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My Breastfeeding Story by Mommy Mornings

All in all, I think that respect should always guide our paths while allowing ourselves to be more tolerable to other parenting styles or personal decisions. I strongly believe, and I know that we can be supportive of each other in this motherhood journey. We are a team of strong women and I know we can make a difference!

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No Shame in this Mama’s bottle feeding game

Now that I'm a little older and a little wiser. I really don't feel that it makes a difference how a woman chooses to sustain her baby. I'm a supporter of feeding your baby any way you need (or want) to feed your baby. This is a cause like many other causes that women should be supporting each other in. I see a lot of very negative and very aggressive remarks between women talking about mothers should be feeding their babies & I really feel like the women of the world in general should be supporting each other; especially mothers. Mother's should be supporting each other in decisions like this without a doubt.