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adjective. There is a somewhat steep downward slope.

What does Unclassy mean?

Adjective slang. inelegant; Lack of good taste or feeling; Rough: It is inelegant to always be late for appointments.

What does domus mean in english?

Domus, plural Domus, Moderate to palatial private family home, mainly found in ancient Rome and Pompeii. In contrast to an island (qv) or apartment complex that houses many families, the domus is a single-family home divided into two main parts, the atrium and the colonnade.

What does Diglot mean?

Bilingual inscription, book or person. noun. 1. Diglot is defined as Something that has two languages ​​at the same timeAn example of .diglot is a book, one side in Spanish and one side in English.

What means?

verb, Slang to beat (someone) handily or outright in a game, especially race. The high schooler swept the rest of the race in today’s 400-meter sprint.

What is sagging? | What does sagging look like? | How do you say Declivitous in English?

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What is dusting slang?

In slang, Crop Dust Removal The act of moving, usually silently, while passing through gas, thereby « sprinkling » the gas onto other people or areas.

What does su mean?

If you’ve been online or spending time with teens lately, you’ve probably heard them call it « sus, » which is « suspicious” or “suspect.” If something or someone seems dishonest or untrustworthy, then it’s a “sus.”

How to pronounce Diglot?


  1. di ​glot | \ ˈdīˌglät \
  2. \  » \
  3. plural -s.

What does a rich Roman house look like?

a rich roman house has Many rooms, including kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedroom and slave room. A promenade or balcony with low walls and columns was built along the front of the house to keep the room cool in summer. Where did the poor Romans live? Poor Romans lived in humble apartments.

What does a typical Roman house look like?

Beautifully built Roman houses with stone, stucco and brick. They have tile roofs. « Villa Urbana » is a villa quite close to Rome and can be visited frequently. A « country house » is a villa far from Rome that is only visited seasonally.

What does peristyle mean in English?

1: colonnade surrounding a building or court. 2: Open space enclosed by colonnades.

What is the antonym of elegant?

The opposite is elegant, very fashionable or trendy. sloppy. inelegant. indecent. no style.

What is another word for trash?

Synonyms and Antonyms for Garbage

  • tacky,
  • sloppy,
  • indecent,
  • no style,
  • tacky,
  • tasteless,
  • sticky.
  • (also tricky),

How much is a house in ancient Rome?

Then many huge houses were built, decorated with columns, paintings, statues and expensive works of art.It is said that some of these houses have a cost Up to 2 million dinars. The main parts of the Roman house are the vestibule, ostium, atrium, arae, tablime, tap and Peristylium.

Who had the most power in the Roman family?

The oldest and most powerful Roman family was a clan called « nobles ». » Being born into a noble family guaranteed a person a high position in Roman society. Generally, the father had the final say on who his children would marry.

What famous uprising occurred in 73 BC?

The Third War of Slavery, also known as the Gladiator War and the Spartacus Revolt, (73-71 BC) Anti-Roman slave revolt led by the gladiator Spartacus. A force of 3,000 men was hastily assembled under the leadership of either Claudius Pulcher or Claudius Graber (sources vary) to try to starve the rebels to death.

What does sus mean on Tik Tok?

SUS means suspicious and suspicious. These two words make up the slang terms we use in our everyday conversations today. They can be used interchangeably with either word. Originally, the slang term SUS was used for Tik Tok, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

What does dusting mean?

This form of inhalant abuse « breathing » has been around for years, but dusting is a more specific term associated with use Cans of any regular aerosolized computer keyboard cleaner that contains compressed gas. . The height from the gas paralyzes the user for a few minutes and gives a euphoric feeling.

What is a very poor person?

pauper. A very poor man.

Is classless a word?

adjective 1. No economic or social differences: a classless society.

What does a classless society mean?

The term classless society refers to A society where no one is born into a social classDifferences in wealth, income, education, culture or social network may arise and will only be determined by an individual’s experience and achievements in such a society.

What’s the big word for beauty?

Some common synonyms for beautiful are pretty, fair, handsome, cute, pretty. While all of these words mean « exciting sensual or aesthetic pleasure, » beauty applies to anything that excites the senses at their strongest and evokes emotion through the senses.

What kind of word is elegant?

adjective, class·i·er, class·i·est. informal. of high class, class or class; stylish; very intelligent; elegant.

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