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Interrogative sentences are clauses whose forms are usually associated with interrogative-like meanings. For example, the English sentence « Is Hannah sick? » has an interrogative syntax that distinguishes it from the declarative sentence « Hannah is sick. »

What are examples of interrogative sentences?

There are three basic question types, all of which are questions: yes/no question: The answer is « yes or no », eg: … Multiple choice: the answer is « in the question » eg: do you want tea or coffee? (Please drink tea.)

What are 10 examples of interrogative sentences?

Here are 20 examples of interrogative sentences;

  • Whose book did you bring me?
  • When is the best time to go to the mall?
  • What kind of music do you want to dance to?
  • How many subjects do you need to study?
  • Did we make you a cake?
  • what kind of music do you like?
  • Did you take vitamins this morning?

What is the meaning of interrogative sentences?

interrogative sentence.noun [ C ] us/ˌɪn·təˈrɑɡ·ə·t̬ɪv ˈsen·təns/ syntax. Sentences with questions or requests for information.

What are interrogative sentences and examples?

a question Ask a direct question and punctuate it with a question mark at the end…it’s also useful as an organizational tool in writing; for example, you can set questions as headings and answer them to explain a concept in more detail in expository writing.

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What are the two types of interrogative sentences?

Interrogative sentences can be classified from different perspectives. The most basic method for the classification of interrogative sentences is to sort out the reasons why the judgment cannot be achieved.The two main types are True and False Questions and Supplementary Questions (Interrogative Word Questions).

What are interrogative sentence 5 examples?

Here are 5 examples of interrogative sentences;

  • Who will come to the play?
  • When are you going to move here?
  • What kind of school do you want to study in?
  • How did you come here alone?
  • How can you laugh like that?

What are the 4 types of sentences with example sentences?

  • declarative sentence (statement) A declarative sentence makes a statement. …
  • Interrogative Sentence (Question) Interrogative sentence asks a question. …
  • Imperative Sentences (Commands) Imperative Sentences give commands. …
  • Exclamation (exclamation mark)

What is an interrogative linking sentence?

Answer: Questions that start with an auxiliary verb are used to change indirect speech. connect if or if.

How to convert interrogative sentences?

Expert answer:

  1. If a sentence is affirmative, it becomes a negative question. …
  2. If there is no auxiliary verb in the sentence, change it with do/does/did or don’t/Doesn’t/didn’t. …
  3. In interrogative sentences, never is replaced by ever. …
  4. Everyone/everyone/everyone is replaced by Who+ don’t / doesn’t / didn’t.

What are the interrogative words in English?

Question words or interrogative words are function words used to ask questions such as what, which, when, where, who, who, who, why, if and how. They are sometimes called wh words because in English they mostly start with wh- (compare the five W’s).

What are the types of sentences?

There are four basic types of sentences we use for different purposes:

  • declarative sentence.
  • interrogative sentence.
  • imperative sentence.
  • exclamation.

How many questions are there?

Have 4 kinds question sentences.

Do example?

Use « do » and « do » in sentences

  • I want to do my best in this game.
  • It doesn’t make any sense.
  • We don’t care about imaginary creatures.
  • I do like a good comedy.
  • They can do better.
  • He believed he could do it.
  • Machines do everything for us.
  • If you do what I say, you’ll be fine.

What are 4 sentences?

There are four types of sentences: Declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory.

What are the 7 sentence patterns?

Another approach is based on sentence structure (simple, compound, compound, and compound compound).

  • statement/declarative sentence. These are the most common types of sentences. …
  • Question/Interrogative Sentence. …
  • Exclamation/exclamation. …
  • command/imperative.

What are the 8 kinds of sentences?


  • complex sentences.
  • Complex sentences.
  • Compound compound sentences.
  • Conditional sentences.
  • declarative sentence.
  • imperative sentence.
  • interrogative sentence.
  • simple sentences.

What is a simple sentence to give 10 examples?

simple sentence

The train is late. Mary and Samantha take the bus. I was looking for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early, but waited until noon for the bus.

What are 10 examples of imperative sentences?

Imperative Sentence Examples

  • through the salt.
  • Get out of my way!
  • Close the door.
  • Find my leather jacket.
  • Get there at five.
  • Tidy up your room.
  • Finish these by tomorrow.
  • Consider a red dress.

What are the five exclamatory sentences?

Exclamation: You are awesome! In fact, exclamation marks are like sugar. Sometimes they can be too many.

Exclamatory Sentences with « So »

  • That birthday cake is so delicious!
  • Sheldon’s gift is awesome!
  • Oops, this bug is so ugly!
  • I’m so pissed right now!

What is an affirmative sentence?


An affirmative sentence is statement of fact. Such sentences are simple statements. They state, assert or declare something. They are also called declarative sentences. Affirmative sentences usually end with a period or period.

What is an affirmative sentence?

Affirmative simply state something. Any positive statement is true. Affirmative sentences express the validity of the truth of an assertion. …a positive or affirmative sentence means that something is so, while a negative sentence—which is its diametrical opposite—means that something is not so.

What are the 10 types of sentences?

10 Sentence Structure Types You Should Identify With Examples

  • Simple Sentence Structure: Ernest Wolfe. …
  • Periodic/Interrupt Sentence Structure: Definition: …
  • Cumulative/Loose Sentence Structure: …
  • Inverted Sentence Structure:  …
  • Parallel/Balanced Sentence Structure:…
  • Tricolon / Triadic Sentence: …
  • Back to: …
  • Rhetorical question:

What are the three types of sentences?

The three basic types of sentences are declarative sentence (statements), interrogatives (questions), and imperatives (commands).

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