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Explanation: Oliver Wants to visit the book stand owner to prove his story, but the doctor decides against itOn the way to Brownlow’s house, Oliver took the doctor to the house where he was being held before the attempted robbery, but it was occupied by a man Oliver could not place.

What happened after the bookstand incident?

Description: On the book stand, Dodge steals the old man’s handkerchief and runs off at full speed, Charlie close behind. Oliver was horrified by Dodge’s move.

Why was Mr Brownlow confused the second time he saw Oliver?

Brownlow was confused the second time he saw Oliver? -because He was looking at a painting of a pretty woman on the wall above Oliver’s head. The eyes, head and mouth are almost identical to Oliver’s.

How did Oliver Twist end?

Oliver finally got his inheritance, Legally adopted by Mr. Brownlow, living on the road to the Maylies. Everyone lives a happy life. Except for Fagin, who was arrested and hanged, and Monks, who died in prison.

Is Oliver back? Why?

characterization. In the first season, Oliver wasn’t afraid to kill criminals when he felt the need to.Pilot episode director David Nutt believes that after time on the island, Oliver brought Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) This contributes to his willingness to kill.

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How does the author show that Oliver is unfortunate and not guilty?

From Oliver Twist, Dickens showed that Oliver was unlucky, not guilty because of poverty. He was a newborn and unfortunately won the lottery when he was controlled by the state, which meant he had to ask for more porridge in the workhouse.

What did Mr. Grimwig say to Mr. Brownlow about Oliver?

Mr… Grimwig says Oliver won’t keep that dateThe bookstand boy delivered some books, then ran away before Mr. Brownlow paid to send him back and returned some of the books he had taken out.

Why did Oliver run out of the room?

Brownlow, an old man, which prompts Oliver to run away leave in fear and confusion. The old man mistook Oliver for his actions and arrested him. However, after learning more about Oliver, Mr Brownlow realised his mistake and offered to look after him at home.

What did Oliver do with his old clothes?

Oliver picked up his old clothes, sell them to a used clothes salesman (like taking them to Goodwill, or selling them to a resale shop) and then giving the money to the servant who was kind to him.

What do the kids do after eating porridge?

Answer: Those poor and hungry boys gobble their porridge and the bowls always look smooth and don’t need washing at all.after eating They will sit and stare eagerly at the copper because they are still hungry and suck their fingers so as not to miss any food.

Why was Oliver kicked out of the workhouse?

Oliver is sent out of the workhouse Because dare to ask for more foodalthough many of those in the workhouses starved to death.

What does Mr. Grimwig think of Oliver?

Greenwig was an eccentric but kind-hearted man. At first, he distrusts Oliver and wants to prove his story, but his investigation works in Oliver’s favor.he is sure Oliver was deliberately tricked and implicated in Bumblebee.

When Nancy went to speak to Rose, she revealed that the monk was Oliver’s?

Summary: Chapter 40

Nancy admits to Ross that she was the one who kidnapped Oliver on a business trip for Mr Brownlow.She said she overheard the monk tell Fagin that he was oliver’s brother. Monks wanted Oliver’s identity unknown so that Monks himself could claim the entire estate of their family.

What happened to Bill Sikes at the end of Oliver Twist?

After police confirmed he was travelling with a dog Sykes tries to drown Bull’s-eye to get rid of his companions. In the end, he hanged himself while trying to escape. …Sykes lived in Bethnal Green and later moved to London’s squalid habitat, then known as Jacob’s Island, east of the Thames in today’s Shad.

What did Oliver’s mother do before she died?

What did Oliver’s mother do before she died? kiss him.

Why was Oliver Twist banned?

This movie is in antisemitism in israel. It was banned in Egypt for depicting Fagin too sympathetically. Beginning in the 1970s, full-length versions of Lean’s films began showing in the United States.

Why was Oliver’s early life unhappy?

Oliver Twist’s Early Life Was Not Happy Because he was born into poverty and his mother died shortly after he was born. He grew up in the brutal environment of a poor house where he was neglected and severely under-fed.

Monks Oliver’s brother?

Edward « Monks » Liford is a character in Charles Dickens’ 1838 novel Oliver Twist.he is actually Oliver Twist criminally inclined half-brother, but he hid his identity. …she died in childbirth after giving birth to a baby named Oliver Twist.

How can Nancy help Oliver?

is her murder And the ensuing search for her killer Sykes, which helps bring down Fagin’s gang. In order to help Oliver live a better life, Nancy eventually rebelled against Bill and performed one of the noblest acts of kindness in the story, for which she was subsequently martyred.

What Happened to Oliver Twist Chapter 13?

Summary: Chapter 13

Fagin is furious when Dodge and Charlie don’t have Oliver back. Fagin throws a can of beer at Charlie, but the can hits Bill Sykes. Sykes was a rough, cruel man who robbed houses for a living. …Fagin sends Charlie, Jack and Nancy to Pentonville to find Oliver.

What about Mr. Bumble in Oliver Twist?

At the end of the novel, Mr and Mrs.. Bumblebees became so small that they ended up living in workhouses where they used to rule over others.

Why did Fagin want Oliver back?

Lauren Willson, MA Fagin and his team want Oliver Twist to join them Desperate because he is small; this will encourage him to be a better thief and make him suitable for jobs that require little people.

Where did they sleep in the workhouse?

dormitory A bedpan or public « bathtub » is usually provided. After 1860, some workhouses experimented with earth cabinets—boxes containing dry soil that could later be used as fertilizer.

Why is Oliver somehow unhappy about leaving the house?

Oliver Twist, born in a workhouse in England in the 1830s, was unhappy Because his mother, unknown to anyone, was found on the street and died after Oliver was born. Oliver spent the first nine years of his life in a poorly run home for young orphans before being transferred to an adult workhouse.

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