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5 years. There is a main clan, which is where the best players are.Due to the large number of applicants, the main group was divided into other groupsi.e. feeding tribes. There, those with fewer trophies can join. 1.

What is the highest team level of COC?

Clans can level up beyond Level 10but no new perks are currently unlocked.

Can I join 2 tribes of COC?

in short: Yes! you can do both. But there are some rules to explain. You can have a clan war league in one clan and you can have a normal clan war/friendly war in another clan.

What is a good tribal COC?

A rule of thumb is that a clan should be Created at Town Hall level 9 or higher. This is because if you are the patriarch, your defense and attack must look strong, showcasing powerful towers and upgraded advanced units like electric dragons.

What is the best tribe name?

So here’s a cool list of clan names to help you out.

  • Rattlesnake.
  • Savage Princess.
  • Always win.
  • Psychopath strategy.
  • Gangster band.
  • Immortal Brotherhood.
  • Charlie’s Angel.
  • The tyrant family.

Tell! Breeder Clan!in Clash of Clans

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Can I change my clan name in COC?

To change your name for the first time in Clash of Clans, you will first need to Reach level 5 with your town hall. From there, the Change Name options are easily accessible: … The Change Name option will be located in the upper part of the screen. Press the button on the right side of the window to start the process.

Why are players ineligible for wars?

When you try to join a war and get a « Not eligible » message, it means one or more of the following: You are already participating in another clan’s clan war or clan war alliance. You or your clan have gained a war cooldown with a Punishment action.

What if both clans get the max star?

If both clans get the same number of stars, The clan with the higher total damage rate wins. Each clan member who attacks in a clan war will receive some bonus loot, but only the victorious clan will receive a large amount of loot.

Will I get a CWL medal if I leave the clan?

What happens to the reward if I leave the clan? If you are on the roster, but then leave or get kicked out of the clan, you are still eligible for: 20% to 100% Ranked League Medal Rewards Depends on how many Battle Stars he has collected. Additional league medals awarded by clan leaders and co-leaders.

Which unit has the most HP?

Lava Hound It is the unit with the most HP in the game.

What are the most commonly used troops in the COC?

10 most popular and devastating Clash of Clans attacks

  1. 1 King/Queen/Healer/Puppet/Wizard. Barbarian King and Archer Queen are your two heroes.
  2. 2 Drag/PEKKA/Healer/Giant. …
  3. 3 giants/goblin/archers. …
  4. 4 Golems/Wizards/PEKKA…
  5. 5 Golems/Valks/Boar Riders. …
  6. 6 balloons/archers. …
  7. 7 Giants/Wizards/Healers. …
  8. 8 Giants/Wizards/Loons. …

How long does it take for a clan to reach level 10?

need about 3-4 months Reach clan level 10 (requires 34,000 XP).

Why does COC not allow spectators?

In a clan war alliance, the leader registers the clan and members at the beginning. Only these members are involved in the battle.Players should take note if they are not added to the clan One point, even if the leaders wanted to go in, they would no longer be allowed in.

How long does COC clan war last?

Because the season has two weeks, and clan wars will continue 2 days, tribes can participate in more than 7 wars per season. Below are the different rewards you will receive during and at the end of the season.

Can I get loot after leaving the clan?

Even if you leave the clan before the war is over, You can still get war rewards if You have successfully attacked at least one base in Clan Wars. However, no spectators will receive any war rewards.

Can war viewers get league medals?

Anyone who joins the War Alliance will receive a Rewarding Alliance Medalwhether they attack or not, even if they leave or are kicked out of the clan.

Do you get a war victory bonus if you lose?

Victory in war means big bonuses!

At the end of the battle day, you will receive the full War Victory Bonus (one win, 40% for a draw and 30% loss…you can even get a war victory bonus if you quit a clan war before it’s over – but you’ll need at least one successful attack on the base.

Do clan war donations count?

Troop donations in Clan Wars Does not count towards Friend In Need achievements (or generate XP).

How do you win in CoC?

10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Win Clash of Clans

  1. How does Clash of Clans work? …
  2. Save gems for a rainy day. …
  3. Create a good village layout. …
  4. Upgrade collectors and mines. …
  5. Don’t break your shield. …
  6. Join a tribe. …
  7. Upgrade your defenses. …
  8. Upgrade troops.

How many gems does it take to change a name in a CoC?

name change

We want players to be able to customize who they are in the game, but we also want to make sure every name change is well thought out. Name changes beyond the available free changes cost 500 gems.Each name change increases the price of 500 gems to Up to 10,000 gems.

How do I change my Clash of Clans 2021 account?

By changing your Clash of Clans account on Android, all you need to do is disconnect the account currently connected to the game and log in with the account you’re progressing in in the game to choose between suits Google Play, Facebook or SuperCell ID.

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