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Sharp medical definition: taper.

What is the meaning of acuminata?

[ n ] small benign warts on or around the genitals and anus.

How do you use Acuminate in a sentence?

sharp in a sentence

  1. Oval and acuminate stipules are interpetiole, fused at base.
  2. This cycad contains reddish seed cones with distinctly tapered tips.
  3. It has a pointed head and its mouth is under its chin.
  4. The leaves are three-lobed, acuminate, dark green.

What are pointed leaves?

Definition of sharp leaves. a leaf that narrows to an elongated shape. Type: Simple Leaf. A leaf that is not divided into parts.

How do you spell Acuminate?

pointed; tapering to a point. Verb (used with object), a·cu·mi·nat·ed, a·cu·mi·nat·ing. To sharpen or sharpen.

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Is Acuminated a word?

sharpen or thin. [Latin acūminātus, past participle of acūmināre, to sharpen, from acūmen, acuteness; see acumen.] a·cu′mi·nation n.

What does honing mean?

Intransitive verbs. : move or focus A target lookback ball is being honed–George Plimpton missiles are on target–Bob Green focuses on ordinary people– Lisa Russell’s woes and triumphs.

What is Acute Leaf?

acute: The tip of the leaf has a short point. Acuminate: The tip of the leaf has a long extension at the end. Tapered/short-pointed: The tip of the leaf has a short protruding point at the end. Hooked: The apex is clearly hooked to one side (hooked).

What is a whole leaf?

All: show all. no teeth or serrations on the edgesThe term « whole leaf » refers to leaves that are neither toothed, lobed nor compound, i.e. simple leaves with smooth edges. Curved or Curved: Show all. The edges in the leaf plane are more or less wavy or curved in structure.

What is Yeki?

Yeki is The slightly enlarged area where the leaf is attached to the stemWhen present, pairs of stipules are located on each side of the leaf base and may resemble scales, spines, glands… In angiosperms: leaves.

What does strop mean?

(Item 1 of 2) : strap: a : a short rope with the ends joined together to form a circle. Second: a belt usually used to sharpen razors.

What is the synonym of developed?

flowering,bud. (also bourgeon), thriving, flowering.

What is the synonym of honed?

synonym. sharpen. He began to sharpen his knives. View. Grind.

What is fine-tuning?

Definition of fine-tuning for English learners

: make a small change to (something) to improve the way it works or make it exactly right.

What are the 3 types of leaves?

Three basic types of leaf arrangements are found in trees and shrubs: alternating, opposite and whorled. In an alternating leaf arrangement, each plant node has one leaf, and they are arranged alternately.

How do you know if a leaf has lobes?

split leaf There are distinct round or pointed protrusions, while uncleaved leaves do not. Some lobed leaves are pinnate, meaning the lobes are on a central axis, while others are palmate, meaning they radiate from a point. The leaflets have their own veins, which are connected to the midrib of the leaf.

What is the shape of a leaf?

The shape of the leaves can vary greatly.The most common shapes include Ellipse, Truncate, Ellipse, Bar and Line… Leaf arrangement is mainly limited to two basic petiole attachments: simple and compound. The compound leaves are further described as pinnate, palmate, and double-duplicated.

What is the role of Yeji?

(i) Leaf base (Hypopodium): The leaf base is the lowermost part of the leaf for accessories. It acts as a leaf pad. In most plants, it is fuzzy.

Is it a blowhole?

Stomata are small openings in leaf epidermis. We can see stomata under an optical microscope. In some plants, stomata are present in stems and other parts of the plant. Stomata play an important role in gas exchange and photosynthesis.

What are hairless leaves?

: Smooth Especially: A hairless, hairless leaf with a glabrous or raised surface.

What is the purpose of honing?

Honing is an abrasive machining process that produces a precision surface on a metal workpiece by scrubbing an abrasive stone or wheel along a controlled path over the metal workpiece.mainly use honing Improves surface geometry, but also improves surface finish.

What is honing your skills?

If you hone something, such as a skill, technique, idea or product, you Developed over a long period of time This way it fits your purpose perfectly. Leading companies spend time and money honing the skills of senior executives.[[[[

Is the honing correct?

The verb « hone » means « to sharpen or make sharper, » is like honing talent. … As a simple rule of thumb, if you wrote this sentence and needed the phrase « in on » after the verb, it was probably « home. » If No, you may need to use « hone ».

What is the synonym of sharpening?

In this page you can find 45 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words of sharpen, such as: give an edge to, put an edge on, honeGrind, sharpen, thicken, grind to a sharp edge, strop, put a point, grind and grind to a nice edge.

What is the closest antonym to honing?

antonym of hone

  • upset.
  • Disorganized.
  • dispersion.
  • Divide.
  • ignore.
  • dispersion.
  • separation.
  • ignore.

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