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Meaning of coaxingly in English
in a gentle way of persuading someone to do something, by kindness or patience, or it looked like, « Aren’t you going to let me go with you? » Letty coaxed. She coaxed her and patted the seat next to her.

What does coax mean?

1: Influence or gently urge through fondling or flattery : The liar coaxed him away. 2: Attract, obtain or persuade through mild urging or flattery, and cannot coax consumers into buying a new car.

What does Caxing mean?

the meaning of coax in English

The act of gently persuading someone to do something, through kindness and patience, or by acting like this: Just a little gentle coaxing and he’ll come, I’m sure. After some coaxing, she agreed to sing for him. Look.

Is coaxing a negative word?

‘Coax’ implies that you are convincing someone very gently and patiently; your intentions are usually noble.On the other hand, « Cajole » has a slightly negative connotation. When you « coax » someone into doing something, you may choose to use deception.

What is the synonym of coaxial?

Frequently Asked Questions About Coaxial Cables

Some common synonyms for coax are mild, coaxing, soft soap, and liars. While all of these words mean « to influence or persuade by pleasing words or actions, » « coax » means gentle and persistent words or actions used to produce a desired effect.

What does the word COAXINGLY mean?

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What does grit mean?

1: contains or resembles grit. 2: Brave and Perseverance: Brave and tough heroine. 3: A gritty novel with a strong character of tough uncompromising realism.

What means?

transitive verb. Obsolete: discuss, examine. Intransitive verbs. : To reason earnestly with a person for the purpose of dissuasion or exhortation.

Is coax an adverb?

coax is adverb.

What does coaxing mean?

Verb (used with object), whee dled, whee dling. Efforts to influence (A person) with tactful, flattering, or engaging words and deeds: We keep coaxing him, but he doesn’t agree.

What does refined mean?

adverb. in a manner that exhibits refined or refined manner or taste: She has been nibbling on ribs gracefully; now she wipes her lips with a napkin. Take special care to avoid soiling, spills, damage, etc.; Picky: We dump our rubbish on the full trash can.

What does pleading mean?

If you speak pleadingly, or if you look pleadingly at someone, your voice or expression will show you want something badly. Nelson looked at her pleadingly. Synonyms and related words. Words used to describe facial expressions.

What does greasy literally mean?

1: Having, revealing, or possessing smug, flattering, and false seriousness or spirituality. 2a: Fat, greasy. b: The texture or appearance is smooth and oily. 3: Plastic fine sludge.

What is Amandat?

1: Manage or assign (something, such as territory) is entrusted. 2: Formally require (something): make (something) mandatory: a law that orders mandatory recall also: instructs or requires (someone) to do something commissioned to investigate corruption.

If a person has omens, what does it mean?

Ominous \por-TEN-tuss\ adjective. 1: Yes, relating to or constituting an omen. 2: To cause surprise or surprise: astonishing. 3 a : serious or serious matter. b: Consciously solemn or important: pompous.

What are the 5 characteristics of grit?

  • 5 Characteristics of Grit – How Many Do You Have?
  • 1) Courage.
  • 2) Conscientiousness: Achievement orientation and reliability.
  • 3) Long-term goals and stamina: stay the course.
  • 4) Resilience = Optimism, confidence and creativity.
  • 5) Excellent (not perfect)

What does dirty person mean?

: full or covered with dirt : dirty.

What does graininess mean?

1: similar to or having certain characteristics of grains : Not smooth or fine. 2 photos: It appears to be composed of grainy particles.

What does full exemption mean?

Guilty is not exempt implying innocence Completely clear the allegation or allegations And the suspicion of blame or guilt that comes with it.

Which word is the best synonym for coax?


  • To persuade, to coax, to coax, to talk about something, to circumvent, to gain the upper hand, to deceive, to flatter, to seduce, to seduce, to seduce, to inveigle, to woo, to maneuver.
  • Informal sweet talk, soft soap, butter, twisting someone’s arm.
  • Old and boring.

How do you coax others?

When you coax others, you try to persuade him gently, in pleasant words, perhaps a little flattering. You have to be patient because you cannot rush the person you are trying to coax. When you coax, you have to be kind to it – you can’t threaten or coerce.

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