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German (Läufer) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): Courier’s Occupational Name or Fast Runner’s Nickname, from a proxy derivative of Middle High German loufen, German laufen ‘to run’. …

How did the name Laufer come about?

A version of the name derived from the word « läufer » is considered « runner » Originally a job title for a messenger. There is also a Jewish Ashkenazi name lauffer.

What does Metzner mean?

South Germany: butcher’s job title, from a surrogate derivative of Middle High German metzjen, metzigen ‘to butcher’. …

What does padfield mean?

padfield is a place name, this is for people who live near physical features like hills, streams, churches, or some kind of tree. Residence names are another broad category of surnames derived from place names.

How did the name Laufer come about?

German: The living name of a person from a place called Lauf. German (Läufer) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): Occupational name for a courier or nickname for a fast runner, derived from the Middle High German word for agent of loufen, German laufen « to run ».

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