world. Gilbert Platt Andrews was born Wednesday afternoon.

Will Katie Beasley leave FOX 5?

After nearly a decade as host, Katie Beasley has announced she’s leaving Atlanta for a good day.Her last day at Fox 5 will be June 5, 2021.

Is Buck Langford Married?

Buck Lanford, 39, a sports reporter for FOX 5/WAGA-TV in Atlanta, lives in Atlanta with his wife, Trishand their two children (the third is on the way).

How old is WSB Lori?

Wilson was born on July 30, 1975 in Columbus, Indiana, USA (she is 44 years old As of 2019. ) She celebrates her birthday on July 30th every year.

Where is Jennifer Valdez?

Jennifer Valdez is an American meteorologist, weather anchor, and journalist, currently serving as Chief Meteorologist for CBS 46, based in Atlanta, GeorgiaPreviously, she was a nighttime meteorologist at WYFF in Greenville, South Carolina.

Who left Fox 5 Atlanta?

Katie Beasley An emotional farewell on the last day with Good Day Atlanta.

Who had a baby on FOX 5?

good day atlanta Anchor Alyse Edy Updated with her new joy. Her baby boy, Wyatt, is six weeks old. Alyse and her husband Patrick welcomed Wyatt in July, weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces.

Who is Alex Whitler?

Alex Whitler emmy winning journalist, who joined FOX 5 in January 2020. Alex was born in Chicago, grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and most recently anchored and reported in Richmond, Virginia.

How many children does Katie Beasley have?

Katie married her high school sweetheart in 2013 and gave birth to a daughter in 2015 a son in 2018. Her last day at Fox 5 is June 4th. She provides traffic reports and has been co-hosting the 10AM launch two years ago.

Who is Natalie Fultz engaged to?

Meet Natalie and Brad.

Our friend Natalie Fultz and her soon-to-be husband from Fox 5 Atlanta Brad McCann Getting married!

What is Kristen Spero’s net worth?

Kristen Spero net worth

Sperow’s estimated net worth is Between $100,000 and $1 million This is what she got through her successful anchoring career.

Where is Sharon Lawson from?

Born to Jamaican parents in Toronto, Canada, Sharon and her family moved to Florida in the mid-1980s. Lawson’s road to broadcast journalism began at age 5, when her mother—and biggest supporter—monitored her practice intros and intros with a hairbrush and mirror (“This is Sharon of the 6 o’clock news”). Lawson. »).

How old is Wendy Corona?

Wendy’s Corona Age

Wendy was born on October 4, 1975 in Southern California, USA (she is 44 years old As of 2019. )

Who is Kristen Spero?

Kristin Spero joins Fox 5 News March 2020. She hosts the new FOX 5 News at 4:30pm and co-hosts FOX 5 News Edge at 11pm with anchor Tom Haynes. Christine comes to Atlanta after 11 years as a morning anchor for WBTV in Charlotte, NC.

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