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University of Exeter graduate Known as « Exonian », a mixture of Latin nouns with English adjective endings, although other institutions, such as Phillips Exeter College, also use the word.

What does Exeter mean?

/ˈɛk sɪ tər / Pinyin. noun. A city in Devon, South West England: known for its cathedral. A small town in southeastern New Hampshire.

Is Exeter a word?

Exeter is a historical city in Devon, England. It is located within the ceremonial county of Devon, which is the county seat and the seat of Devon County Council. …Exeter was the most southwestern Roman fortified settlement in England.

What is Exeter famous for?

Exeter has a fascinating history waiting to be discovered, including Norman Cathedral and a historic marina and canal. The outstanding Gothic architecture of Exeter Cathedral is one of the most popular places in the west, and when you step inside and look around you’ll see why.

What does hateful mean?

1: May or should be reprimanded. 2: very bad : Abominable weather.

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What does quitter mean?

quitter (plural quitter) people who quit.

Is Exeter or Andover better?

This year, Andover dropped from No. 1 to No. 3 on Niche’s « 2020 Best Private High Schools in America. » Although it currently ranks first behind Phillips Exeter College and Texas St. Mark’s School, Andover takes first place in the past four years.

Did Mark Zuckerberg go to Phillips Exeter?

At Ardsley High, Zuckerberg excelled in class. Two years later, He transferred to private school Phillips Exeter College, where he won awards in mathematics, astronomy, physics and classical studies. As a youth, he also attended the Johns Hopkins Young Talent Center summer camp.

Is it difficult to get into Exeter?

But some of the UK’s best and most prestigious universities have higher acceptance rates than you might expect – Durham and Bath offer degrees to over 70% of applicants, while Exeter offers places for 87.5% of applicants.

Is quitter a word?

The definition of exiter in various dictionaries:

destructive destructive destructive lethal.

What does an exciter do?

Exciters (also called harmonic exciters or auditory exciters) are An audio signal processing technique used to enhance a signal through dynamic equalization, phase processing, harmonic synthesis of (usually) high-frequency signals, and by adding subtle harmonic distortions.

What is a generator exciter?

a stimulant.Stimulant Provides DC power to the field windings of the generator, at whatever voltage is required to overcome the winding resistance. … many types of exciters have been used over the years, but the most common type is the commutator DC generator.

What kind of word is hateful?

reprehensible. Abominable, abominable or heinous.

What is a disciple?

disciples are Someone who receives special protection and promotion from someone more mature in a field. If your boss introduces you as his newest disciple, you’re off to a great start in your career. Essentially, a disciple is the teacher’s pet, someone who has been given special status or favor.

What does the word prancing mean?

Intransitive verbs. 1: Jump or move from the hind legs. 2: Riding a prancing horse. 3: To walk or move with swagger: swagger: dance.

When should an exciter be used?

When to use an exciter

When using an exciter, it’s usually best to try stand out in your mix rather than on the entire main bus, as it can reduce the depth of the sound if overused. Most commonly, an exciter or enhancer is used to bring a section to the front by cutting through the mix.

Why do you need to stimulate?

Excitation system is Responsible for supplying excitation current to the main rotor. Excitation system requirements include reliability under all service conditions, simple control, ease of maintenance, stability and fast transient response.

Why use DC excitation?

Why does the excitation of an alternator only use DC? Provides excitation voltage or current to the excitation winding of the rotor to generate a static magnetic field. If we replace DC with AC; we get a fluctuating magnetic field.

Is quitting a scrabble game?

Yesexited is in the Scrabble dictionary.

How to write exciter?

Definition of doping in the British dictionary

  1. exciting person or thing.
  2. Small generators that excite larger machines.
  3. An oscillator that generates the transmitter carrier.

What is an exciter in a synchronous generator?

The word excitation means the generation of flux passing current in the field winding. Direct current is supplied to the rotor magnetic field of the small machine by a DC generator called an exciter. … a small DC generator called the Pilot Generator supplies current to the exciter.

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