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1. A feeling of respect or reverence mixed with fear and wonder, is often inspired by something solemn or powerful: « There was a strong purpose in the gale . 2. Antique.

What does wow mean?

cute or sweet. interjection, mainly used by girls to describe someone or something cute or sweet. Example – Guy- Dear Smiley This flower is for you. Smiley – wow! ! ! You are so kind, dear.

How do you use awe in a sentence?

There is always something in courage and will that awes numbers, despite their own braveryBlack on the Wing has a singular beauty, a swift, direct and laborious flight that excites and awes imaginative audiences. The beauty and boldness of the landscapes on either side alternate between fascination and awe.

What does awe mean?

‘Definitionbe in awe ‘/awe’

If you’re in awe of someone, or if you’re in awe of them, you respect them a lot and fear them a little bit.

What is the real definition of awesome?

1a: awesome an awesome mission/responsibility an awesome beautiful place.b Informal: Great, great, had a great time at the concert. 2: Awe-inspiring tribute.

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Why shouldn’t you use the word awesome?

« awesome » not cool. This is not surprising. It doesn’t work out of the box. It’s blind, superficial, lazy, imitative, and ultimately disrespectful to anyone you’re talking to.

What better word than awesome?

thrilling, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, awesome, amazing, amazing, extraordinary, incredible, incredible. Magnificent, wonderful, spectacular, extraordinary, extraordinary, amazing, magical, sublime.

Is awe positive or negative?

What is awe? Awe is a complex emotion that is difficult to define.feeling of awe Can be positive or negative– unlike most other emotions – and can arise from a wide range of stimuli.

How do you use the word awe?


  1. I’ve always been in awe of musicians.
  2. The sight before us fills us with awe.
  3. Most people were somewhat in awe of him.
  4. He was in awe of the landscape.
  5. She stared at the giant stones in awe.
  6. The approaching tornado left us in awe.
  7. He spoke of her in awe.

Is awesome a slang term?

The oldest meaning of awesome is « awesome stuff”, but the word is also now a common slang expression. … So as the word universally becomes an expression for anything transcendent, in its original meaning it is often replaced by the related word, awesome .

Is awesome informal?

The general consensus is that « awesome » in the example might be a bit informal For this case as it is business. You have to assess how well you know these people. It might be better to say things like « great » in a more formal setting.

Is awe a feeling?

awe is Feel We encounter colossal things that challenge our understanding of the world, such as looking up at the millions of stars in the night sky or marveling at the birth of a child.

What does Aww mean to a girl?

cute or sweet. interjection, mainly used by girls to describe someone or something cute or sweet. Example – Guy- Dear Smiley This flower is for you. Smiley – wow! ! ! You are so kind, dear.

What does Aww mean?

it mean That person likes what you say and thinks it’s cute. This shows that he has feelings for you. It’s a lovely thing.

What does Aww Thanks mean?

When she texts, « Wow, thank you » it means…

When the chick replies « AWWW THANKS » what i said to her Via messenger or via txt msg.. I believe it means I said something and it makes her happy that I said it… To me it means a lot… 8 yrs Report. Mitchell Banducci.

What is an example of awe?

The definition of awe is to impress someone or generate a feeling of reverence.An example of awe is when Surprise your friends with how smart you are when you get all the answers right Danger. A feeling of respect or reverence, mixed with fear and wonder, often inspired by something solemn or powerful.

When people say they are in awe of you?

to huge amount Respect or admiration for someone or something, sometimes to the point of tension or fear in or around them.

How to use the word awe in a sentence?

Awe or admiration or amazement.

  1. Niagara Falls is truly an awe-inspiring sight.
  2. The scale and design of this building is stunning.
  3. Mount Everest is an awe-inspiring sight.
  4. Her computer knowledge is awesome.

What kind of emotion is awe?

A dictionary definition is « An overwhelming feeling of awe, admiration, fearAnd so on, arising from something grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or something like that: the fear of God; the fear of great political figures. Another dictionary definition is « a mixed emotion of reverence, respect, fear, and wonder that is inspired by.

What good is awe?

awe proved to be Makes us happier and contributes to higher life satisfaction, making us more caring for others and increasing our humility. Research shows that awe can make us think more critically, expand our perception of time, and reduce materialism.

Which is correct awe or aww?

explain: « what » are interjections such as « oh », « eh », « huh » and « wow ». On the web, the word is often misspelled as « awe. » « Awe », on the other hand, is a noun roughly synonymous with « miracle » or « surprise, » as in « shock and awe. » It is occasionally used as a verb, in which case awe is the same as wow.

What’s the big word for beauty?

Some common synonyms for beautiful are pretty, fair, handsome, cute, pretty. While all of these words mean « exciting sensual or aesthetic pleasure, » beauty applies to anything that excites the senses at their strongest and evokes emotion through the senses.

Is awesome a positive word?

‘Awful’ is used to convey a more negative sense of fear or dread, or even just to describe something unpleasant or bad that happened. On the other hand, using « awesome » Express something amazing, good or wonderful more positively.

Who made the word awesome?

« Awesome » started with the California surfer crowd and was Sean Penn’s Character in the movie « Fast Times at Richmont High School ». Now, however, « Awesome » is out of vogue, and only poor middle-aged 40-somethings like you are really still using it.

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