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1: Luminescence caused by absorbing radiation, such as light or electrons, that persists long after those radiations have ceased — Compare fluorescence. 2: Persistent luminescence without sensible heat.

What does phosphorescence mean?

Definition of Phosphorescence for English Learners

: Of or about a light that emits a soft glow in the dark and does not generate heat. See the full definition of phosphorescence in the English Learner’s Dictionary. Phosphorescence. adjective. phos·​pho·​res·​cent | \ -ᵊnt \

What are the definitions of fluorescence and phosphorescence?

Fluorescence is Substances that absorb light or other electromagnetic radiation emit light… Phosphorescence is a specific type of photoluminescence related to fluorescence. Unlike fluorescence, phosphorescent materials do not immediately re-emit the radiation they absorb.

What is the difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence?

Both fluorescence and phosphorescence are based on the ability of a substance to absorb light and emit light at longer wavelengths and thus reduce energy.The main difference is the time it takes to do so…so if it goes away immediately, it’s fluorescence. If it lingers, it’s phosphorescence.

What does assimilation mean?

1: Absorb and utilize as nutrients : Absorbed into the system. 2: Assimilation of the cultural traditions of a group or group into a community that assimilates many immigrants. Intransitive verbs. 1 : Some foods are more easily absorbed or incorporated into the system than others.

What is phosphorescence? What does phosphorescence mean? PHOSPHORESCENCE Meaning


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What does Egestion mean?

in excretion. Digestion is the act of removing unavailable or undigested material from cells, such as the digestive tract of unicellular organisms or multicellular animals.

What does merge mean?

Merge is Merge two or more companies into a new entityA merger is not the same as a merger because none of the companies involved exist as a legal entity. Instead, an entirely new entity was created to house the combined assets and liabilities of the two companies.

Which is faster, fluorescence or phosphorescence?

Fluorescence occurs much faster than phosphorescence. When the excitation source is removed, the luminescence stops almost immediately (fractions of a second). The direction of electron spin does not change. Phosphorescence lasts much longer than fluorescence (minutes to hours).

What is an example of phosphorescence?

Everyday examples of phosphorescent materials are Luminous toys, stickers, paints, watches and clocks that glow when charged Bright lights, such as any general reading or indoor lighting.

What causes phosphorescence?

This phosphorescence is usually Algae suspended in water. Much like fireflies, various algae emit a certain glow when disturbed. Sometimes the glow is caused by tides, and other times it is caused by boats or moving fish in the water.

How do you interpret fluorescence?

Fluorescence is Substances that absorb light or other electromagnetic radiation emit light. It is a form of luminescence. In most cases, the emitted light has a longer wavelength and therefore lower photon energy than the absorbed radiation.

Is phosphorescence radiative or nonradiative?

Phosphorescence usually occurs only on « heavier » molecules, because spin-orbit coupling must be used to reverse the spin. Whether electromagnetic radiation is fully emitted, and what wavelengths are used, depends on how much energy non-electromagnetic radiation can release in advance.radioactive decay [6,7].

For example, what is fluorescence?

Fluorescence occurs due to prior absorption of radiant energy rather than due to a biochemical reaction. …the emitted light has a longer wavelength and less energy than the light that was originally absorbed.An example of fluorescence is Flower and insect fluorescence (eg Zoanthus sp.).

What Animals Phosphorescence?

Bioluminescence is present in many marine organisms: Bacteria, algae, jellyfish, worms, crustaceans, starfish, fish and sharks Just to name a few. In fish alone, there are about 1,500 known luminescent species.

What does phototropism mean?

Adjective Botany. grow towards or away from light. Go in a specific direction under the influence of light.

What is phosphorescent water?

The phosphorescence of the ocean is The light from millions of tiny sea creatures, mainly the species known as Noctiluca. … phosphorescence is more frequent in coastal waters than in the middle of the ocean and is most spectacular in the world’s tropical oceans.

Does the sun shine?

Strictly speaking, although the moon seems to be shining, it doesn’t actually glow Because it just reflects the light from the sun like a giant stone mirror. …strictly this means that the sun (top) is luminous, but the moon (bottom) is not.

Why Ban Phosphorescence?

The phosphorescence lifetime is significantly longer than the fluorescence lifetime of the material. …in many cases the higher energy level of phosphorescent emission is the triplet state. Electron transitions leading to phosphorescent emission Sometimes called « forbidden » conversion.

What are three examples of chemiluminescence?

Enzyme protectors such as phenols, naphthols, aromatic amines or benzothiazoles are added to the reaction to protect the enzymes and enhance light output within minutes. Hence, these molecules are called « enhancers ».Another example of chemiluminescence is Luminol and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Why does phosphorescence have a longer lifespan?

One analyte molecule absorbs one photon and excites one species. …in phosphorescence, electron spin changes, which results in a longer lifetime (seconds to minutes) for the excited states. Fluorescence and phosphorescence occur at longer wavelengths than excitation radiation.

What is the fluorescence in the Jablonski plot?

Fluorescence.Another way molecules process the energy they receive from photons is emit photons. This is called fluorescence. It is represented on the Jablonski diagram as a straight line down on the energy axis between electronic states.

How long does phosphorescence last?

Unlike fluorescence, in which absorbed light is spontaneously emitted approximately 10 seconds after excitation, phosphorescence requires additional excitation to produce radiation and may persist About 10-3 seconds to days or yearsas the case may be.

What is the difference between merge and merge?

A merger is the merger or amalgamation of two or more companies known as amalgamating companies, usually companies operating in the same or similar business areas to form a completely new company, while a merger is the merger of two or more business entities to form a single entity. joint…

What is an example of merging?

In business, a merger is defined as the merger of two or more companies.An example of merging is Merger of Kmart and Sears. The process of merging; mixing, merging or merging.

What are the benefits of merging?

The main benefits or advantages of the merger are as follows:

  • Business Economics.
  • diversification.
  • financial economics.
  • grow.
  • management effectiveness.
  • Helps face the competition.
  • Recover sick units.
  • tax advantage.

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