Choosing Bottle Over Breast

"It seems like society has become so concerned with decisions we make as mothers and we are expected to do what it thinks is normal. To one side normal is breastfeeding and to the other side formula is considered the norm. Wanna know what I think should be considered normal? Happy babies with full bellies, no matter how they were fed."

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My Breastfeeding Story by Mommy Mornings

All in all, I think that respect should always guide our paths while allowing ourselves to be more tolerable to other parenting styles or personal decisions. I strongly believe, and I know that we can be supportive of each other in this motherhood journey. We are a team of strong women and I know we can make a difference!

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No Shame in this Mama’s bottle feeding game

Now that I'm a little older and a little wiser. I really don't feel that it makes a difference how a woman chooses to sustain her baby. I'm a supporter of feeding your baby any way you need (or want) to feed your baby. This is a cause like many other causes that women should be supporting each other in. I see a lot of very negative and very aggressive remarks between women talking about mothers should be feeding their babies & I really feel like the women of the world in general should be supporting each other; especially mothers. Mother's should be supporting each other in decisions like this without a doubt.

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The #dontjudgejustfeed Campaign

My idea was to encourage women to share their fantastically beautiful bottlefeeding photos. Everyone should be proud that they have chosen a method of providing nutrition in a way that suits them and their baby. I wanted a space for parents to connect and creating this account and the hashtag #dontjudgejustfeed allows mothers to easily find each other. Whether it's to heal, celebrate or reach out for support.