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Sir Stephen Harold Spender CBE is an English poet, novelist and essayist whose work focuses on themes of social injustice and class struggle. In 1965, he was named Poet Laureate Poetry Advisor to the Library of Congress.

How old was Stephen Spender when he died?

British poet, critic and novelist Sir Stephen Spender died on Sunday at St Mary’s Hospital in London.he is 86.

When was Stephen Spender knighted?

Moraes rose to Jesus College, Oxford and went on to win the Hawthorndon Poetry Prize, before moving to London in the 1960s, where he became known as a poet and a Soho resident. In 1970, Spender became a professor of English at University College London, and in 1972 founded the Censorship Index.he was knighted 1983.

What is Stephen Spender famous for?

Sir Stephen Spender, full name Sir Stephen Harold Spender, (born 28 February 1909 in London, England – died 16 July 1995 in London), British poet and criticwho rose to prominence in the 1930s with poems expressing the « new writing » of the left’s politically uneasy political conscience of the period.

Who are the friends of the spender?

At various points in his life, Spender said he never passed any exams.Perhaps his closest friend and the person who influenced him the most was WH Auden, who introduced him to Christopher Isherwood. Spender handprinted the earliest versions of Auden’s poems.

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What does the catacombs mean?

meaning of catacombs catacomb . The poet uses the symbol of the catacombs to connect the lives of the children of the slum school, because to them the maps on the walls of the classrooms do not belong to them.

What is the subject of a really great poem?

Poetry Center Topics On the need to remember, celebrate and cherish « Really great » among us. The narrator does not specify who these « truly great » people are, but they may be famous writers and poets the narrator knows.

What is Kamala Das’ pseudonym?

Most of her novels appear under pseudonyms Madavikuti, is written in her native Malayalam language, a non-Indo-European language spoken mainly in the South Indian state of Kerala. She has written several memoirs, most notably My Story, written in English and published in 1976.

What is the tone of my parents’ poem?

The mood of this poem is reflective. Topics include childhood experiences, parental influence, and social isolation. The character begins with a somewhat accusatory phrase. As a precaution, his parents restricted him from « rude children ».

Who is called a movement poet?

Anger, a force in 1950s literature, had its origins in a group known as the Movement.The movement is deeply British, a gathering of poets, including Philip Larkin, Kingsley Amis, Elizabeth Jennings, Thom Gunn, John Wain, DJ Enright and Robert Conquest.

What is Spender’s appeal to society?

« Slum School Classroom » was first published in Stephen Spender’s anthology of poems in 1964. … Spender’s intent is Uncovering social injustice worldwide; Regardless of Spender’s own race, the hotbed of this global struggle was the American civil rights movement.

How did Spader describe the train?

the poet says Run on the rails and traverse the landscape, train to explore and enjoy a new era of white bliss. In times like these, trains and train speeds develop strange shapes, broad curves and parallel cleanliness (rails) that never meet, looking like the trajectory of a gun shot.

Who wrote the soldier?

Rupert Brook

Brook’s most famous collection of poems, « 1914 and Other Poems, » contains all five of his war sonnets, including « Soldier, » and was first published in May 1915. Winston Churchill wrote Brooke’s obituary in The Times.

What is the title of the book The Autobiography of the Spender?

One of the most famous poets of his generation, Spender was a writer who lived at the intersection of European literature and politics between the two world wars.

Who is the poet of the tower?

In this course, we will read, research, and translate the poetry of important figures of the second generation of modernism.poet as WH Auden, Louis McNeese, C. Day Lewis, Stephen Spender and John Bergerman As good as Ezra Pound and TS in the 30’s

What is Kamladas’ nickname?

Known by her pen name Madhavikutty and AmiKamala Das is well known in Indian literature for her poetry and short stories.

What does the title of my mom of sixty-six mean?

The meaning of the title « My mother of sixty-six » is that The author noticed that the mother was too old and frail to speak out, for fear that she would never see her again..

What does the expression smile and smile mean?

The poet smiled and tried to assure herself that she would see her mother soon.her words and smiles Deliberately concealing her true fears and feelings from her mother.

According to Section 2, what should not be forgotten?

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In the second stanza, the speaker first tells us that this is important »Never forget / The essential pleasure of blood drawn from eternal springs / Breaking through rocks in a world before our earth » (lines 9-11).

What unique qualities do great people have?

Answer: The qualities of « truly great » discussed by the narrator in the first section are inspiration. These great people remembered the « spirit of the soul » – that is, they were exposed to the creative passion that came from the soul.

Is that their lips still on fire?

really great Stephen Spender

It was their lips, still on fire, that were supposed to speak the Holy Spirit, clothed in song from head to toe. Desire falls on them like flowers. Break through rocks in the world before our earth.

Why is the moment of silence called exotic?

A: This will be called the exotic moment Because this will be a time of general peace and brotherhoodAt that moment, all of us will begin to introspect through meditation and the whole world will be enveloped in silence.

What should not be confused with complete inactivity?

‘silence‘ should not be confused with ‘completely inactive’. Life goes on as usual.

Why is the girl’s head pressed down?

Tall girl’s head is crushed she suffers from want . She does not meet even the basic necessities of life. She was physically weak and mentally exhausted.

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