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: Into chaos : Confused. Intransitive verbs. 1: rotten: spoiled. 2: Become confused. Synonyms and Antonyms Example Sentences Learn more about addle.

What is an addicted person?

outrageous Blurred mind, a little fuzzy and confused. When you’re crazy, it’s hard to think. If your favorite movie star stops by to say hello, you might be too confused to fight back. Sometimes it’s hard to think and you feel slow and confused.

Is confused a bad word?

(egg) bad, rotten; Inanimate, contains a dead embryo.

Is there a word?

Verb (with or without object), ad dled, ad dling. to confuse or confuse. To make or turn rotten, like an egg.

What does insanity mean?

confusion; stupid, stupid or illogical.

What means?


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What does it mean to be called blunt?

Obtuse, which comes from the Latin word obtusus, which means « dull » or « blunt »can describe a non-sharp angle or a person who is mentally « sluggish » or mentally retarded. The word has also developed a somewhat controversial meaning of « incomprehensible », possibly as a result of confusion with esoteric.

Where does addiction come from?

Addle is a word from Middle English Old English Adela, meaning « liquid dirt ». It is related to the German adel, which means « quagmire or puddle ». In the thirteenth century, addle was used to refer to rotten eggs.

What does can’t sleep mean?

n Temporarily stop breathing during sleep, which in some cases is due to swelling of the tonsils, uvula, etc. that obstruct the upper airway, causing the patient to snore loudly and have difficulty breathing. sleep.

What does vitriol mean in literature?

: Sharp or acerbic criticism, sarcasm or sarcastic tempersentiment, or acrid commenter.

What does Uddle mean?

1a: they huddle around the campfire.b : Curled up: Crouched students curl up in front of their desks.

What is the bucket called in English?

bucket noun [C] (container)

A large container, made of wood, metal or plastic, with a flat top and bottom and curved sides to make it fatter in the middle: they drink a whole barrel of beer (= contents of the barrel) at a party. bobey100/E+/GettyImages. In the oil industry, a barrel of oil is equal to 159 liters…

What is the synonym of the word addicted?

On this page you can find synonyms, antonyms, idioms for 34, and related words for added, such as: to confuseStupid, confused, stupid, confused, confused, dizzy, confused, awake, flustered and confused.

What does defamation mean?

1: False accusations or misrepresentations that defame and damage the reputation of others.2: False and defamatory oral statements about a person – compare defamatory.

What does coward stand for?

Share to provide feedback on external sites. Weakly interacting massive particles (WIMP), a heavy, electromagnetically neutral subatomic particle that is postulated to make up most of the dark matter, and thus about 22% of the universe.

How do you use added?

added example

When he looked up, her thoughts were so addicted She is more focused on anything but how her body feels to her. Consciousness went numb, and Didel was forced to retreat. I should have known better, but at this point hunger and tiredness had messed up my brain so much that I took his advice.

What does addiction mean in literature?

transitive verb. : Into chaos : Confused.

Do people get sour?

If you say something mean to someone, it will leave a bitter taste to yourself A lingering mouth, acrid or acidic words can also eat away at the person on the receiving end.

What is sarcastic wit?

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sarcasm is contemptuous or cynical humor, or contemptuous mockery.A form of wit or humor, sarcasm usually involves Expressing disturbing facts in a smart and not necessarily malicious wayusually with a degree of skepticism.

Is Sardony a word?

Characterized by bitter or contemptuous ridicule; mocking; sneering; cynical; sarcastic grin.

Is Rangle a word?

(obsolete, dialect, British) move around in an irregular manner.

Do eggs go bad?

« If a bird keeps leaving her eggs, just popping in every now and then, for quick visits, the eggs will get worse and nothing. »‘ ‘In 106 degreesthe eggs will gain weight (become unviable) or the chicks will die of heat stress.

What does Sun mean?

Meaning of added in english

Confused, unable to think clearly: I’m afraid my sunbathing brain can’t understand these instructions.

Is being called blunt an insult?

Because that’s what it is: a next level insult under the guise A little fancy. *blunt – synonyms: stupid, dull, dull, dull, unintelligent, ignorant, simple-minded, unintelligent; … constructive criticism may be an « insult », but this is not the same as pure Insults are different.

Can one be esoteric?

Profound is used to describe Something that is not easily accessible to lay readers or ordinary people. Specifically, it recommends using advanced-level language or other material suitable for topics that the rest of us may only have a rudimentary understanding of.

How do you use the word blunt?

Blunt sentence?

  1. Are you stupid enough to give all your money to a fake charity?
  2. The dull young man had a hard time understanding these simple instructions.
  3. If you’re not concentrating in math class, you may feel sluggish on final exams.

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