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RDX, short for Research Department eXplosive or Royal Demolition eXplosive, formally known as cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine, also known as cyclonite, hexogen, or T4, high explosive, discovered and patented by Georg Friedrich Henning, Germany 1898 But it wasn’t used until World War II, when most of the warring powers…

How was RDX discovered?

RDX was created in 1898 by Georg Friedrich Henningobtained a German patent (patent number: 104280), which is produced by nitration of hexamine (hexamethylenetetramine) with concentrated nitric acid.

Is RDX natural?

❖ RDX, also known as Royal Demolition Explosive, Research Department Explosive, cyclonite, hexogen and T4, is a Not a synthetic product that occurs naturally in the environment. It belongs to a class of compounds called explosive nitramines. … ❖ RDX is not commercially produced in the United States.

What is an RDX drug?

RDX Kid (125mg) Yes broad-spectrum antibiotics, used for certain types of bacterial infections, such as urinary tract infections, skin and soft tissue, pharynx (larynx), and tonsils (tonsillitis). RDX Kid (125mg) fights bacteria present in the body.

Why does the military use RDX?

One of the most powerful high explosives, RDX is found in more than 4,000 military items, from large bombs to very small igniters. … the military uses the RDX as an ingredient in plastic-bonded explosivesor plastic explosives, have been used as explosive « fillers » in almost all types of ammunition compounds.

Winning WW2 Part 2: RDX’s Improved Synthesis

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Where is RDX produced?

❖ US RDX production is limited to the Army Ammunition Factory. It is currently produced in a factory in the United States, GOCO Holston AAP of Kingsport, TN (Operating since 1943) (ATSDR 2012; HSDB 2013; US AEHA 1985).

What are the dangers of RDX?

The presence of RDX in your blood does not necessarily mean that you will suffer adverse health effects.The usual direct health effects are Seizures, muscle twitches, or vomiting from high exposure. These may happen before your blood or urine test.

What is the formula for RDX?

A common explosive in warheads is cyclone explosive, commonly known as RDX (Royal Demolition Charge). RDX is an organic compound that, combined with other components, forms a powerful warhead in a variety of anti-ship missiles. The chemical formula for RDX is C3H6N6O6.

What is the full form of RDX *?

The acronym RDX stands for Research Department Dynamite or Royal Blasting Dynamite. It is an odorless and odorless white organic compound that is explosive. Chemically it belongs to the class of nitramines.

What was the first explosive used in WWII?

Secret History RDX: Super explosives that help win World War II. Book description: In the early days of World War II, American ships carrying oil and supplies across the Atlantic were virtually defenseless against German U-boats.

What is C4 made of?

C4 consists of RDX (91%)dioctyl sebacate (5.3%), polyisobutylene (2.1%) and mineral/motor oil (1.6%) [1].

What does PETN stand for?

PETN, abbreviation Pentaerythritol tetranitratea highly explosive organic compound belonging to the same chemical family as nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose.

Is C-4 Toxic?

toxicity. C-4 Toxic effects on humans after ingestion. Within a few hours, there will be multiple generalized seizures, vomiting, and changes in mental activity.

Is RDX a military explosive?

as a military explosivesRDX can be used alone as the base charge for detonators, or it can be mixed with another explosive (such as TNT) to form cyclotols, which produce explosive charges for aerial bombs, mines, and torpedoes (HSDB 2009; Lewis 2000; Sax and Lewis 1989; Stokinger 1982).

What does the N in TNT stand for?

uncountable noun. TNT is a powerful explosive substance. TNT is short for ‘Trinitrotoluene.’

Why is TNT so popular?

TNT is explosive for two reasons: TNT is composed of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen elements. When TNT explodes, it forms several covalent gases: Very stable CO, CO2 and N2The creation of these very low energy (stable) bonds means that a lot of energy is released.

Is PETN waterproof?

The Pentex™ PowerPlus™ booster contains a Patented waterproof plastic bottle Contains PETN (Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate) explosive that can be detonated by low charge detonation while providing a high Velocity of Detonation (VOD) to maximize performance.

What is the strongest high explosive?

HMX It is the most powerful high explosive in industrial mass production today. It is a relatively insensitive, temperature stable, and operationally safe high explosive that can be used in a variety of applications in military and civilian end products.

Is Semtex the same as C4?

C4 plastic explosive is the same type as Semtex, a favorite of the IRA and other terrorists. …the material has two main components: RDX or Cyclonite, similar to the explosives in fireworks, and PETN or pentaerythritol.

Can a C4 destroy a tank?

Without the LAW, the C4 is a good anti-tank weapon. If the C4 is attached to the tank when it detonates, it will immediately destroy the tank…speed mode can also be used to quickly approach tanks, although this will damage the player’s armor.

Does the C4 work underwater?

A rival tribe tried to attack us and they left their boats next to our base. I have a plant x protecting it so they can’t get close to it, but I’m wondering if I put the c4 on the bottom and let them take it can I blow up the raft? C4 works underwater.

Did they use explosives in WW2?

The Germans were the first to use TNT extensively, filling their armor-piercing rounds with the new material. By WWII, TNT is standard on almost all military explosivesThe next development came around 1940 when the British invented RDX, another high-energy explosive with one and a half times the energy of TNT.

Who Invented Amatol?

During World War I, a new explosive was invented British This way they can prolong the depleted TNT supply. The explosive is a mixture of TNT and another high-energy explosive called Amatol. In 1917, the United States entered the war.

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