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Austin Peay State University is a public university located in Clarksville, Tennessee. Standing on a site occupied by a series of educational institutions since 1845, the university was formerly the…

What city is Austin Peay University located in?

Austin Peay State University occupies a site serving cultural and educational needs Clarksville-Montgomery County area for more than 200 years. Clarksville is the fifth largest city in the state and home to the youngest population in Tennessee. The school is named after the former Tennessee governor.

What is apsu known for?

Austin Peay State University is a public university located in Clarksville, Tennessee. It is a mid-sized institution with an enrollment of 6,773 undergraduate students. The acceptance rate at Austin Peay State University is 95%.Popular majors include Liberal Arts and Humanities, Physical Education Teaching and Counseling, Nursing.

What is apsu?

by Apsu (deep underground water) and Tiamat (the personification of salt water); this is described in the Babylonian mythological text Enuma elish (ca. 12th century BC).

Who founded apsu?

On this day in 1927, Austin Peay State University was founded.to commemorate Governor Austin PeayAustin Peay State University served in Tennessee from 1923 to 1927 and was a comprehensive state university with 7,500 students.

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Is apsu a good school?

« APSU is a great medium school. Although you can reach any building within 5-10 minutes, there is plenty of space for you to eat, study and meet new people. Because of its unique size, it’s easy to get to know your professors and advisors. Class sizes can vary from 5-100 students.

Who killed Apsu?

The gods, stunned by the prospect of death, summoned resourceful gods EA save them. Aya recites the spell that puts Apsu to sleep. He then killed Apsu and captured his minister Mumu. Ea and his wife Damkina then gave birth to the hero Marduk, the tallest and most powerful of the gods.

Who is Apsu in the Bible?

Abzu (apsû) is Only depicted as a god in the Babylonian creation epic, Enûma Elish, taken from the library of Assurbanipal (c. 630 BC), but about 500 years old. In this story, he is a primitive creature made of fresh water and the lover of another primitive god Tiamat, a saltwater creature.

How does Apsu want to kill their offspring?

Apsu, one of the two original Mesopotamian gods, was called the living. Before anything else existed, he lived with his consort Tiamat. when their offspring make a lot of noiseApsu proposes to destroy them.

Is Austin Peay a black school?

Austin Peay State University students are Predominantly white, with a considerable black population. The school has moderate racial diversity. 37% of students are minority or people of color (BIPOC).

What is the Governor’s Mascot?

Governor Austin Peay is an intercollegiate sports team of Austin Peay State University (APSU) located in Clarksville, Tennessee, USA. … Austin Peay’s mascot is the Governor, and the school colors are red and white.

Why is it called Austin Pierce?

The University was originally Austin Peay Normal School when it was created as a two-year junior college and teacher training institution by the Act of Assembly of 1927 and was named In memory of Governor Austin Peayhe was serving his third term when the school was established.

What GPA do you need to get into Austin Peay?

High School GPA 2.85 or higher; or. ACT cumulative score of 20 or higher; or. SAT 940 (Critical Reading and Math) before March 2016; or. SAT 1020 (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math) March 2016 and later; or.

Is Apsu a dragon?

Apsu appears as Regal Silver Dragon Dwarf The biggest dragon. His scales shone with pearls.

Who is Shamash?

Shamash, (Akkadian), Sumerian Utu, in Mesopotamian religion, sun god, he was part of the astral triad with the moon god Sin (Sumerian: Nanna) and the Venus goddess Ishtar (Sumerian: Inanna). Shamash is Sin’s son. … God is often depicted as a disk symbolizing the sun.

Who is Tiamat’s husband?

In the Babylonian creation epic, Enûma Elish, she gave birth to the first generation of gods; her husband, Apsucorrectly assuming that they planned to kill him and usurp his throne, and later went to war with them and were killed.

What is the oldest myth?

Epic of Gilgamesh It is one of the most famous Mesopotamian myths and is generally considered the oldest known literary work in the world. It started as a few separate short stories until the 18th century when they were combined into a cohesive epic.

What is the oldest creation story?

The earliest record of the Sumerian creation myth, called Eridu Genesis Written by historian Thorkild Jacobsen, a fragment excavated in Nippur by a University of Pennsylvania expedition in 1893 was first recognized by Arno Poebel in 1912.

Is Austin Peay a religious school?

APSU philosophy and religion classes are usually small, so students can receive personal attention from professors. APSU has an active philosophy club with regular discussions, field trips, and two debates on the existence of God with nationally renowned speakers.

Is Austin Peay a safe school?

Campus Crime Statistics: 75 Incidents Reported

Austin Peay State University 75 safety-related incidents involving students while in school were reported in 2019… based on a student population of 10,954, approximately 6.85 reports per 1,000 students.

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