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When discussing human development, individualization refers to The process of forming a stable personality.1 When a person becomes individualized, they gain a clearer sense of self that is separate from their parents and others around them. Carl Jung used the term « individualization » extensively in his work on personality development.

What does the word personalization mean?

1: individualized behavior or process: like. a(1): The individual develops from the general. (2): General individual determination.

What are the four stages of the personalization journey?

This method consists of four stages, Confession, Interpretation, Education and Transformation. Then analyze each of these stages.

What did Carl Jung think about personalization?

Jung called individuation an unconscious, natural, spontaneous process, but a relatively rare one: « It can only be experienced by those who have gone through the tiresome but indispensable work of reconciling with the unconscious elements of personality. « 

What is the meaning of personalization?

The purpose of the personalization process is to Increase awareness of the individual, making the unconscious elements of the spirit consciousbecause with greater awareness, individuals can heal the split of thought between the conscious and unconscious, helping them achieve inner integrity…

What is personalization?Simple explanation of psychology

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