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The corncob, also known as the cob or corncob, is the central core of the ear of corn. It is the ear part where the corn kernel grows. The ear is also considered a « stick » or « rod, » but it’s not exactly a « rod » until the ear is shelled or removed from the plant material surrounding the ear.

What does it mean to call someone a corncob?

So, to summarize: to be possessed while angrily and vehemently denying that you possess.

Can Dogs Eat Corn Cob?

Feed your food that is completely safe for you A handful of dog corn on the cob. … Many veterinary nutritionists agree that corn for dogs is not a problem, in fact, it can be part of a balanced diet. However, before giving him corn, you should confirm that your dog is not allergic to corn.

What happens if a dog eats corncob?

Once the corn is removed from the cob, it is safe for dogs to eat. However, corn on the cob itself is not safe for dogs.So corncob is one of them Leading cause of fatal ileus in dogs Because corn on the cob can cause major intestinal blockages that need to be surgically removed.

What if the dog eats the corncob?

If you know (or suspect) that your dog has eaten corncob, your first step should be call your veterinarian now, suggested Richter. After hours or weekends, please call the 24-hour animal hospital in your area.

The History of the World from Corn – Chris A. Knisley

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What does corncob mean?

For example, on March 25, 2012, the Urban Dictionary defined corncob differently: « get screwed in any way. The use of the word ranges from buying a used car to disrupting traffic. …we have this silly corncob joke invading the too-serious little world of Neera and Al Digiorno.

What does stick mean?

COB is an acronym that stands for « close of businessUsed by professional organizations when referring to the end of the workday. Many professionals base COB hours on the time when businesses traditionally close in the United States, usually 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

What does Cobbed mean?

cobbed adjective. Assemble roughly or roughly; improvise, (as in « piece together »). cobbed adjective. Misfortune (probably a badly wounded contraction)

What is COB in project management?

We’ve all seen it – emails from our bosses asking for important information or projects done via « COB » or « EOD ». Traditionally, in business language, we know COB to mean « close of business” and EOD means “end of the day.” But what exactly do these mean today?

What does tomorrow’s COB mean?

​​​close of business (close of business for the day) The COB is required to make a decision tomorrow.

What does steward mean?

to illegally removed or without permission; steal. Phrasal verb: cop out.

What does COB mean in text?

Acronyms used interchangeably with EOD include End of Service (EOB), End of Play (EOP), End of Play (COP), and close of business (COB).

What does COB mean in law?

Welfare Coordination (COB) Law and Legal Definitions.

What does KFC COB mean?

Petone Beach Clean Up volunteer Chris Norton found a KFC « corn on the cob »The bag on Petone Beach, sparking curiosity about its age and origin.  … »It’s there in its glory » – a brightly colored KFC « corn on the cob » bag.

What does the sweet corn emoji mean?

The image of the ear of corn, known as corn in many countries around the world, is an emoji representing this particular vegetable. …the corn emoji can mean « I’ve always loved corn!”. The corn emoji appeared in 2010 and is now mostly known as the corn emoji.

What is corncob litter?

Corncob bedding, all natural, Renewable Pet Bedding Suitable for birds and small animals. The moisture wicking process of NEPCO’s corncob bedding is clean and natural, with high absorbency to keep birds and critters dry. … a natural renewable resource made from safely compostable ground corn cobs.

How to use COB in a sentence?

Here are the sentences that contain COB today in the sentence:

  1. My boss was cruel to me, he ordered me to COB today for no reason.
  2. I’ve been working hard for the past few weeks and am now sure I’ll be doing COB today.
  3. COB today will be easy because the previous work has been done.

What is the abbreviation for cob?

As a boy’s name is a Hebrew name, the meaning of the name Cob is « replace him”. Cob is another form of Jacob (Hebrew).

What is COB Date Unemployment?

(COB) = Welfare Coordination.. basically they try to find out who is responsible for paying you..

What does cop or drop mean?

It’s basically slang »Is this stuff cool and will you get it? (police) » or « Is this thing crappy or something you don’t want (drop) »

What does COB mean in medicine?

Welfare Coordination (COB) Allows plans that provide health and/or prescription coverage to people with Medicare to determine their respective payment responsibilities (i.e. determine which insurance plan has primary payment responsibility, and what other plans are responsible for… .

What does sa stand for in medicine?

abbreviation of anterior sacral position; Sinus.

What means?

1a: deal with and try to overcome problems and difficulties – Often used in conjunction with learning to cope with the demands of her schedule. b : maintain a match or fight, usually in an equal or successful manner – used with with. 2 ancient: meet, meet. 3 Obsolete: Strike, Fight.

Why call the police feeling?

What is the origin of the phrase « police attitude »?

police a feeling – caressing, recorded in 1935. … cop here is slang for « grab, grab, pick up ». This is the most likely source of the slang term for cop as a policeman, that is, copper is ‘a cop’.

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