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Philippa Georgiou and Michael Burnham go distant planet To find a solution to Georgiou’s interdimensional atomic glitch. They meet Carl in the Mirror Universe who returns Georgiou to Terra, and in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 10 we wrap up Terra’s story.

Did Philippa disappear from discovery?

In this week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery, the show’s cast and crew say goodbye to Michelle Yeoh’s Terran emperor Philippa Georgiou. …while she’s saying goodbye to her Discovery family, she’s not giving up playing Georgiou anytime soon. « It will never goodbye » Yang said.

What happened to Georgiou’s discovery?

Georgiou is Sent to Danus IV and subsequently tested to see if she’s worth it Use a time portal. It turns out that she is, and the only way she survives is to be transported back in time to an undisclosed location where her molecules may not fly apart when the two parallel universes align.

Will Georgiou leave Discovery?

TrekMovie.com helpfully summarizes the interview in an article on its website. Spoiler alert! In Star Trek: Discovery Season Three, « Terra Firma, Part 2, » Georgiou leaves the known universe through a known portal As an eternal guardian, that means she can appear anytime, anywhere.

Is Captain Philippa Georgiou dead?

Shenzhou came into contact with the Klingon Empire, triggering the Battle of the Twin Stars, which led to the Klingon Federation War. In the initial confrontation, Georgiou killed by Klingon leader T’Kuvmawhile trying to catch him on the bridge of the Klingon Sarcophagus.

Burnham Farewell to Georgiou – Star Trek Discovery 3×10

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What happened to Philippa?

But at the end of the most recent episode « Terra Firma, Part 2 », Philippa Georgiou suffers a time shift that will soon kill her, passing through a time portal that leaves Michael Burnham and the crew of the Discovery forever behind in the back.

Will we see Philippa Giorgio again?

After being tested by the Eternal Guardian, Georgiou was sent to a place where he could survive. That seems like an apt conclusion for the character, but many fans believe that Georgiou still has a chance to return for Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery. … Unfortunately, we won’t see more of Georgiou in Discovery.

Who created the eternal guardian?

Background information. In the original TV series of « City on the Edge of Eternity, » the guardians of the time vortex are 9-foot-tall (2.7-meter) humanoid statue-like creatures.The original Guardian was created by Desilu Supervises Art Director Rolland M.

Will Star Trek Discovery Have a Season 4?

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Premiere Date November 18.

Is Captain Kirk in Star Trek: Discovery?

Kirk has a son. … Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) seems to have no inheritance In Star Trek: Discovery’s distant future, and for unfortunate reasons, the original captain of the starship Enterprise was ignored by CBS All-Access’ Star Trek series.

What’s the point of Star Trek: Discovery?

Star Trek: Discovery follows Commander Michael Burnham She struggles to reconcile her duties and feelings as her troubled personal past intersects with Starfleet duties.

What happened to Mirror Georgiou?

Georgiou temporarily returns to the Mirror Universe in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, When the distance between her body and her hometown begins to tear the former emperor.

Who are the Terran in Star Trek?

Note: Terran is sometimes used to refer to humans in the primordial universe and other things on Earth.Humans are Humans of the Mirror Universe. The two species human and hominin are almost identical except that the latter is more sensitive to light.

Is Star Trek Discovery Canon?

Abrams’ Star Trek movies are part of the Prime Universe canon.Now that Star Trek: Discovery is set in the 32nd century, more than 900 years after the events of previous seasons and the Abrams trilogy, the series on CBS All-Access has gradually been incorporated Everything Star Trek becomes a canon of composition and definition.

How long after Star Trek is the next generation?

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Years: 2364-2370)

seventy years After the missions of Star Trek VI, humans and Klingons finally found peace.

Is Q the eternal guardian?

the eternal guardian is a distinct entity. Unlike Q, it is an artificial creation, given sentience by its late alien inventor. Its powers, while enormous, are far more limited than Q’s, and it deploys them more judiciously than de Lancie’s version.

Is Carl the Eternal Guardian?

Carl reveals his true identity as the Eternal Guardian It is his duty to « weigh » the former Terran queen and decide where her true path lies, as staying in 3189 is punishable by death.

Who destroyed the Iconians?

Wiki goals (entertainment)

The Iconians were an ancient and highly developed civilization that was destroyed about 200,000 years ago Orbital bombardment of their home planet Iconia.

Is Captain Georgiou related to Hoshi?

Nardino explains Georgiou’s relationship with Sato 100 years later: Hoshi is the queen. . . The person who succeeded Hoshi to the throne was the one she adopted as a child and heir, as most Roman emperors did. That emperor adopted his/her heir, and so on, until we got to Georgiou.

Will there be an Article 31 series?

Article 31 Confirmation under development Attached is Michelle Yeoh. Part 31 of the Star Trek series is officially in development, and Michelle Yeoh is attached to it. … Strange New World will likely debut in the winter months around January or February, while Section 31 will likely release in November or December 2022.

Has Article 31 been abolished?

Rumors have been circulating in recent months that Article 31 Cancelled or scrappedbut a recent comment by Alex Kurtzman, head of Star Trek TV programming, confirms the show is in the works.

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