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1 Ancient times: darling, darling. 2 ancient: willing, happy. Belief. adverb. \ ˈlēv , ˈlēf \

How do you use Liv?

How to use a lie in a sentence

  1. « They understand what drove them to this point, » Lief said. …
  2. As far as I’m concerned, I’d be willing to take the boat back to Virginia and let them settle the quarrel on their own. …
  3. It’s impossible for a young girl with the right instinct to say, « Oh, I’d rather be an unclean person! »

Is Lief a wish?

its root « lief » means preference, wish or desire.

What does extortion mean?

1: Characterized by racketeering. 2: Overpriced, exorbitant extortion.

Is punishment an English word?

punish [noun] the act of punishment or the process of being punished.

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What is the meaning of punishment?

Definition of ‘punishment’

1. Penalties or sanctions for any crime or offense2. The act of being punished or the state of being punished.

What does punitive measure mean?

: Imposing, involving or aiming to punish severe punishment.

Is extortion a word?

in an extremely expensive way: First class travel is very expensive. He claimed the car was overpriced.

What means?

adjective. Severely overdone; exorbitant: Exorbitant price. A person characterized by extortion: A blackmailing moneylender.

What does full exemption mean?

Guilty is not exempt implying innocence Completely clear the allegation or allegations And the suspicion of blame or guilt that comes with it.

What does duplicity mean in English?

Duplicity comes from a Latin word meaning « double« or « double, » as it originally means in English has to do with a deception in which you deliberately hide your true feelings or intentions behind false words or actions.

How do you pronounce Lief?

Rhymes with safety. pronounce: kinda like leif. ei in American English names is always a long A sound like neighbor or weight.

Is Leif a Scrabble game?

Yeslief is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Liv a name?

Liv is a Dutch, meaning « darling » or « cute ». » It’s pronounced « leef, » and Leif is « layf. »

Who is the king of the delta?

Lev is the fourteenth known monarch, the current King Del Tora, and the husband of Queen Jasmine. He was the son of King Endon and Queen Shane.

What is a lie in Afrikaans?

Afrikaans. English. Belief. affectionate; amiable; beautiful; persistent; dear; honey; good; pretty; gentle.

What does Exoriates mean?

To condemn • \ek-SKOR-ee-ayt\ • verb. 1: peel off the skin : abrade 2 : Severely condemned.

What does absolve mean?

transitive verb. : Cleared from alleged fault or guilt.

How do you use the word disclaimer?

Verbs (used with objects), ex·on·er·at·ed, ex·on·er·at·ing. clearas an accusation; free from guilt or blame; exonerated: he was freed from the charge of cheating.

Is exaggeration a word?

adjective beyond what is reasonable or customaryespecially in terms of cost or price: exorbitant rent; exorbitant phone bills.

What does sublime mean?

1a: Character and spiritual improvement : lofty ideals. b: Higher status: Less noble bar patrons are superior. 2: Arrogant and domineering: arrogant She shows lofty disregard for their opposition. 3a : Ascension to great heights: Impressive towering mountains.

Who is the punisher?

punitive describe imposing punishment. If someone takes punitive measures against you, you may whine and whine – you’re in trouble and you’re about to be punished.

What is punitive parenting?

parents Habitual use of punishment to teach or control childrenoften involving harsh or coercive practices such as yelling at, threatening, shoving, grabbing, beating, or verbally demeaning a child.

What does elated mean?

: elated : ecstatic.

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