The DJJF Network

What’s the difference between this support network and all the other #fedisbest sites? Our ethos is the same; empowerment and respect for any method you choose or rely on to make sure your baby is nourished. The key difference has stemmed from my personal experience as a woman who was unable to breastfeed her child. The negative looks and comments, the information leaflets and adverts that constantly reminded me that I wasn’t giving my baby the ‘best start in life’ led me to develop a severe case of feeding guilt. It got to a stage where I would get upset at seeing photos of women breastfeeding; snuggling their baby and having the ‘closest bond imaginable’ (another message often used in pro-breastfeeding campaigns). I started to resent my inability to produce breast milk; ‘my failure’.

That feeling of bitterness goes against everything I believe in. Empowering woman, supporting the sisterhood and uniting in motherhood. I don’t want anyone else to feel the inadequacy and experience the distress I went through.

This is where the #dontjudgejustfeed campaign is different. Although we praise and give credit to breastfeeding beauties, you won’t find the campaign displaying or promoting breastfeeding photos as this can be a trigger for people who are struggling to cope with their feeding journey, adding to their anxiety and/or depression. The support network is for bottle-feeding parents, who choose or need to bottle-feed; whether it’s formula, pumping, combination/supplement feeding. We want to celebrate these methods and draw attention to the wonderfully healthy and happy babies and families out there. We promote stories and experiences of feeding journeys, however heart-rending they may be, with the hope that readers find comfort and support in knowing they are not alone; they are doing their best for their child and themselves.

This being said, we welcome all to the group and encourage words of love and friendship from any type of feeder. In order to keep the website and social media pages a safe space for our network, any negative or discouraging comments will be ignored and deleted. We kindly recommend anyone looking for breastfeeding guidance or promotion to find another support group. There are thousands of wonderful ones out there. We recommend all mothers educate themselves on safe infant feeding practices. Please discover our friends at The Fed Is Best Foundation.

Much Love,

Founder, Don’t Judge Just Feed