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1 person: big ears protruding from the head. 2 Quadrupeds: have large, flexible ears or drooping ears.

What does flap mean in slang?

slang. become excited or confusedespecially under pressure: a seasoned diplomat who does not falter easily.

What is another name for ear flaps?

Either of a pair of flaps attached to the hat to cover the ears in cold weather.is also called earlobe.

What does the word flutter mean?

Definition of ‘flipping’

1. Move up and down (wings or arms), especially in or as if in flight, or (wings or arms) moving in this way. 2. Moving back and forth or up and down or causing noisy movements.

What are other meanings of flap?

1: rocking loosely There is usually a banging sound, especially when blown by the wind. 2a: Something that flaps or beats wings or suggests wings. b: Advance by tapping. c : flutter ineffectively. 3: Nonsense, stubborn.

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What is the antonym of flap?

The opposite of a state of tension, anxiety, or agitation. calm. Order. Peace. calm.

What is the difference between flutter and flutter?

Difference between flapping and fluttering as verbs

that’s it Flapping is moving back and forth (something wide and loose), while fluttering is a quick but irregular slap or wave.

What Causes BGP Jitter?

BGP flapping can occur when you have an unstable peer.this circumstance occurs When a BGP route disappears and reappears in the routing table. . . this is a flap damping setting that blocks the route’s advertisements. The idea is that it won’t make ads long enough for the network to settle down.

What type of words are fluttering?

What type of words are fluttering?As mentioned above, « slapping » can be adjective, noun, or verb. Adjective usage: a flying sail. Verb usage: That problematic NIC seems to be fluttering.

What is IP jitter?

In computer networks and telecommunications, routing jitter occurs When routers alternately advertise the destination network through one route, then the other (or as unavailable and then available again) in quick order. …in both cases it prevents network convergence.

What is the function of the ear flap?

What is the pinna? The pinna is the only visible part of the ear (pinna) and has a special spiral shape. It is the first part of the outer ear anatomy that responds to sound.The function of the pinna is Acts as a kind of funnel, helping to direct sound further into the ear.

What is the tragus?

Tragus is thick piece of meat covering the opening of the ear, protects and covers the tubes that lead to the internal organs of the ear, such as the eardrum. Tragus piercings have become increasingly popular due to advances in pressure point science.

What is the ear canal for?

The ear canal is a narrow passage to the eardrum. sound travels in waves The eardrum is reached through a narrow passage called the ear canal. The outer ear (pinna) « captures » sound waves and guides them through the ear canal to the protected middle ear. These incoming sound waves cause the eardrum to vibrate.

What are the 4 types of flaps?

Here’s how they work.

  • 1) Ordinary flaps. The simplest flaps are ordinary flaps. …
  • 2) Split. Next are the split flaps, which deflect from the underside of the wing. …
  • 3) Slotted flaps. Slotted flaps are the most commonly used flaps today and are found on both small and large aircraft. …
  • 4) Fowler flaps.

What are the different types of flaps?

There are four basic types of flaps: Plain, Split, Fowler and Slotted. Ordinary flaps are just the hinged part of the trailing edge. Split flaps are hinged on the underside of the wing and create more drag than regular flaps.

What is a medical flap?

flaps are A tissue unit that moves from one site (donor site) to another (recipient site) while maintaining its own blood supply. Flaps come in many different shapes and forms. They range from simple modifications of the skin to composites of many different types of tissues.

What is the hand clap like?

Clapping usually occurs in preschoolers or toddlers and looks Like a child quickly waving their hands at the wrist while the arms are bent at the elbows. Think of a bird trying to take off for the first time.

What does ragag mean?

1: roughly unkempt.2: Has irregular edges or contours. 3a: Torn or frayed into pieces. b : Tired and ragged from stress and exertion.

What does stop flapping mean?


Behaving in a nervous and excited way: … stop slapping left/right!

How to stop BGP flapping?

To prevent unnecessary BGP session flapping:

  1. Add passive EBGP sessions with neighbor addresses that do not exist in the peer autonomous system (AS). …
  2. Run the show bgp summary command to verify that the real session is established and the passive session is idle.

How do you fix a flapping port?

Perform the following procedures and check if the problem persists after each step:

  1. Remove and reinsert the cable on both ends.
  2. Place the same cables on different BIG-IP connectors.
  3. Place the cables on different switch ports.
  4. Replace the cable with a known working cable.

How to configure BGP?

To configure a BGP peering session:

  1. Configure the interfaces of peers A, B, C, and D. …
  2. Set the Autonomous System (AS) number. …
  3. Create a BGP group and add external neighbor addresses. …
  4. Specifies the autonomous system (AS) number of the external AS. …
  5. Add Peer D and set the AS number at the individual neighbor level.

What does trembling mean?

If you are trembling, you have a small bet, like a horse race. [British, informal] I’m excited about five horses. [ + on] Synonyms: bet, stake, bet [mainly British]Bet more synonyms for flutter.

What are the synonyms and antonyms of stretch?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

tension. antonym: shrink, fold, shrink, shrink, shortened. Synonyms: extend, expand, lengthen, pull out, unfold, tighten, tighten, reach.

What is the synonym of elongated?

  • drag (out),
  • unplug,
  • stretched,
  • expand,
  • lengthen,
  • stretch out,
  • extend,
  • protracted.

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