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bush digging is a 2287 Quarry in the North West of the Commonwealth.

Where is Jungle Digging Fallout 4?

The area known as jungle excavation is a Location of the quarry in the North West of the Commonwealth. It’s east of Concord and the Liberty Museum, just down the road.

Where is Sully Mathis?

Talk to Sully Mathis bush digging, located between Concord and U.S. Air Force Satellite Station Olivia. He will tell you to go to the water next to the camp to fix three broken water pipes. You’ll know where they are based on the bubbles coming out of the pipes.

Can you drain a jungle excavation?

Jungle excavation is a large quarry filled with dirty water. Find Sally hanging around the quarry and talk to him to start the quest. Sally will ask for help fixing some pipes in the water so he can drain the water quarry. … Ride a Rad-X, then jump into the water or use a lift.

Something Suspicious in Jungle Dig – Perfect Location for Mirelurk Den – Fallout 4 Lore

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