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frustrated sentence example
« Looks like I was wronghe said gloomily. Connor responded gloomily, « Hi. Natasha’s desperate, frustrated look caught his attention. Kutuzov, frowning in frustration, sat on a bench by the bridge, playing with his whip. Sand, when a caleche rumbled When rushing up.

What is depressed mood?

1: Depression : Depressed The team is depressed after the loss.

How to use frustrated in a sentence?

‘dejection’ in a sentence frustrated

  1. Facing Caroline’s compliment, she smiled tentatively, but there was a hint of frustration in her. …
  2. They sat side by side on the bench, looking downcast. …
  3. It never occurred to him that her depression might be a ruse of his sympathy, nor was it.

What’s so good about a depressed sentence?

Frustrated sentence example. « Obviously I was wronghe said in a frustrated tone. Connor responded in frustration, « Hi. Natasha’s desperate, frustrated look caught his attention.

What is sabotage?

Deconstruction | \ ˈdēˌstrəkt, də̇ˈs-, dēˈs- \plural-s. Definition of destruct (Item 2 of 2): Deliberate sabotage of the rocket after launch, especially during testing Also: destroy equipment or materials (to prevent it from falling into enemy hands)

Useful words and synonyms on how to say you are sad 🙁

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Is depression a feeling?

(dɪdʒɛktɪd) adjective. If you are depressed, you feel miserable or unhappy, especially because you’ve just been disappointed with something. Everyone has days when they feel down or depressed.

Depressed how to use?

Frustrated in a sentence?

  1. After I lost my job, I felt very depressed.
  2. When Jane doesn’t get a role in a movie, she’s more upset than I’ve ever seen her.
  3. The players were frustrated after losing this important game. …
  4. Because Beal didn’t win, he was a little frustrated after the game.

What is the difference between rejection and depression?

Depressed (pronounced « dee-jeck-shun ») is a noun. It is a state of feeling frustrated, frustrated, and lacking a sense of purpose or motivation. Rejection (pronounced « ree-jeck-shun ») is a noun.this means Denied or rejected status.

What do you mean by distressed?

1: cause great pain or suffering : Suffering from the country’s most painful predicament – WH Ferry. 2: very intense: extremely unbearable pain.

What is the real meaning of depression?

Based in part on the Latin iacere, « to throw », and ejection literally means « cast »– aka « depressed ». Like blues, melancholy, and even sadness, depression seems to have been in diminished use over the years; instead, we now seem to prefer depression (the root of which basically means « to push down »).

What is a speculative sentence?

Guess sentence examples. Life is constant exploration and testing, constant speculation and refutation. I’ve never counted the number of posts, but I’d guess less than five. We have to speculate on what the board’s reason is.

What is a depressed person?

Desperate, Desperate, Desperate, Hopeless means losing all or almost all hope. Frustrated means deeply depressed, convinced that further efforts are futile.

What does ruthless mean?

1: grumpy Or mood: irritability. 2: surly (see surly meaning 2b) stubborn, short-tempered child. 3: Marked by a grumpy temper, with a grumpy, even vicious character – Elizabeth Drew.

What does peace of mind mean?

1: Carefree, carefree, carefree: a happy, relaxed mood. 2: cheerful and optimistic : Easy-going they can be at ease in suffering – HJ Forman. Other words lighthearted Synonyms and antonyms More example sentences Learn more about lighthearted.

What does disheartened mean in English?

: unhappy, unconfident or hopeful. See the full definition of frustrated in the English Learner’s Dictionary. depressed. adjective.

Does depression mean rejection?

For example, if you are rejected by someone, you may feel frustrated (sadness or depression). If you get rejected in an interview, you may feel frustrated. The origin of dejected is the verb deicere (de + jacere), which means to be thrown down. She was frustrated that her article had been rejected five times.

What is the noun for rejection?

reject. act of refusal. Rejected status. (Sports) cap.

Is depression a real word?

depressed spirited; disheartened; spirited: the look of frustration on the face of the loser ruined my victory.

What part of speech is the word frustrated?

used in frustration adjective:

Sadness and depression.

How to use crestfallen in a sentence?

Depressed Sentence Examples

His downcast look should have been a victory, but instead she wished she could eat those words. He looked shocked by the suggestion, and a little frustrated. « I can’t, » replied another rather frustratedly.

What does self-possession mean to the giver?

: Has or appears to be self-sufficient: composed in mind or manner : calm.

How to use destruct in a sentence?

Destroy in a sentence?

  1. The sole purpose of the self-destruct button is to destroy your own base or structure.
  2. If you use wrecking balls or dynamite, it’s easy to destroy buildings.
  3. If you want to ruin a car, it’s easy to scrape the paint with your keys. ?

What is the difference between destructand destroy?

Destroy is a verb that means to end the existence of something by destroying or attacking it, or to destroy or destroy something completely. … Destruct is also a verb, but we don’t use it much in British English. You might see it prefixed with something like self-destruct or auto-destruct.

What is the difference between disruption and distraction?

Difference Between Distraction and Disruption as Verbs

that’s it Distraction is distraction, while sabotage is intentional destruction.

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