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: Not knowing it existed or happened before : very unusual.

What does unheard sentence mean?

astonishing or shocking because Don’t know or haven’t experienced it before: It’s unheard of for an unmarried couple to live together.

Is unheard a real word?

Have not heard; Imperceptible by ear. There was no hearing or audience. ancient. Unheard of.

What is another saying that is unheard of?

On this page you can find 15 synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and related words for unheard, for example: Quietinaudible, silent, silent, silent, not recording, not paying attention, not releasing, quiet, sullen.

How do you use unheard?

unheard sentence example

  1. If they all understand what that is, it must not be completely unheard of. …
  2. He could not justify the unheard-of luxury of the Roman court. …
  3. This is not entirely unheard of.

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How many levels are unheard of?

only five scenes In the game, they vary in length from 3 to 15 minutes. It’s unlikely players will solve any of the scenes at once, but I still managed to get through « Unheard » in under four hours, including replaying several scenes to be thorough.

Is imperfect a word?

imperfect meaning

spoil or spoil the perfect.

What is the antonym of perfect?

imperfect is the opposite of perfect. Imperfect comes from the Latin word imperfect, which means « incomplete. » If your knowledge of French isn’t perfect, you might be able to order a coffee in Paris but not chat with the waiter. Imperfect things are unfinished or damaged in some way.

What does it mean to be happy?

1: to fill, with or to cause complete happiness happy marriage. 2: happy ignorance happy ignorance. Other Words for blissful Synonyms and AntonymsMore Example SentencesLearn more about blissful.

How to use unheard in a sentence?

1. Her cries for help went unheeded . 2. She managed to get back to the room without hearing it.

What does inaudible sound mean?

adjective 1 Have not heard; Imperceptible by ear.

Does happiness mean joy?

if you are happy, you are happy and peaceful. . . it is a word of total contentment and primary happiness, and a zen-like calm.

What is an example of happiness?

Happiness is defined as extreme joy, quarrel or pleasure, or something that makes someone happy. If you are madly in love, get married and feel like you have the perfect lifewhich is an example of when you are happy.

What does pure happiness mean?

n.1 perfect happiness; Serene joy. 2 The ecstasy of heaven.

What is the perfect word?

Top 10 Most Beautiful English Words

  • 3 Pluviophile (n.)
  • 4 Clinomania (n.) …
  • 5 Idyllic (adjective)…
  • 6 Aurora (n.) …
  • 7 loneliness (n.) …
  • 8 Lie on your back (adjective)…
  • 9 Petrichor (n.) A pleasant earthy smell after rain. …
  • 10 Serendipity (n.) An incident that happens by chance in a beneficial way. …

What is the perfect word?

what is that Perfection is complete without flaws or flaws. It can also be very accurate or accurate. The word perfect can also be used as a verb – you guessed it! …it originally comes from the Latin word perficere, which breaks down into per- (« completely ») and facere (« to do »).

What do you call the perfect person?

perfectionist A person with very high standards: they want everything to be just right at all times. Do you know how flawless a perfect thing is? Perfectionists want things to be this way all the time. …Perfectionists tend to do well because of their high standards.

Which is correct imperfect or imperfect?

As an adjective, the difference between imperfect and imperfect

is not perfect is not perfect, and Imperfect is imperfect.

How do you spell imperfectly?

The transitive verb obsolete destroys or destroys the perfection. The adjective obsolete imperfect.

Is Unheard a Good Game?

Like many detective games, Unheard has a dark and mysterious tone. Coupled with the quality voice acting, I had no problem being drawn to each case’s story.Although the game is OK While building the suspense by introducing many different moving parts, the final payoff wasn’t quite as satisfying as I had hoped.

How do you use happiness in a sentence?

Are you happy in a sentence?

  • The couple were very happy on their wedding day.
  • There was a blissful silence in the house as the children went to school.
  • Holidays are happiness far from reality. …
  • The bride is happy while planning her engagement party.

When can happiness be used?

A happy situation or period of time is one of them you are very happy. We had a great week together. There is nothing happier than lying by the pool.

What does sweet happiness mean?

2 Deeply aroused, like passion like fire.

Is happiness an emotion?

ed.happiness is a Amplified emotional state of joy, personal achievement and happiness. … all of a sudden, a strong sense of excitement, joy, satisfaction, and well-being engulfs you.

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