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: did not make it clear : Unclarified…Unsolved Mystery…

Is ambiguous a word?

adjective. 1 Main liquid: unclarified, unrefined. 2not clearly understood or explained.

What does the same mean*?

1: Same : Same as where we stopped before. 2 : So similar that they are essentially the same hat – usually used with to or with.

What is the synonym of ambiguous?

as in hazy,Obscure. Ambiguous synonyms and synonyms. Obscure, obscure.

What is the opposite of clarity of mind?

as opposed to coherent quality understandable. hazy. Obscure. profound. confusion.

What does not clear mean?

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What does it mean?

: obvious, especially since A clear and precise statement is an obvious argument.

What is unclear?

When you lack clarity, you will never feel settled or sure. There is no clear path or plan because you make changes so frequently and because of those changes you can never relax.This ambiguity is disturbing We manifest it as stress, anxiety, overwhelm and confusion.

Not sure what it means?

(meaning) unclear or unclear; vague, vague, or indeterminate: an obscure sentence in a contract. unclear; imperceptible: motive unknown. (language, style, speaker, etc.)

What does disclaimer mean?

unclear meaning

inconsistent quality; inconsistent. noun. Opaque, fuzzy or unclear quality.

What is the synonym of ambiguous?

Some common synonyms for ambiguous are mysteriousdark, mysterious, ambiguous, obscure, obscure.

Can identical twins be of different genders?

exist 99.9% of boy/girl twin cases are differentHowever, in some extremely rare cases caused by genetic mutations, identical twins in eggs and sperm that start in male (XY) can develop into male/female pairs. … The XO baby is ostensibly a girl, but her cells only have one copy of the X chromosome.

Does the same mean the same thing?

Similar or similar in all respects: The two cars are identical except for the license plate. Exactly the same; selfsame: This is the same room we stayed in last year. Totally agree: same opinion.

What is the opposite of the same?

As opposed to having the same attributes, characteristics, quantity or quality. different. unlike. different. clearly.

Is unclear a word?

unclear meaning

(uncountable) State or quality that is unclear or confusing; ambiguous; imprecise.

What does not clear mean?

: did not make it clear : Unclarified…Unsolved Mystery…

What is badly expressed information?

Bad info: It happens due to using wrong words, some omissions, confusing sentence structureWait. Words with Different Meanings: A word can have different meanings. …so the sender of a message must always accept suspicion.

What is the synonym of unclear?

Vague, obscured, dim, faint, indistinct, hazy, obscure, murky, undefined, indistinct. Doubtful, ambiguous, uncertain, indeterminate, vague.

Which word has no meaning?

It’s actually in the Oxford English Dictionary (login required), defined as « a nonsense” (i.e. a meaningless word), but note that in practice, when used by children, “usually expresses an excited thumbs up: fancy, fabulous. « 

What do you call someone who doesn’t know?

On this page you can find 54 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and ambiguous related words, such as: vagueblurry, hazy, clear, fuzzy, indecisive, cloudy, blurry, ambiguous, dim and fuzzy.

Not sure what it means?

: not clear: eg. a: Difficult to understand, unclear explanation, unclear description, unclear reference. b : Confused or unsure about something – usually used with about, somewhat unclear how to proceed.

How do you get clarity?

How to get clarity

  1. Create some space. When we’re not clear about something (eg, how should we get there)…
  2. Diary, iteration. …
  3. Meditate and think. …
  4. Talk to others. …
  5. When you get a bit clear, write it down. …
  6. Take action for clarity. …
  7. Reflect and become clearer after taking action.

What does it mean if you need clarity?

clear mind means Have a focused and clear mind. When your mind is clear, your mind is not clouded by indecision, assumptions, overwhelm or worry. As Idea Vision Action’s Burak says, « When I have a clear mind, I appreciate my life. … The feeling of a clear mind is the opposite of a clouded mind.

How do I get clarity of mind?

Here are some tips and tricks from psychology to help you develop laser-like mental focus and focus.

  1. Assess your mental focus. Studio Firma/Getty Images. …
  2. Eliminate distractions. Claus Wedefelt/Getty Images. …
  3. Limit your focus. …
  4. Living in the moment. …
  5. Practice mindfulness. …
  6. Rest awhile. …
  7. Keep practicing.

What is Willicio?

Willijo. definition: Strange longing for used bookstores.

What is a sharp person?

perspiracious added to the list to share. Perspicious is an adjective Means « shrewd » and « smart ». » A perceptive kid isn’t going to be fooled when her parents try to keep a secret by conversing in pig Latin.

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