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: too complicated : Overcomplicated system/plot Overcomplicated assembly instructions too hard to understand or explain The dishes are never overly complicated, but subtly complex…

What is another word for overcomplicated?

Frequently Asked Questions about Complexity

Some common synonyms for complex are complex, complex, involvedand very confusing.

Why should I complicate things?

Why do we pursue complexity? It adds a light texture to our day. And our brain likes to overthink things so that we can delay decision making. … anyway, we’re overcomplicating things Help delay our decisions Because if we can create delays, then we can’t fail.

What does it mean to complicate?

1: make complicated or difficult. 2: In particular: Bacterial infections that cause more complex or severe viral diseases. 3: To combine, especially in an involved or indivisible manner.

Is overcomplicated a word?

Overcomplicated, intricate, or involved: Overcomplicated pattern.

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What does it mean to be Kafkaesque?

The dictionary defines adjectives, by the wayas « about, about or alluding to Franz Kafka or his writings; especially: of a nightmarishly complex, bizarre or illogical quality ».

What does it mean to complicate?

: to complicate. Intransitive verbs. : becomes complicated. Synonyms and Antonyms Example Sentences Learn more about complication.

What does it mean to Ravel?

transitive verb. 1a: separate or withdraw Texture: Unwrap. b : unpack: unpack the complexity. 2: entangled, confused. Ravel.

What does growl mean?

: prevent (something or someone) from moving or making progress Roaring because of the parade. growl. noun.

What does complex relationship mean?

complex relationship results When partners aren’t sure what they want or want to part ways. Partners may have difficulty expressing their feelings because they do not want to hurt each other. Understanding complex relationships includes understanding the underlying issues that are causing the problem.

How do I stop complicating things?

9 Ways to Stop Living Complicated and Start Living

  1. You are a work in progress. Look, you are a work in progress, and you may always be. …
  2. Live honestly. …
  3. Communicate clearly. …
  4. Stop being too materialistic. …
  5. Don’t waste time changing people. …
  6. Reduce exposure to toxic people. …
  7. Stop procrastinating. …
  8. Learn how to say no.

How do we complicate life?

Here are 21 ways we complicate our lives, and how we can stop.

  1. We procrastinate. …
  2. We are worried. …
  3. We wait. …
  4. We are doing more than we should. …
  5. We accept too many distractions. …
  6. We seek the approval and affirmation of others. …
  7. We are not really productive. …
  8. Our goal is control.

How do I stop getting so complicated?

How to make life less complicated

  1. Tip #1: Stop trying to control other people (and the results). Now, you’re probably thinking right now, « Oh, shoot.  …
  2. Tip #2: Saying no is a lot more than saying yes. …
  3. Tip #3: Follow your gut. …
  4. Tip #4: Focus on one thing at a time. …
  5. Tip #5: Use a daily schedule.

What is an unnecessary synonym?

unnecessary synonyms

  • avoidable.
  • Unpaid.
  • unnecessary.
  • extra.
  • redundant.
  • unnecessary.
  • useless.
  • worthless.

What is the most complicated word?

why ‘run‘ is the most complex word in English for mental floss.

How do you say a person is complicated?

complex synonym

  1. difficult.
  2. Confusing.
  3. want to.
  4. hard.
  5. Confusing.
  6. problematic.
  7. complicated.
  8. trouble.

What does it mean when a person is in trouble?

1: Very upset he was obviously distressed to hear the news. 2: In a very difficult situation, one does not have enough money, food, etc. She chose to dedicate her life to those in trouble.

Is stubbornness a word?

A stubborn or stone-hearted state or condition. — stubborn, adjective. -Ologies and -Isms.

What does it mean to be a bottleneck?

What is a bottleneck?The bottleneck is A point of congestion in a production system (such as assembly lines or computer networks) Occurs when workloads arrive too fast for the production process to handle. … companies face a greater risk of bottlenecks when starting the production process for new products.

Do ravel and unravel mean the same thing?

‘Unravel’ and ‘ravel’ both mean the same thing: « by or as if by separation. » As a prefix to an adjective, un- almost always means « no. » Unripe fruit is not yet ripe.

What means?

Unpack something.​​​unwrap something that has become twisted or contains a knot synonym unwrap. (figuratively) He is trying to make sense of the complex chain of events that led to this.

What does zigzag mean in English?

1a: serpentine or wavy : wrap. b: Characterized by strong light movement. 2: Intricate.

Is complication a real word?

Complicated is a rare word. Concise reference site and Merriam-Webster also brazenly tweeted about « Stroke » and « Woodpecker » (referring to Bezos-entangled National Enquirer publisher David Peck) that Two words, we probably shouldn’t repeat these easily offended words here.

Is complication a word?

complex meaning

Simple past tense and past participle of complexify.

Is complication a word?

(uncountable) an act or process that complicates things.

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