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: dissatisfied : Dissatisfied, disturbed.

Is unhappy a word?

Familiar information: not satisfied with adjective very rare.

What does dissatisfied mean?

adjective. dissatisfied or dissatisfiedThis is inherently unsatisfactory work.

What is the synonym of comforting?

A synonym for comfort. Dining (to), humoraddicted.

Is it according to the definition?

1: Compliant. 2 : as declared or certified.

What does the word UNREWARDING mean?

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What is another word based on?

In this page you can find 17 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words based on, for example: as report by, as described inIn accordance with, in accordance with, in accordance with, proportionately, in accordance with, in accordance with, agree with, and in accordance with.

According to what does this sentence mean?

by means’stated by ‘report’ or ‘by’ does not mean an opinion that is not the opinion of the speaker. According to the location that usually occurs in front. It’s usually followed by a noun phrase, and sometimes a clause: According to Jeff, the movie starts at 7.30.

What are the three synonyms of gratitude?

Synonyms of gratitude

  • Satisfy.
  • grateful.
  • Indebted.
  • Overwhelmed.
  • Happy.
  • Breathed a sigh of relief.
  • satisfy.
  • Thank goodness.

What is another word for pride?

Some common synonyms for pride are arrogantarrogant, arrogant, arrogant, domineering, domineering, arrogant.

What is the difference between Satisfaction and Satisfaction?

Yes Satisfaction is the satisfaction of a need or desire, and satisfaction is act of satisfying or pleasingeither mind, or taste, or appetite; like the satisfaction of taste, appetite, senses, desire, and heart.

Dissatisfied or dissatisfied?

dissatisfied‘ or ‘dissatisfied’?

Both dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction can refer to a lack of satisfaction. A key difference is that unsatisfied can be used for both human and non-human things, while unsatisfied is mainly used only for people.

What does dissatisfied mean?

: can not satisfy.

Is dissatisfaction a real word?

Dissatisfaction is dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction with something. For example, if a meal is filling but doesn’t taste good, you might say it’s « unsatisfactory. »not satisfied is dissatisfied with something. For example, if a meal tastes good, but you’re still hungry afterwards, that’s « unsatisfied. »

What can I say to be proud of you in my place?

Say something other than « I’m proud of you »

  • ‘tell me more’…
  • « You have to feel… »…
  • ‘What did you do to do this? …
  • « I admire… » or « I admire… »

How would you describe pride?

1: Has a lot of self-esteem or dignity he’s too proud to beg.2: There is a sense of happiness or contentment, especially with one’s own achievements or the achievements of others: very happy that they are proud of their smart children.

How would you describe feeling proud?

Feel Delighted or satisfied with what is considered to be very honorable or trustworthy to oneself (usually followed by of, an infinitive, or a clause). Possess, derives from, or displays a high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, or superiority. Possesses or shows self-esteem or self-esteem.

What word expresses gratitude?


  • happy,
  • lol.
  • [British],
  • Delighted,
  • happy,
  • pleased,
  • happy,
  • hapiness,

What is the word for gratitude?

Synonyms: grateful. To express gratitude or to express gratitude. happy. Happy to appreciate.

According to grammar, who is who?

We use who as interrogative pronouns start questions about people: … We use who in indirect questions and statements: The phone is ringing. She asked who I was.

Can you do as I say?

According to Long Wen, you can’t say « according to me » as it means « shown by something or stated or reported by someone ». Everything went according to plan. According to our records, your current account is on credit. According to you, you were at school this morning, but according to the teacher, you were not.

What means?

according to someone or something

as someone said or instructed or something else.

According to what type of word?

according to(preposition) Definitions and Synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do we use evidence?

according to

  1. As someone/something says or reports. According to Mick, it’s a great movie. According to our records, you have been absent six times. language library according to. …
  2. To follow, agree with, or rely on something. The work was done according to her instructions. Everything went according to plan.

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