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1 adv If you feel or notice something acutely, you feel or notice it very strongly. He was acutely aware of the smell of cooking oil…

What does sharp mean?

1a(1): Characterized by sudden onset of acute pain that is severe or severe(2): Acute disease with rapid onset and short course of disease. (3) : An acute hospital that is, provides, or requires short-term medical care (such as serious illness or trauma), i.e., an acute patient.

How to use sharp in a sentence?

sharp sentence example

  1. I have been acutely aware of this fact since I was a child. …
  2. Therefore, he felt deeply about the loss of these people. …
  3. I am acutely aware of the fragility of my back. …
  4. You must be acutely aware of any arrogance in your life.

What does high understanding mean?

Adjective (very clear when post-positive) Have knowledge or awareness of the problem.

What means?

1: Have or demonstrate awareness, perception or knowledge awareness of danger awareness The latest advances in medicine. 2 ancient: vigilant, vigilant.

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Realize or realize?

past tense realize be aware or aware of. The third-person singular present tense of conscious is conscious or aware. The present participle of conscious is to realize.

Does awareness have knowledge?

Knowledgeable; Conscious; Recognizing: aware of dangerInformed; Alert; Knowledgeable; Sophisticated: She is one of the most politically conscious young women around.

What kind of word is awareness?

realize that a adjective – Fonts.

Do you know the means?

the meaning of awareness learn. If you see the sled approaching, move! If you know other kids who wish they had sleds, please share yours. This is social awareness.

What is an acute example?

For example, a acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) It may last a week, while an acute sore throat may only last a day or two.

What does acute use mean?

Acute conditions are sudden onset. This can describe anything from a broken bone to an asthma attack. In contrast, a chronic disease is a syndrome that develops over a long period of time, such as osteoporosis or asthma.

What does dullness mean?

Obtuse, which comes from the Latin word obtusus, meaning « blunt » or « blunt », can describe Not sharp angles or people who are mentally « sluggish » or mentally retarded.

Is acuteness good or bad?

if the situation is bad acuteit can cause serious problems or damage: This problem is especially acute for small businesses.

What is the difference between chronic and acute?

Usually acute develops suddenly and lasts for a short time, usually only a few days or weeks. Chronic diseases develop slowly and can worsen over long periods of time—months to years.

Does acute mean severe?

Use the adjective acute when you want to describe something sharp or extremely serious. The word acute is one word; it’s not two words and has nothing to do with small, cute, pretty!

How do you use the word « aware »?

Use with adverbs:

« We know it’s not easy« She was barely aware of the danger ahead. « I am painfully aware of the tragic situation. « We are increasingly aware that the problem is not going away. « 

How do you use Aware?

1) He does not seem to be aware of these problems. 2) yes be aware of your feelings. 3) Know your strengths and weaknesses. 4) Advanced students need to realize the importance of collocation.

How can I be very clear?

10 Examples of How to Improve Self Awareness

  1. Pay attention to the things that other people are bothering you with. …
  2. Meditate on your thoughts. …
  3. Read high-quality fiction. …
  4. Identify your emotional kryptonite. …
  5. Draw a timeline of your life. …
  6. Seek feedback (and accept it)…
  7. Do some micro-travel. …
  8. Learn a new skill.

Do you know or know?

If you realize something, You know. Some people may not realize this is a problem. There is a growing awareness that many people are affected by crime. If you are aware of something, you are aware that it exists or is happening because you hear, see, smell or feel it.

What are the similar meanings of Aware?

Some common synonyms are alive, awake, conscious, conscious, and wise. While all these words mean « to have knowledge of something, » « aware » means to be vigilant in observation or to be alert in drawing inferences from experience.

When you are aware of your surroundings, what do you call it?

When you are awake and aware of your surroundings, that is consciousness.

Know if it’s formal or informal?

adjectives informed, enlightened, knowledgeable, learned, expert, proficient, up-to-date, in the picture, inserting (slang), knowing (informal), learned, erudite, au fait (French), in the loop, well-briefed, au courant (French), cued-up (informal) they are very clear politically.

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