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masculine noun. caixa dois or 2 (Brazil) slush fund. Masculine nouns, feminine nouns. (Pesoa) Cashier.

What is cabbage?

: A bell for a Brazilian dance orchestra.

What does verba mean in Spanish?

Latin phrase. : actions, not words : Actions speak louder than words.

What does Senõrita mean?

: unmarried spanish or spanish-speaking girl or woman – Used as a title equivalent to Miss.

What does wired mean?

filter. Connected state or condition (connection to network, etc.). noun.

Ask your Spanish teacher what puto means (:

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What does strange feeling mean?

If you describe something or someone as weird, do you mean they are weird. [informal]

What does crazy mean?

crazy– stupid or pointless behavior. fool, stupid, crazy, stupid, indulgent. frolic, frolic, frolic, jump, play – gay or light-hearted entertainment used for pastime or entertainment; « it’s all done in play »; « their frolic in the waves is in danger of becoming ugly »

What is the name of a married Mexican woman?

ticket. Segnola = a married woman or a young lady or a woman who has given birth to a child. Señorita = a young woman or an older woman who has not given birth.

What are Mexican women called?

Mexico for Mexican women. La jovencita/muchachita/etc

What does mamasita mean?

The literal translation of mamacita is « Little Mom » But a more accurate translation of the metaphor is « Hot Mom ». The nickname was never really used to describe a real mother, a real mom or mom. Rather, the term is inextricably linked to men’s perception of women as objects of sexual desire.

What is verint Verba?

Verint (Verba) financial compliance is Comprehensive unified platform Record, securely archive and unify interactions across trader voice, IP telephony, unified communications, mobile and video conferencing and collaboration environments.

Is sunt a word?

Do not, sunt is not in scrabble dictionary.

What is IPSE Dixit legally?

Main tab. Ipse dixit is a Latin phrase that translates as « what he said. « Ipse dixit refers to a person’s own assertion without reliance on any authority or evidence. It usually means an assertion of authority, as the statement is based on the speaker’s authority and nothing else.

What is the difference between Latinos and Hispanics?

Are you wondering what is the difference between the terms Hispanic and Latino? Although Hispanics usually refer to people with a Spanish-speaking background, Latino is often used to identify people from Latin America.

what do mexican girls say?

« Chika » Refers to girls, but can be used casually to describe adult women. In Mexico, you can say « muchacha » to mean a young woman. « Mina » is the colloquial way of referring to young women. You can also use « mujer, » which means « woman. »

Is the fairy married?

According to the Royal Academy of Spain, señora is used to refer to a married or widowed womanwhile señorita is reserved for single women.

What is a married woman?

The prefix Mrs. is used to describe any married woman. Today, many women decide to keep their surnames instead of using their husbands’ surnames. These women are still called Mrs. Widows are also called madams out of respect for their deceased husbands.

How do you call a woman in Spanish?

As far as I know, honorific expressions for addressing women are:

  1. Señora (Sra.), equivalent to « Mrs. » used to address married women;
  2. Señorita (Srta.) is equivalent to « Miss » and is used for unmarried women.

What is a lunatic?

craziness noun A state of heartbreak; mental retardation or weakness; insanity. craziness noun The state of being destroyed or weakened; like the madness of a ship, or the madness of limbs.

What is madness?

stupid and unreasonable actions, words, situationsWait: A moment of madness cost him his wife and job.

What are crazy words?

On this page you can find synonyms, antonyms, idioms and crazy related words for 37, such as: stupid thingstupid, alienated, insane, absurd, nonsense, insane, insane, insane, insane, and insane.

What is Altschmerz?

The word, altschmerz, allegedly means « Tired of the same old problems you’ve been having– the same boring flaws and anxiety you’ve been wrestling with for years. « …however, in German, welt means world and schmerz means pain, so as a compound word, this combination literally means « world misery ».

Is Opia a feeling?

opium.this is for intense intrusive arousal The feeling of staring at each other – making direct eye contact with others.

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