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Irrigation example. They need to be able to irrigate without relying entirely on rainwater. The latter is also used to irrigate a small arable valley. … the river brings enough water from the mountains to supply the town and irrigate a sizable nearby area.

What is an example of irrigation?

transitive verb. 1: Wet, moist: such as. a : Water supply (land, crops, etc.) by artificial irrigation Cotton plants irrigate 20 acres of farmland.b: Flush (body parts) with fluid stream, irrigate wounds with saline solution, and rinse eyes after chemical exposure.

How do you use irrigation in a sentence?

Irrigation Examples

  1. Irrigation works have been carried out in various places. …
  2. This irrigation method is peculiar. …
  3. Irrigation favors sandy soils and drains swampy soils. …
  4. But where irrigation is used, crop yields are excellent.

What does irrigation mean in a sentence?

Supply water to (land or crops) through pipes, sprinklers, ditches or streams… supply water to land or crops through pipes, sprinklers, ditches or streams. verb. 5. Watering or watering is refreshing.

What is the answer in one sentence?

irrigation is The manual process of applying a controlled amount of water to land to aid crop productionyou can also grow landscape plants and lawns, which may be called watering.

What is irrigation?


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What is irrigation?

irrigation is The process of watering crops, pastures and plants with water, it is supplied through pipes, sprinklers, canals, sprayers, pumps and other man-made facilities rather than purely by rainfall. …it helps to grow plants in areas that would not otherwise support this growth.

Which areas have high levels of irrigation?

Most canal irrigation is located in the canal network of the Ganges-Yamuna Basin, mainly in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, and some in Rajasthan and Biharwhile small local canal networks exist in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

What does Indue mean?

: lead to (someone or something) to receive or receive a large number of things at the same time. : to flood (something) with a flood: to flood. See the full definition of submerged in the English Learner’s Dictionary. submerged.

What does irrigated crops mean?

irrigation is Water crops by introducing water from pipes, canals, sprinklers, or other artificial means, rather than relying solely on rainfall. …the water is used for drinking, washing and irrigation. Modern irrigation systems use reservoirs, tanks and wells to supply water to crops.

What does domineering mean?

transitive verb. 1a: Solicitation or seizure without good cause. b : Excessive claim to have: Hypothetical. 2: Ask for it on your behalf: ascribe.

What is a tribal sentence?

example of clan in a sentence

Tribes are divided into clans. The whole family gets together for the holidays.

What are the types of irrigation?

Irrigation Type

  • Surface irrigation. Surface irrigation is the oldest form of irrigation and has been used for thousands of years. …
  • Micro irrigation. …
  • drip irrigation. …
  • sprinkler irrigation. …
  • Center pivot. …
  • Lateral mobile irrigation (roller, wheel line, wheel shift)…
  • Lawn sprinkler system. …
  • Hose end sprinkler.

What is the purpose of irrigation?

irrigation is Manual application of water to soil through various pipes, pumps and spray systems. Irrigation is typically used in areas with irregular rainfall or dry times or expected drought. There are many types of irrigation systems in which water is evenly distributed throughout the field.

What is an irrigation source?

The main source of irrigation water is Groundwater from wells, surface water, drainage basins, storm water and municipal water… the water flowing from the well depends on the permeability and size of the aquifer, the recharge area and rainfall.

Why is irrigation bad?

Because irrigation systems deal with the re-diversion of water from rivers, lakes, and groundwater sources, they have directly affect the surrounding environment. . . Increased evaporation in irrigated areas can lead to atmospheric instability and increased rainfall downwind from irrigation.

What is natural irrigation?

nature subsurface irrigation

There is a possibility of water leaks in the waterways or pipes. The water flows through the subsoil, possibly irrigating nearby crops. … In this way, when subsurface irrigation can be achieved without any additional effort, it is defined as natural subsurface irrigation.

What are the 4 irrigation methods?

Different types of irrigation include- Sprinkler irrigation, surface irrigation, drip irrigation, submerged irrigation and artificial irrigation.

Who Invented Irrigation?

It is widely believed that irrigation is Egypt Around the same time (6), the earliest illustrations of irrigation come from Egypt around 3100 BC (1). Over the next few thousand years, irrigation spread throughout Persia, the Middle East, and westward along the Mediterranean Sea.

Which crops are irrigated?

The most common irrigated crops are Cereal corn, forage rotation, vineyards, fruit and berry plantations (Lupia, 2013). …

What does absolve mean?

Exculpatory is the adjective form of the verb exculpate, meaning « Get rid of guilt.” The pair cannot be accused of being secret—their common etymology reveals everything: they are related to the Latin verb exculpatus, which combines the prefix ex-, meaning “to leave” or “away from,” and the Latin noun culpa , …

What means?

transitive verb. : Children accustomed to accepting unwelcome things accustomed to violence.

What is beneficial?

Inure has several legal implications.it may mean to have a specific effect or result and is usually used for Indicate for whose benefit or benefit a particular effect is. . . This means that an individual has essentially the same effect as a tenured tenant.

Which state has the highest tank irrigation?

The correct answer is Tamil Nadu. Tank irrigation is popular in the highlands of the peninsula where Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the major states. The basin of Godavari and its tributaries has a large number of tanks. Nellore and Warangal are the main areas for tank irrigation.

Which state has the highest well irrigation?

Uttar Pradesh Has the largest well irrigation area. It is followed by Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Bihar.

Which state has the highest canal irrigation?

The largest portion of the country’s canal irrigated area is in Uttar Pradesh. Other major states for irrigation through canals are Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Bihar.

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