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Wean Rhymes With Mean

At 10 weeks, she started to refuse breastfeeding (by screaming as long and as hard as she could) in favour of the formula top ups I was told she had to have. I cried on her head because I felt like I was not good enough.


Formula Feeding; Needing My Body Back

But what if our issues stemmed from emotional barriers? Thoughts and feelings that consume a mother to their very core and are far more ingrained than simply 'snapping out of it' or 'try to push past it'. What if a mother's commitment to provide breastmilk prevented her from getting the help she desperately needs?


When Bottle & Breast Turns Out Best

We recommend that mothers talk to their midwife or a good lactation consultant if they wish to start combination feeding. When we say a good lactation consultant, we are referring to the vast majority who are open, understanding and respectful of bottle and formula feeding. If you have any lactivist pressure from anyone, report them to their superiors (or governing body) for bullying... because that is what aggressive promotion of breastfeeding is.

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“Fed Is Best” Is Real. I Saw It With My Own Eyes

We mommies are sometimes faced with tough decisions for the well being of our children. I know what it's like to make a choice that parts of society could rip you apart for.


The Arrogance of Breast Is Best

I often read these public opinions and move on without comment due to the fact that I don’t want to draw more attention to a misinformed, biased piece of writing. I also feel that anyone who is unable to understand or comprehend the reasons, experiences or educated choices women make before using formula, to the point where they are openly writing messages of breastfeeding superiority, are people who are too arrogant to listen to the counter argument.


World Infant Feeding Week? The Hate Just Proves Why It Is Needed

I still don’t understand why the week can’t be renamed ‘World Infant Feeding Week’. Some of the extreme campaigners for breastfeeding have already tried to explain why this shouldn’t happen, but I’m not having it. World Infant Feeding Week would obviously still contain the extremely valuable and informative message regarding breastfeeding, but it would also include information and education surrounding bottle and formula feeding too.


World Infant Feeding Week? (Just A Thought)

Let’s go back to this week of breastfeeding focus. I completely agree with a drive to support mothers, but this includes support for formula feeding mums too. We could debate for hours over different studies but ultimately every single mother should be celebrated and encouraged to keep their baby fed, whether that’s breastmilk or formula milk.


PND & Breastfeeding Grief: The Moment Of Change 

Breastfeeding grief is very real. It appears that there are lots of women out there who have developed post-natal depression as a direct result from their struggle/inability to breastfeed.

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It Never Even Crossed My Mind That Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work Out

Ok, so back to breastmilk. No problem, I was dairy free and all, well wait... my supply had dropped. I didn't make enough so time to start all the tricks to start producing more milk, right? It was easy. Teas, water, blessed thistle, brewers yeast, power pumping 3 times a day... except it didn't work.

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Breastfeeding Is Simply Amazing – But Our Focus On It Is Excessive 

In those first few weeks as my daughters’ weight dropped further and further below their birth weight, people would encourage me to just keep going and just feed wherever and whenever. Now I recognise that for someone with a milk supply that is even remotely sufficient that this is good advice. But when your milk is trickling out like blood from a stone and you have a hungry baby screaming constantly for food, it’s a horrible, horrible feeling.