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: one of a series of short sharp turns, angles or changes in the route Also: something with the form or character of this collection, a shirt with a green zigzag that has withstood the zigzag of policy – ​​Richard Bernstein. Zigzag.

What does the zigzag pattern represent?

One of the most common reasons to use the zigzag symbol is its shape symbol of lightning. This further emphasizes its connection to the Father Sky. An important sign of change — and rapid change — lightning is associated with rain and the fertility and purification it causes.

What does zig zag mean in slang?

Meanwhile, Zig-Zags refers to the cigarette paper of the same name, often used in Making Cannabis Joints– And make 2 Zig-Zags slang for both joints.

What is a zigzag bag?

Zigzag is Fun little bag that will captivate both young and old. They lay flat when open and take a funky shape when zipped. These are great for kids ages 3-99! Notice the surprise in their eyes as they unzip and unzip. Fill them with chocolate, toys, or sewing supplies.

Can you smoke a zigzag cigarette?

Zigzag Ultra Thin Paper Great for those who don’t want to roll up the paper during smoking. Ultra-thin papers are just what you’d expect – thin and slow-burning, so you’ll barely realize they’re there.

What’s up with the fancy dress at the fashion show?

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What is the word for zigzag?

ZigZag is often used as Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives. It is usually used in the context of patterns and actions.

What is tortuous?

zigzag example

Lightning and other electrical hazards Usually depicted with a zig-zag design, with long strokes down and short strokes back. The trajectory of a triangle or sawtooth wave is sawtooth. Flat shears are designed to cut fabric or paper with serrated edges to reduce wear and tear.

Is Zig left or right?

Since the word « zigzag » essentially means « to move left and right, » zig and zag are often used to clearly mean that something moves one way (zig) and then another (zag).

How do you interpret the zigzag?

The word zigzag describes shape of line. A line drawn in a zigzag creates many short, sharp turns. The letter Z itself is a zigzag, and thunderbolt is often represented as a zigzag. The first turn of the zigzag line is called a zigzag, and the second is called a zigzag.

How do you use the word zigzag in a sentence?

Zigzag Sentence Examples

  1. It is approached by a winding path on the edge of the cliff, from which there is a stone xxvII. …
  2. The only difficulty is caused by the unstable meandering current.

What is an example of a zigzag line?

The definition of a zigzag is a pattern on a line that makes sharp turns in opposite directions at an acute angle.An example of a zigzag is A stitch on a sewing machine.

Are Zigzag Plants Poisonous?

Symptoms: The sap is irritating to the skin. Ingestion can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Eye contact with the sap may cause pain and redness.

What is the zigzag in Tagalog?

The translation of the Tagalog word Zigzag is: paricurico.

What does the zigzag line on the road mean?

approach and exit, crosswalk Marked with zigzag lines. This also means that you must not stop on top of intersections or overtake when approaching intersections. Parking here will block the view of pedestrians and approaching traffic.

Where did the zigzag come from?

Zig-Zag is a roll paper brand that originated from France. The Zig-Zag brand mainly produces roll-your-own cigarette related products such as cigarette papers, cigarette tubes and cigarette accessories.

Is zigzag paper healthy?

Zig Zag is one of the oldest roll paper brands in the world (estimate…these amazing organic Zig Zag papers are some healthiest and the best weed rolls. Zig Zag Hemp Paper is made from vegan, non-GMO, 100% organic hemp fiber and features an all-natural gum arabic sealing thread.

Which company owns ZigZag?

about NAOC and Turning Point Brands, Inc.

NAOC is the exclusive licensee and distributor of Zig-Zag branded cigarette papers and accessories and nicotine vapor products in the United States and Canada. It is also the owner of the Zig-Zag brand of cigars and homemade cigarettes and cigar products.

What does the yellow zigzag line mean?

A yellow zigzag line outside a school, hospital or fire, police or ambulance station indicates Length of road where parking or waiting is strictly prohibited. Highway regulations state that you should keep these areas away from stationary vehicles, even when picking up children.

Can you unload on a zigzag line?

When can you stop on a zigzag line? as a rule, Don’t stop at the zigzag. Both the yellow and white zig-zag road markings indicate no parking, and doing so will not only result in a fine – you could also get points. … white zigzag road markings are enforced 24 hours a day.

What is zebra in Tagalog?

The translation of zebra in Tagalog is: Sebra.

What is zero in Tagalog?

TIL: The Filipino term for « zero » is « Kapong

Are zigzag plants lucky?

spot Good luck Plant, Good Luck Plant Pedilanthus is one of the most unusual succulents. This evergreen shrub has serrated succulent stems and green and white leaves. … an excellent plant for urban gardeners, where ease of maintenance and lack of space are paramount.

Are Zig Zag Plants Poisonous to Dogs?

Devil’s Backbone is a flowering plant that consists of hundreds of small flowers that form larger clusters. While this plant is aesthetically pleasing, it is poisonous to your dog. If you think your dog has ingested any part of this plant, contact your veterinarian immediately.

How do you care for zigzag plants?

ZigZag plants are drought tolerant, but do best in moist soil with regular watering throughout the summer and almost no watering in the winter. In spring and fall, water moderately.From spring to midsummer, add Water with liquid fertilizer every three to four weeks.

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