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In American politics, the term swing state refers to any state that a Democratic or Republican presidential candidate can reasonably win by swinging the vote. These states are often the target of major party campaigns, especially in competitive elections.

Which states are swing states?

The 13 most competitive states based on pre-election analysis in 2016 were Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina and Maine. Nebraska’s second congressional district is also considered competitive.

Is Missouri a swing state?

Missouri is no longer considered a perennial swing state. … Missouri has not supported any Democratic candidate since Bill Clinton in 1996, although Democrats have since won three elections. The accuracy rate in Missouri’s past 29 presidential elections is now 89.66 percent.

Is Pennsylvania a swing state?

Pennsylvania has transformed from a Republican-leaning state for much of the 20th century to a major battleground state for presidential elections. Pennsylvania supported the Democratic presidential nominee in every election from 1992 to 2016, when Republican candidate Donald Trump won.

Is Colorado a battleground state?

Colorado was a battleground state in the 2008 US presidential election between Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama. Obama won Colorado by 9 percent, with 54 percent of the vote to McCain’s 45 percent.

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Is Texas a Republican state?

By the 1990s, it was the state’s main political party. Texas remains a Republican-majority state as of 2021.

Is Pennsylvania a southern state?

Pennsylvania is classified as a mid-atlantic country, as well as New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. Its central location on the East Coast is sometimes considered the source of its nickname, Keystone State. …The Delaware River forms the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Is Pennsylvania good to live in?

Harrisburg, PA (WHTM) — Pennsylvania ranks among 10 best cities to live in America According to a recent WalletHub report. The report compares all 50 states based on dozens of key liveability metrics, from housing costs and income growth to education rates and hospital quality.

How did Missouri vote in 2016?

Missouri has 10 electoral votes in the Electoral College. Trump won the state with 56.4 percent of the vote, while Clinton won with 37.9 percent. Trump won the state by 18.5 points, nearly double Mitt Romney’s in 2012.

Is Kansas City Missouri red or blue?

Kansas City is highly democratic in the South and East, but tends to be more Republican in the North.

Is Illinois a blue state?

In the past eight elections, Illinois’ Electoral College vote has gone to the Democratic presidential nominee, and its congressional composition is skewed to Democrats by a 13-5 majority as of 2021.

Which are the bellwether states?

States considered leaders from the mid-to-late 20th century to the early 21st century include:

  • Arizona – Perfect from 1912 to 1956.
  • Delaware – Perfect vintage from 1952 to 1996, the only state with this distinction. …
  • North Dakota – 1896-1936 perfect.
  • Kansas – Perfect from 1900 to 1936.

Where should I not live in Philadelphia?

The most dangerous areas in Philadelphia you should avoid include:

  • Tioga – Nice City.
  • West Allegheny.
  • North Central Philadelphia.
  • Strawberry Building.
  • Harrogate.

Is it cheaper to live in Florida or Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is 6.4% more expensive than Florida.

Is Pennsylvania a poor country?

Outside the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg metro areas, Pennsylvania is a relatively poor stateespecially in the North and the Appalachian Mountains; only 22% of Pennsylvania’s local per capita income is higher than the national per capita income, and 11.0% of the population lives…

Why do they call it the dirty south?

The word « dirty south » is A nickname for a region of the United States, including most of the former Commonwealth. Some people think « dirty south » is rap music that originated in the south. … The name Dirty South was so popular that it inspired Dragan Roganovic to adopt it as his stage name.

Which state is considered the Deep South?

The term « Deep South » has several definitions: most definitions include the following states: Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana.

What are the 5 areas of PA?

Pennsylvania area

  • southeastern Pennsylvania. 1.1 Delaware Valley. 1.2 Piedmont, Pennsylvania. 1.3 Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
  • Northeastern Pennsylvania. 2.1 Northeastern Pennsylvania. 2.2 Poconos. …
  • Central Pennsylvania. 3.1 Susquehanna Valley. 3.2 South Central Pennsylvania. …
  • Western Pennsylvania.

What is the salary in Pennsylvania?

While ZipRecruiter sees salaries as high as $129,055 and as low as $19,453, most salaries in the current average job category are between $46,972 (25th percentile) to $70,220 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) earning $85,403 a year in Pennsylvania.

Is it cheaper to live in Arizona or Pennsylvania?

Arizona is 7.9% cheaper than Pennsylvania.

How old is Texas today?

Texas was a republic until it was annexed by the United States in 1845

A handwritten document announcing that Texas is free from Mexican rule is 185 years old Tuesday.

Is Texas good to live in?

Texas Ranked among the fastest growing states in the U.S., and for good reason. Affordable living costs, mild weather, a promising job market, and many things to see and do make Texas a victory for newcomers. Before you pack up and move to some of the best places in Texas, learn more about the Lone Star State.

What are bellwether stocks?

The bellwether stocks are Stocks used to measure market or macroeconomic performanceA stock’s status as a bellwether may diminish over time, but in the stock market, the largest and most established companies in an industry are often its bellwethers.

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