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Short example sentences of Kept On | Continue to sentence. John continued to write. But she kept going down. But he stuck to his line.

How to make a sentence in a sentence?

[M] [T] You should keep it private. [M] [T] He was tired, but he continued to work. [M] [T] Bad weather prevented us from going out. [M] [T] She made me wait 30 minutes.

Can you continue to make a sentence?

The rain continued all day. he talked. At one point I thought he’d stick around all night. After I told her to keep quiet, she continued talking.

What is a good sentence for Keep?

[M] [T] you must keep your room clean. [M] [T] I keep the hammer in the toolbox. [M] [T] I assure you that I will keep you safe. [M] [T] I promised him secrecy.

How do you use on or in in a sentence?

IN is used when something is within a defined space. It can be a flat space, like a yard, or a three-dimensional space, like a box, house or car. The space does not need to be enclosed on all sides (« water in the glass »). ON is used when something touches the surface of something.

Using KEEP ON & KEPT ON in Spoken English

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() What is it called in English?

Two dots on a word, when the word is « inside » what is it called? – I really don’t know what people call it.they call quotation marks. In the US, () is called parentheses, while [] called parentheses.

Will it come back or continue?

you mean you’ll be back or before Monday. Both are correct. « I’ll be back on Monday » means « Monday is the day I’ll be back »; « I’ll be back on Monday » means « I won’t be back later than Monday ». 8 means the day or day of the day when the event occurred.

What is a key sentence?

key sentence Express the central claim of the paragraph. The rest of the sentences in the paragraph elaborate on or support the claim; that is, they either proceed from it or tend towards it – centrifugal or centripetal, if you will. …all other sentences are there to help the central sentence convey its message.

What is keep grammar?

The verb to keep is Often used to describe when an action continues. It is always followed by a verb ending in -ing. Keep moving! … Note: The verb to continue is similar to keep, but is rarely used in imperative sentences, and is rarely used for encouragement.

What kind of word to keep?

verb (used with objects), keep, keep. Hold or keep; take it as your own: keep it if you like it.

Phrasal Verbs Continue?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Keep Phrasal Verbs 1 continue to do somethingor doing something multiple times to keep doing something you just have to keep trying.

What do you mean by knockdown?

transitive verb. 1: use or hit the ground As if with a violent blow: fell. 2: Sell (the item) to a bidder in an auction. 3: dismantling: dismantling. 4: Earn Income or Salary: Earn positions where they can knock down good money – Infantry Magazine.

What does it mean when someone is put off?

make someone not want to do something, or make someone dislike someone or something. Lack of parking spaces discourages potential customers.

keep it right?

Keep the word defined as « possess or retain possession, » an object, or « to place an object » somewhere. The past tense and past participle of the word keep is « keep. »

What do you mean by reservation?

: continue to own or hold (something): not to be returned, lost, sold, given away, or discarded (something): to continue in a particular state, condition, or location. : To keep (someone or something) in a particular state, condition, or position.

Does it always make sense?

If you say « I keep » it means you used to keep everything you kept. When you say « I’ve been keeping » it means you’re still in the process of keeping whatever you’ve kept.

Can I say keep it?

Keep is a gerund. In this case, hold is correct, although hold is common. You can test that keep or keep is correct by replacing to with for. You can say: « …essential to keep warm… ».

How do you use keep in your grammar?

keep verb (keep doing)

keep doing something, or do it repeatedly: He keeps trying to distract me. I’ve been wondering where I’ve seen her before. I kept hoping he would call me.

What type of verb to keep?

Keep. [intransitive, transitive] To stay in a particular condition or position; to cause someone or something to do so + adjective. We huddle together to keep warm.

What are topic sentences and example sentences?

Topic Sentence Example

Note that each example Include a subject and a controlling mind. Topic sentence: Pollution in the town of ABC is the worst in the world for many reasons. The theme is « The pollution in ABC town is the worst in the world », and the control idea is « many reasons ».

What is an example of a general statement?

The general statement is usually the main idea of ​​the topic sentence or paragraph, while the specific statement is the supporting information of the topic sentence or main idea. Example: General statement: Birds are insect controllers…birds eat almost twice their own body weight.

What does it mean we’ll be back?

« I’ll be back » means I’ll be back from where I’ve been.

Say Monday right?

Rule: When you talk about it in general, use the plural for the day of the week, when the fact is repeated. Mistake: I always work on Mondays. correct: i always work on mondays. Notice that the sentence contains a simple present tense verb and an adverb of frequency.

How do you say I’ll come back to work?

Or « I’m going back to work ». Your second sentence is correct like this: next week, I’m going back to work. Or you can say, « Next week, I’ll be back at work. »

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