Should I report Cicero to the guards? –

If the Dragonborn chooses Report Cicero to the guards (as Vantus initially hoped to do), however, Cicero will be arrested and taken away. If the Dragonborn later joined the Dark Brotherhood, Cicero would express anger when they first met at the Sanctuary, although this had no effect on their interactions.

What happens if you report Cicero?

drill. If you talk to Cicero first, he’ll explain that he’s a clown and that he’s delivering the coffin of his dead mother, but his cart is broken. …if you report Cicero at the end of the mission, when you join the dark brotherhood you can go back to the loreus farm and you will find the corpse of loreus.

Is it better to kill Cicero or not?

To get his clothes, Cicero could be pickpocketed, giving him poison. … Lucien will tell the player if the ghost of Lucien Lachins is active while exploring the Dawnstar Sanctuary It would be unwise to kill Cicerofor the Guardian is the sacred position of the Dark Brotherhood.

Can you kill Cicero in delayed burial?

Do not, He is essential at that time and cannot be killed.

Is Cicero the good guy in Skyrim?

Cicero. For a number of reasons, Cicero is one of the best companions you’ll find in Skyrim.He is a Assassin with incredibly high statsand he has one of the most mature personalities in the entire game.

Skyrim Special Edition – Delayed Burial: Talk to Cicero and Vantus Lorreius, report to the guards

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Who is Skyrim’s best wife?

Huntress Ella Easily tops the list of wives in Skyrim. Aela is an elite warrior and a member of the Companion. You’ll get to know her pretty well in the companion questline, and if you want Aela to be your wife, you’ll need to do the whole thing.

Is Cicero a bad guy?

Hopefully the player chooses to help Cicero so that the peasants can live to see another day, however, Cicero was an evil murderer So regardless of his behavior, even if he helped Cicero, the peasants were likely to be killed.

Cicero killed Loreus?

Unfortunately for Loreus, Cicero is more dangerous And insane, beyond his imagination. …so if you tell the guard he committed a crime, he will avenge him by killing Loreius and his wife.

Can you marry Cicero?

This mod lets you marry Cicero after completing the Dark Brotherhood questline. … 2.0: You can wedding with him. He will attend the wedding and obtain a marriage contract.

Can you find Cicero after destroying the Dark Brotherhood?

Is there a way to find Cicero after you destroy the Dark Brotherhood? Although Cicero was still alive, Unfortunately you can’t find him when you destroy the Dark Brotherhood.

What would happen if you killed Astrid instead of Cicero?

She killed everyone, almost killed you and Cicero.According to Sithis the punishment for breaking the creed in Oblivion is Expelled from the Dark Brotherhood or Die. That’s why you have to kill her Cicero is the leader of the Dark Brotherhood and not her. In practice these principles are not used.

Can you save Astrid?

She asks to be killed with her Sorrowful Blade, but she can kill with any weapon. After Astrid’s death, the Dragonborn and the remaining Assassins, including Nazir and Babette, moved to the Dawnstar Refuge, where Cicero escaped and can still be found if he survives .

Should I kill Astrid?

If you kill Astrid, you Get a quest that involves destroying the rest of the Dark Brotherhood. If you kill any or all of the contracts, you will be given the quest to join the Dark Brotherhood. Choose what sounds more interesting, or what your character’s morals allow.

What happens if you report Cicero to the guards?

However, if the Dragonborn chooses to report Cicero to the guards (as Ventus initially hoped to do), Cicero will be arrested and taken awayIf the Dragonborn later joined the Dark Brotherhood, Cicero would express anger when they first met at the Sanctuary, although this had no effect on their interactions.

Can I save the Dark Brotherhood?

Do not, no matter what, this always happens. There is nothing you can do to avoid this outcome.

What is a night mother?

The Night Mother, also known as the Blood Flower or the Grim Reaper, is bride of thetisthe father of fear of the Dark Brotherhood.

Does killing Cicero make any difference?

Now that you can pickpocket him and get higher tier gear in the Dawnstar Sanctuary, It’s not worth it to kill him.. If you complete the Dark Brotherhood questline while Cicero is still alive, he does become a follower.

After I spared him, where can I find Cicero?

If Dragonborn chooses to spare his life, Cicero will be discovered In « Hooray Thetis!where he became a possible follower. Cicero was marked as essential before and after the quest « Cure Madness, » if he survived.

What are the 5 Creeds of the Dark Brotherhood?

five principles

  • Tenet 1: Never shame the Night Mother. …
  • Tenet 2: Never betray the Dark Brotherhood or its secrets. …
  • Creed 3: Never disobey or refuse to carry out the orders of a superior of the Dark Brotherhood. …
  • Tenet 4: Never steal the property of a dark brother or a dark sister.

How old is Cicero Skyrim?

The minimum age the fans calculated for him, assuming he was 16 in 174, is 43.

What’s in Cicero’s coffin?

Cicero was an assassin and guardian of the Dark Brotherhood.The coffin he delivered contained Night Mother’s Remains. If you join the Brotherhood, choosing to help Cicero will allow him to express gratitude.

What does Cicero think of a good society?

Cicero believes that society is mainly a means to an end. And that purpose is personal prosperity. … Without this union of men, there would be no cities, and without cities, there would be no civilization as Cicero understood it, no laws or customs governing human life.

Can you get Cicero’s armor without killing him?

Cicero is an essential character who cannot be killed or pickpocketed. …at this point the gear can be obtained by just kill himor pickpocketing with Perfect Touch perks.

Did Cicero defend Catiline?

Even a consul in 65 BC, Lucius Manlius Torquatus, expressed his support for Catiline. Cicero also considers defending Catiline in court. Ultimately, Catiline was acquitted.

Who is the most beautiful girl in Skyrim?

The 15 Hottest Characters From Skyrim

  • 15 Annekke Crag Jumper.
  • 14 Lisette.
  • 13 Astrid.
  • 12 Murray.
  • 11 Huntress Ella.
  • 10 Alva.
  • 9 Lydia.
  • 8 Camila Valerius.

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