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  • Syllables: ‘n, a-one, brun, bunn, chian, chron, done, donne, dun, dunn, dunne, fun, gun, gunn, hsian, hun, jun, kun, lun, mun, none, nun, nunn , one, pun, run, shun, son, spin, halo, sun, than, ton, ton, United, win.
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Is honey bag a word?

The definition of Honeybun is Affectionate word meaning dear or dearAn example of a Honeybun is a pet name a man can call his wife. A type of bread or pastry sweetened with honey.

What is Honey Bread in Prison?

honey buns as prison currencyviolence occurs when they are stolen or when they are not going to pay their debts – the dark side of this sweet treat.

What does honey rabbit mean?

filter. the duration of love; darling, darling.

What does honey slang mean?

2a : a loved one : darling, darling.b: A superlative example. 3: Quality or state of sweetness: Sweetness. 4: Attractive woman. Honey.

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What does honey in love mean?

When a Woman Calls You « Honey, » It Means She thinks you are a kind and humble person. It also means you’re an amiable person, so congratulations on being likable! On the other hand, when your spouse calls you dear, it’s a lovely word of love and affection.

What does rabbit slang mean?

A rabbit, especially a bunny or bunny. …slang: sometimes demeaning and offensive. pretty, attractive or attractive young woman, usually a person who ostensibly engages in a sport or similar activity: beach rabbit; ski rabbit. Mainly British.

Why are honey buns so popular in prisons?

Why are people in prison so drooling over candied fruit? Institutional Cuisine is an obvious reason. For example, a low-fat, low-sodium 2,750-calorie diet fed to Florida inmates costs just $1.76 per inmate per day. Despite meeting nutritional needs, prison meals « reach an impressively mediocre level.

How much is honey bread slang?

James Harden gave Lil Baby a very sweet treat on his 26th birthday.The Rockets shooting guard gave the ’emotionally scarred’ rapper a Prada duffel bag filled with real honey loaves and a slang term for honey loaves $100,000 in cash.

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