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you can use the adjective gorgeous describe something very luxurious or full and lush. If you’re walking through the thick forest after it rains, it’s really lush and the trails are full of greenery.

How to use gorgeous in a sentence?

A fancy sentence?

  1. During the spring months, thousands of tourists visit the lush gardens near the art museum.
  2. The humble prince refuses to live in the gorgeous eight-bedroom house he inherited.
  3. Because Amber likes simple clothes, she doesn’t buy fancy clothes.

What is the difference between gorgeous and luxurious?

Lush means « characterized by lush or abundant growth ». It is often used for plant, fur or hair growth. The noun form is lush. Luxurious means « Characterized by wealth and comfortmore directly from our modern term for luxury.

What does blooming mean?

1a: high yield : Fertile and fruitful. b: Features of vigorous growth: lush vegetation. 2: Abundant, and often extremely diverse: Prolific. 3: Characterized by luxury: Luxurious and luxurious fabrics.

How to use mien in a sentence?

Face in a sentence?

  1. When I saw his depressed face and gloomy look, I knew he wasn’t getting a promotion.
  2. While Mary Jane usually has a suave demeanor, she can get pretty ferocious when it comes to discounts at her favorite stores.

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What is a good sentence to observe?

I just observe the style. Her constant observation of the weather annoys me. These facts are based on close observations of birds in the wild. Observations with telescopes have led to new theories.

How do you use the word fame?

example of fame in a sentence

noun He has a reputation for discovering. Her photos have earned her an international reputation.

What does lucius mean?

Luscious • \LUSH-us\ • Adjective. 1: Has a delicious sweetness or Smell 2: Sexual Attraction 3 a: Very luxurious or appealing to the senses b: Overly gorgeous.

What is the synonym of lush?

Some common synonyms for gorgeous are exuberant, lush, lush, splurge, and abundant. While all these words mean « to give or to give very abundantly », luxuriant means rich and splendid abundance.

What is lush vegetation?

1 adj lush plants, trees and gardens big, healthy, growing well. We have two very large oak trees in front of our house, which are luxuriant and leafy. 2 adj If you describe someone’s hair as thick, you mean it is thick and healthy.

What is the difference between human nature and human nature?

Course summary

« Human » can be a noun referring to a person or an adjective describing a person with human qualities. « Humanity » is an adjective that describes a specific human quality, such as compassion and kindness.

What does lazy mean?

Lazy, lethargic, lethargic, lethargic, uninspired means lack of energy or enthusiasm.lazy means Unwilling or unable to perform their role due to fatigue or weakness.

Is gorgeous a word?

vigorous growth or productivity; rich abundance; lush.

What word means to cry in grief or pain?

A prolonged, inarticulate, sad cry, usually high-pitched or clear, as in sadness or distress: wail with pain. …to express deep sorrow; to mourn; to lament; to mourn: to mourn for the dead; Expressed by wailing; crying or lamenting: weeping bitterly. noun. the act of crying.

What is the root of lush?

Etymology of blooming flowers

C16: From Latin luxuriāns, present participle of luxuriāre.

What does closest mean?

: of supremacy, dignity, or importance : outstanding, supreme.

What is the synonym of corruption?

In this page you can find 28 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words of embezzle, such as: thief, embezzlementSpeculate, embezzle, steal, embezzle, embezzle, appropriate, defraud, embezzle and defraud.

What is the meaning of intoxication?

: unusually attractive, pleasing, or striking.

What does sweet lips mean?

adjective meaning very appealing or delicious, luscious is actually considered an abbreviated version of delicious. Synonyms include juicy, tasty and enticing – all of which can also be used to describe a perfectly cooked steak or the incredible, irresistible lips of your favorite.

What does toothache mean in English?

1a: pleasant, attractive. b : Sexy and attractive blonde. 2: Delicious and refreshing taste: crispy and refreshing fried chicken.

Does being famous mean success?

well known and Dear: famous, distinguished, distinguished, famous, famous, great, distinguished, famous, famous, distinguished, prestigious, illustrious, awesome.

Is a person famous or famous?

« Fame » is a noun meaning « fame » and cannot be used as an adjective. The correct form to use in our example is ‘famous‘It’s an adjective.

What are the 4 ways of observing?

However, there are different types of observation methods that need to be distinguished:

  • controlled observation.
  • Naturalistic observation.
  • participant observation.

What are the 6 methods of observation?

What are the 6 methods of observation?

  • testing method. Use tests to understand human behavior.
  • case study method. Investigate a person or a group in depth.
  • cross-section method. Observe participants for extended periods of time.
  • natural observation.
  • laboratory method.
  • Vertical method.

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